The funniest shit EVER

Some Amber Heard stans post stuff on tumblr which is 100% false and then SEARCH FOR JOHNNY DEPP STANS or ANYONE who knows anything about Amber Heard being abusive tr*sh and they BLOCK THEM. So that they wont be able to comment on their posts full of false info 😂 I just wanted to comment on some bs post to tell people “this is a lie” but I noticed that the op blocked me? I don’t even know them? I saw their name for the first time in my life? Wtf? 🤣I’m literally wheezing

At what lengths do yall go to defend an abuser? Some of y’all even went as low as to erase somebody’s sexuality AND Heard’s criminal record.

I said it once and I’ll say it again – Amber Heard didnt and COULDN’T take this case to the court cuz she had no evidences. Johnny Depp did take this to the court and is not doing this for money and is going to take this case to its finish line.

Fact is Depp was NEVER found guilty and there was NO ACTUAL CASE.

There WAS a case in 2009 for Amber Heard and she was found GUILTY for domestic abuse and got herself 2 years probation.

There IS a case NOW and there will be a verdict. So I don’t know what so many of you are trying to do by posting lies on this hellhole. You are NOT the actual judge. The actual judge will give his verdict soon enough and yall will look even more ridiculous than you already do. Smh






FilMart: Johnny Depp to Reveal U.S. Photograph…

FilMart: Johnny Depp to Reveal U.S. Photographer’s Japanese Redemption in ‘Minamata’:

The sleepy Japanese town of Minamata was the scene of one of the world’s greatest environmental disasters when it was poisoned by mercury in the 1970s. It was also the setting for a groundbreaking international treaty designed to control use of the deadly metal.

U.K. sales agent HanWay Films will use its platform at FilMart to unveil updates on “Minamata,” its drama-thriller about the celebrated photographer W. Eugene Smith. His images from the toxic town gave the eco-disaster a heartbreaking human dimension, and put reckless big business on front pages around the world.

Johnny Depp stars as Smith, a colorful character who was a celebrated WWII photographer and later became close to jazz great Thelonious Monk. Smith ventured to Minamata near the end of his life, accompanied by his Japanese wife Aileen Mioko Smith.

“At that point, Gene [Smith] was about to give up. He wasn’t sure it was worth it, but when he got to Minamata, not only did he find a story to tell, he was able to help. It was redemptive, a late life reawakening,” said director Andrew Levitas.

“Smith is a unique protagonist. He had a unique way of looking at the world, he was someone who could edit and art direct his own universe, even when walking down the street … he carried everything with him, and while in Minamata embedded himself completely in their world.”

Smith’s exceptional professional abilities, and his chameleon-like personality, may have been what drew Depp to the story. The project was developed by Depp’s Infinitum Nihil company, before selecting artist and filmmaker Levitas (“Lullaby”), to direct.

“We see the world through his lens, but Smith is not the only hero. Minamata is also a tale of people fighting for their rights and for their children,” said Levitas. Depp has a powerful supporting cast that includes leading Japanese actors Hiroyuki Sanada, Tadanobu Asano, Ryo Kase, Jun Kunimura and Bill Nighy.

“Because of his health, Gene knew it would be his last project. But it was my first,” Aileen Smith told Variety. They had been together only four months as a couple before traveling to Minamata. Smith’s pictures were initially published as a photo essay by Life magazine, and three years later as the book “Minamata,” from which David K. Kessler (“A Hard Day’s Day”) adapted the screenplay, was published.

“The hidden story is that Gene was a wonderful teacher. Everyone around him blossomed. I’d already seen that in New York. [In Japan] he showed incredible passion, integrity and commitment to photography and journalism,” Aileen Smith said.

She said that over the past two decades she has fielded multiple offers to adapt the book, but she said the issue of industrial mercury poisoning was given new visibility by the previous U.S. administration, as then-U.S. President Barack Obama was said to have been moved by one of Smith’s photos from Minamata that he saw while a child.

The film is currently shooting in Belgrade, before relocating to Japan. Delivery is expected in 2020. “This uplifting, emotional story will be a definitive illustration of triumph over adversity,” said Janina Vilsmaier, sales manager at Hanway. “We are excited to be able to share some exclusive updates with distributors we are meeting at FilMart in Hong Kong.”

Depp produces along with Infinitum Nihil’s Sam Sarkar, Levitas under his Metalwork Pictures banner and Gabrielle Tana (“Philomena”). Jason Forman, Stephen Deuters, Peter Watson, Phil Hunt, Compton Ross, Gabrielle Stewart, Stephen Spence, Peter Touche, Norman Merry and Peter Hampden will executive produce. Heads of department include celebrated cinematographer Benoit Delhomme (“The Theory of Everything,”), production designer Tom Foden (“Mirror Mirror”) and line and executive producer Kevan Van Thompson (“Jojo Rabbit”).



congratulations amber and jussie. you’ve made it harder for real victims of abuse to be believed.

fuck you






only-johnny-depp: And that’s a wrap! After 35 …


And that’s a wrap!
After 35 days of work, “Minamata” filming was officially finished yesterday!

“What a ride. What a blessing to be surrounded by amazing people working their asses off for months. Last day and don’t want to say goodbye, but sleep will be nice.” wrote Jason Forman, one of the writers of “Minamata”, on Instagram.

Now as the production crew take some days off and starts the post-production, Johnny may be also taking some time to rest before joining with the Hollywood Vampires members to finish the second album and start the rehearsals for the upcoming tour, scheduled to start in May 10 in Las Vegas.

Congratulations everybody!

Amber Heard cut off a piece of Johnny Depp’s f…



first what they both said about it:

  • What she said in 2016:

Well i wish i could give you a screencap of the explanation in a court doc, but the only thing there is a story in(leaked/sold to?) tmz. here it goes:

Johnny Depp accidentally cut off his fingertip in a fit of rage … then dipped the stump in dark blue paint and wrote on the wall in paint and blood the name “Billy Bob” – the actor with whom Johnny accused Amber Heard of cheating – this according to Amber and her people.

TMZ has obtained this gruesome photo of Johnny’s butchered finger – WARNING … EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO LOOK AT. It’s an exhibit in her domestic violence case against Johnny.

We’re told the incident went down in March of last year, just a month after Amber and Johnny married. They were in a villa in Australia when a fierce argument erupted.  

According to Amber’s version of events Johnny, who was drunk and high on ecstasy, smashed several bottles and windows and also slammed a plastic phone against the wall unit. She claims a piece of one of the items cut off a portion of the middle finger on his right hand.

Amber’s version goes on … she’s a painter and had dark blue paint in the room. She claims Johnny dipped what remained of his forefinger in the paint and then used the gnarly digit to write various words on a mirror, including “Billy Bob” and “Easy Amber.”

Amber had done a movie with Billy Bob Thornton and she claims Johnny accused the 2 of sleeping together – something she strongly denied, adding he accused her of infidelity with other men as well.

Amber’s people say Johnny didn’t get medical help for nearly 24 hours, so doctors could not reattach the fingertip … they used a flap from his hand to sew on a new tip.

the two photos in the article are:


there are mentions of pics on her evidence list:


interesting how there is no date (meaning no metadata)
full list here

this story appeared on tmz august 15, the case was dropped with prejudice on august 16:

  • His side version of the events, in 2018

Out of the court docs from the case he filed against amber for defamation, we learn:


full docs here and here

as you can see, explanation in court doc and not story in the press. for those who think his lawyer’s word isn’t proof. a lawyer can not legally in official court documents make a false claim. It would be thrown out by a judge!

Now what does all this mean?

Firstly i’ll let the fact that he made the claims in court docs and she, or the “sources” made the claims to a gossip site a day before the case got dropped with prejudice speak for itself

secondly, she claims he dipped his finger (on open wound) in paint, writing something on a mirror. if you dip an open wound into something toxic and chemical like paint you will be in big trouble! You will most likely loose that finger and she claim he didn’t get medical attention till one day later meaning all that poison got into his bloodstream, and he survived? Notice also how there is no paint in the wound on the photo. But the dirt on his hands from the captain jack make up is still there. meaning it wasn’t cleaned yet


furthermore: the handwriting. there is no blood on the mirror even tho she claims he made it with an open wound

here’s an example of johnny’s handwriting:


now examples of her handwriting:


so if we compare that:


also these are some pics from Johnny’s bathrooms in the condos were he lived with her in la


notice how the wall (white with a grey nerve) are exactly the same as in the photo with the painted mirror) (the molding look lighter because of the lamp) 


and his former sister in law (from his first wife) posted this in 2016:


So: There is no mention of the mirror in Johnny’s story because that never happened. She did that. He couldn’t defend himself back in 2016 because the case got dropped. She hurt his finger and, just like everything else she did to him, made it seem like it was his fault. Typical abusive behavior. #WeAreWithYouJohnnyDepp

Lest we forget, this:

I mean, come tf on, with all the illogical lies

Like, for example, her claiming hE CUT OFF HIS FINGER AND DIPPED IT IN BLUE PAINT AND THEN USED THAT SAME SEVERED FINGER TO WRITE THAT ON A MIRROR! What kinda sociopath does that?! I mean, again, aside from the fact that there is not a single drop of blood on the glass, the dumb how literally posted this picture on Instagram & later deleted it(obviously since people were pointing fingers). +as mentioned, he would’ve HANDS DOWN died from toxicity or some shit. I mean, they always say writing on ur hands using ink pens is toxic as the ink leaks, goes through your bloodstream & overtime may lead to serious issues, IMAGINE AN OPEN WOUND-jeez, A SEVERED FINGER getting DIPPED in blue PAINT(aka chemicals aka ur pretty much dead)! +dude even if it’s the tiniest wound, you still prolly wouldn’t add any pressure on it, again, IMAGINE A SEVERED FUCKING FINGER! I honestly don’t see how anyone would even think her story is anything remotely close to plausible.

I just wanna know who tf came up with these stories.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Case: the Lies Tol…



since @

missterrynone posted these lies , and blogged me when I dare to challenge it. So I have to post a new post debunking the lies she told. First of all, English is not my native language, so please bear with me.

missterrynone  posted about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s case trying to defend Amber and saying things like ‘here’s me citing sources from reputable news sources and providing photos making a complete fucking timeline of what happened’ But believe it or not? She’s not actually ‘making a complete fucking timeline’. What she told are only Amber’s narrative which anyone who is sane enough can notice that. 

So here’s her post 

‘Amber Heard files for divorce on May 23, 2016 citing irreconcilable differences and asks for spousal support.
On May 27, 2016, she filed for and is granted a temporary domestic violence restraining order against Depp. Note: She appears at the court with bruises on her face, which in the filing she notes is from Depp hitting her with his iPhone. ‘ 

Just reading the first two paragraphs of it, and I can already know that she’s not really ‘making a complete fucking timeline’ like she claims. 

Because she left out the fact that on May 24, 2016, Amber secretly sent a letter demanding Johnny’s penthouses and utility fees, his car and $50k a month.

Here’s the link to her letter. TMZ reported it. 

so you might argue that ‘but she also cited domestic violence in that letter’. YES. But ask yourself, what kind of victim would demand many things from her abuser while she was still living in his penthouses where he can attend anytime he wanted WITHOUT ASKING FOR ANY SAFETY? 

Next point. 

This is what @missterrynone posted. 

  • Her court filing details that Depp was abusive through the whole four-year relationship and he had substance abuse problem. (In addition there is witnesses sworn in her statement: Rose Pennington, their neighbor who accurately details her recollection of the night she witnessed and Tillet (iO) Wright a mutual friend.)

She’s totally lying or leaving out IMPORTANT information. because 

1) RAQUEL PENNINGTON (yes, her name is Raquel, not Rose. missterrynone can’t even get her name right) IS AMBER’S BEST FRIEND. 

She’s not just a random ‘neighbor. She’s her best friend who lived rent free in Johnny’s penthouses. The same penthouses that Amber demanded in her letter. You can check out many pics of them together since 2014 on her Instagram. And this is her new Instagram. She deleted the old one where there’s proof that she’s been friend with Amber for many years before Amber met Johnny. 

Even Raquel’s declaration that @missterrynone link to it herself stated that she’s been friend with Amber since 2003. 6 years before Amber met Johnny. 

2) Tillet (iO) Wright is hardly a ‘mutual’ friend. He knew Amber before he knew Johnny. He actually knew Johnny through Amber. this ‘credits him with bringing him out of his darkest period of addiction.’ doesn’t mean shit since he actually lied for her about the December incident in 2015 in the article missterrynone linked. Because he wan’t even in the same state around that time, and you can watch this clip to prove it if you are open-minded enough.   

3) iO didn’t even claim to witness anything. He stated that he only saw ‘the aftermath’ from the December incident, and that he heard it through the phone for the iphone incident. 

And this is what 

@missterrynone posted.

Heard submits pictures of her abuse and his rampage through the house in addition. (We don’t have the pictures of his rampage but the reference to them in competing court filings and other lawyers pretty much prove their existence.)

1) Those pics were leaked through People magazine as they said they’re EXCLUSIVE pics. They didn’t say she submitted these pics to the court. They only stated that 

In her court filing accusing husband Johnny Depp of domestic violence, They states that “there was one severe incident in December 2015 when I truly feared for my life.”

2) These are not even pics that related to the incident Raquel claimed to witness. The pics that related to the incident Raquel claimed to witness were the only evidences that submitted to court. 

and they don’t even match their claims.

according to their declarations which missterrynone herself linked to, they stated that Johnny ‘striking me and violently grabbing my face… 

but her picture only showed a squared redness? 

then they also claimed this…

(amber’s declaration)

and this…. 

But these are pics that they submitted to court:

I’m sorry but where is the bottle that got smashed? Wasn’t he supposed to ‘smash everything he could,’ yet there was only one picture frame broken?

And how can he ‘breaking THINGS’ in the hallway when their hallway looked like this: 

3) missterrynone said that  

We don’t have the pictures of his rampage but the reference to them in competing court filings and other lawyers pretty much prove their existence. ?

but then said this when it comes to Johnny Depp’s claims:  

There is literally nothing else from this case that’s come out. It’s purely his side just speaking.

and that 

Btw lots of this ‘evidence’ on twitter is literally from just his statement.


missterrynone believe what her lawyers said while saying that what his lawyers say are just ‘purely his side just speaking.’?


missterrynone posted that 

LAPD and NYPD confirm the calls to them exist, but also I want to note here that while the LAPD found no evidence of a crime, Heard claims it was a verbal dispute and Depp wasn’t even at the scene of the crime. (Again typical behavior of an abuse victim to downplay and excuse their abuser.)

1) While left out the fact that Amber claimed that Johnny didn’t just abuse her, but breaking things and destroying things in the hallway as well.. so… 

even if AH told the police that there was just a verbal dispute.. WHY DIDN’T THEY SAW ANYTHING BROKEN, NOT EVEN A STAIN OF WINE? since they HAD TO go through the hallway? Sure, you can say that Amber and her friends might try to clean things up, but how can you clean the wine stain in a very short time?

the officers who arrived at the scene also swear under oath that they went room-to-room and observe no damage. 

2) it doesn’t even matter whether or not Johnny was at the penthouse when the police officers arrived since they stated that 

officers would have conducted an investigation, regardless of what Heard said had happened. 

Well, this is not all ofit. but It’s been a long post and my notebook battery is about to run out, so I will continue expose missterrynone’s lies later. 

Hi, hi, I’m back to continue this because @missterrynone, a Tumblr’s hero who knows so much about the case and break it down with ‘reputable news sources’ (AKA tabloids and gossip new sites, I might add), and ‘providing photos making a complete fucking timeline’ (even tho she literally didn’t write anything from his side AT ALL) blocked everyone who dares to call her out on her lies in that post. 

Well, well, 

@missterrynone continued that  

(Warning: This video is incredibly hard to view, he verbally abuses her and throws things.) A video emerges of Depp raging at Heard from TMZ (Which again I want to warn about, but it is definitely Heard and Depp in the video so I’m going to link to their Youtube Channel for this.)

But does the video really show any abuse? Can anyone who believes in @missterrynone ‘s word that he verbally abused her and threw things in that video please provide me the exact time in that video when he verbally abused HER and not his cabinets? Can you provide me the exact time that he threw THINGS (plural) with an aim to harm her, not just dropping his glass on the sink? No? I know you can’t because there’s no verbally abuse nor things were trown in that video. 

now, let’s talk about what really happen in that video. 

Johnny: *kicking his kitchen door, not realising that Amber was there* Motherfucker! Motherfucker! 

Amber (who, I might say, illegally recording her husband in his house, not theirs, HIS): What happened? 

Johnny: *silent*

Amber (in 9 secs later when her supposed abuser didn’t even talk to her, and she had all the time in the world to get out): What happened?

Johnny: *calmly clean his wine glass that he has just brought out of the cabinet, put it on the table, violently opened his cabinet*

Amber (in 29 secs later when her supposed abuser didn’t even do anything nor even talk to her): Nothing happened this morning, you know that? 

(now, let’s stop here. What kind of victims ask that to their abusers when they are upset about something else?) 

Johnny: *throwing something to the sink, not at Amber, not with an aim to harm her* Were you in here? 

Amber: No

Johnny: Then nothing happened to you this morning (aka whatever happened to me is not about you, and i’m not in the mood of talking)

(let’s stop here again. So she admitted she was not there in the morning, yet force him to believe that nothing happened that morning (’nothing happened ths morning, you know that?’. It’s like telling him ‘hey! you don’t have a right to be upset. I was not here. I was not in your shoe, but know what? nothing happned this morning, I know that’) 

Amber: yeah, you’re right. I’ve just woke up and you were so sweet and nice. We’re not even fighting this morning. All I do is say sorry. 

( let’s stop here again… wait, Amber. you’ve just answered him that you were not there that morning. And he just told you that nothing happened to YOU! so what the fuck were you talking about? If you weren’t there that morning, so how the hell you know that he was sweet and nice. And why the hell you’re talking about the fighting? he already said that it had nothing to do with you. So why did you have to make it all about yourself?) 

Johnny: Did something happened to YOU this morning? I don’t think so. 

(and he was right. She wasn’t even there and he told her that nothing happened to her (aka it didn’t happen to you. it happened to me) 

Amber (said in a taunting voice, adjusting her camera angle): Oh… That’s the thing. 

(If this is not egging, I don’t know what is) 

Johnny: You want to see crazy? Here’s your crazy. All your crazy. (* pouring wine to an empty glass that he has just brought out from the cabinet*)

Amber: have you drunk this thing since the morning? 

(Okay, Amber, you saw that he has just brought out the wine glass, so how the hell he’s ‘drunk this thing since the morning’? She literally said that to manipulate the audience. And everyone of you who believe this video fall for it.) 

Johnny: oh, you got this going? (*putting the glass on the table and trying to grab her phone THAT WAS ON THE TABLE*)

(Now, let’s me ask you, if he was really an abuser, why didn’t he just throw a wine glass at her?) 

 Amber: I’m just starting it (I might get this wrong, but she said she’s just started recording) 

Johnny: Oh, really? 

Amber: Yes. 

and the video ends. Period. Nothing abusive from him only emotional abuse from her. 

Next, @missterrynone wrote this:

Now the finger. The finger has been traced back to a finger injury back in 2016. That injury actually stopped the filming of Pirates for a while. A source tells EO Online that he cut his finger and then dipped in paint to write a message: “Starring Billy Bob” and “Easy Amber” because he thought she was cheating on him. Photos of these messages and his finger are part of Amber’s testimony by the way. These photos are referred to but haven’t leaked. I think the photo leaked and now some twitter user is trying to take advantage of that.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. didn’t she say she would ‘citing sources from reputable news sources’ yet this story is from  a (unnamed, I might add) source who tells EO Online (It’s E! Online, btw)? AN UNNAMED SOURCE. ANONYMOUSE. NO ONE KNOWS WHO THAT SOURCE IS. It might be Amber herself, who’s know. But the thing is…



People! Is this what you call ‘a reputable source’? An unnamed source who leaked story through EO (No, it’s E!) Online? LOL. I just can’t. 

@missterrynone: Photos of these messages and his finger are part of Amber’s testimony by the way.

Ugh, sorry, no. Amber Heard has never stated this story on her testimony. None of her witnesses stated that in their declarations. Or I might have missed something here? Maybe they stated that in their testimonies? So where is @missterrynone’s reputable source about their testimonies? 


These photos are referred to but haven’t leaked.

Well, it was actually leaked through TMZ by, yet again, an unnamed source from her camp telling her version of the story since August 2016 when the judge ordered her to sit for her deposition which she tried to avoid for 3-4 times. 

in conclusion to this finger story, @missterrynone’s reputable source is actually an unnamed source that sold story through tabloids while her unreputable source is actually court documents. 

Next, @missterrynone wrote that:

Her texts leak to his personal assistant leak about an abusive incident. She doesn’t want to go back but his personal assistant is begging. These texts are confirmed real by a forensic tech expert.

The texts were denied by Stephen Deuters. And what about the text expert? Well, so @missterrynone’s reputable source is, again, a text expert hired by Amber Heard (not the court expert) to send his statement to People instead of the court of law that her ‘backups’ are authentic. Not even the texts, but only ‘the backups’ which could mean anything like ‘well, her screenshot are authentic’. That’s all. He can’t prove that it’s from Stephen Deuters. That’s only the telecommunications company can confirm it. 

@missterrynone said that:

They settle the case and then Heard announces her entire 7 million divorce settlement will go to charity and adds her own 350,000 dollars on top of that.

I want to note that Heard retracts her request for a restraining order and withdrew her allegations but their joint statement was meant to show Heard wasn’t lying. Again I think this is something where the abuse victim has to settle and it ends up damning her in public view.

Again, lying. They settled the divorce case which is separated from the DV case. the DV case was dropped WITH PREJUDICE ( meaning she can’t refile it again) on August, 2016. 


while the divorce settlement was finalised on January, 2017.  


but their joint statement was meant to show Heard wasn’t lying.

Well, the joint statement actually stated that 
‘Neither party has made false accusations for financial gain.’, and now we know why the statement was written like that. Because in this defamation lawsuit, he cites many reason for her to make false accusations and it’s not only ‘for financial gain’. And actually, the statement just cleared both parties for them to move on.


Heard announces her entire 7 million divorce settlement will go to charity and adds her own 350,000 dollars on top of that.

Didn’t @missterrynone said she will ‘making a complete fucking timeline’. Well, I think she forgot something. (she forgot A LOT of things, honestly) 

After Heard announced (aka saved face) that her entire settlement will go to charity, Johnny then directly donated it to the charities themselves. 

And guess what? Amber was mad about it. Really mad that she LIED about his charity work. Well, initially, Amber said that she will donate to two charities the ACLU and the LA children’s hospital. Then when Johnny donated it directly to the charities. Amber’s PR team attacked him, and lied about his charity work that they are just ‘newfound concern for charities that he has never previously supported’ 

But well, is one of them a newfound charity that he has never previously supported? Hell, no. He’s been a big supporter of the LA children’s hospital that he even got an award for doing so back in 2006 when Amber didn’t even become an actress. 

So yeah, she literally lied about his charity work just to discredit him, and no one talks about it AT ALL. 

Oh, another thing that @missterrynone, the one who said she will ‘make a complete fucking timeline’, seems to forget is that after the DV case was dropped, 

Amber Heard’s lawyer HAD TO APOLOGISE TO JOHNNY FOR SAYING SHE WAS VINDICATED. Now, Please tell me, if he was guilty, why did her lawyers has to apologise to him?

Okay, it’s a long post again. So I should stop here and goback to work. But I’ll continue to call out @missterrynone’s lies later.