deppisallyouneed:I love these two men with all of my heart. I…


I love these two men with all of my heart. I don’t know but they’re so special for me since I was a little girl. They have both inspired me in their own ways. Always helping me to go through everything and never give up.
A big part of what I am today is because of these guys and I wanna thank them for that.
I will ALWAYS support them, no matter what because, as you know, they both were accused of false allegations and gone through hell (each one on a different way) because of that. And thanks to that horrible shit, they will always have that ‘tittle’, although justice had spoken.
But I know the truth. We know the truth.
You know, it’s funny how people say that you can’t defend them and stand up for them because you don’t know them, but hey, you know what? Yes we do. I know that these guys are humble, these guys want good things for people, they’re always trying to bring a smile to everybody. At the end, you end up knowing them and loving them in a way you could have never imagined.
So I just wanted to say, thank you and know that I love you and I appreciate every single thing that you did, do and will continue to do through your amazing work and actions.