beautifulcinephile: Well… How can I start desc…


Well… How can I start describing him? The one and only Johnny Depp? His hair is dark brown like a moonless night with city lights. His eyes are sweet as dark chocolate but also sour as Barkleys liquorice-flavored mints. Behind his lips, a smile that can light up your day, and if possible, stop your tears from flowing and cure diseases. His face is like a sky full of stars, because of the facial moles he has. And also, he has a voice so relaxing and soothing.

There were also his hands. Soft, strong hands, with beautiful knuckles. The kind of hands you want to put your fingers around. And his personality? He’s quirky, a little bit crazy, but in fact, I don’t mind his craziness. That’s what makes Johnny Depp be Johnny Depp.