Murder On The Orient Express (2017)



I just wanna begin by saying that i absolutely loved this movie. I’ve seen it this weekend. I’ve been wanting to see it since before it came out, but i completely forgot about it until Sunday when i saw a poster at the mall. I have to say that i don’t regret seeing it. To be honest i don’t like this genre that much so it could have gone either way, i’m happy that i liked it.

In the beginning we are introduced to Hercule Poirot, a private investigator that solves all sorts of cases all over the world. In the first scene he’s actually in Jerusalem solving a case. The embarks on the Orient Express as a last minute resort. He’s a very charismatic gentleman who is also very smart and has a special talent so he can read people’s face expressions, their gestures and knows what they’re about to say before they even say it, but this is all i’m gonna say for now. I’m sure that for all of you who read the book know how this ends. 

Every single actor did an awesome job. There are alot of big names in this movie and when i first saw this i thought it was gonna be pretty bad because that many strong personalities can clash and now get along that well, but i have to say that i pleasantly surprised and i loved everyone.

I really hope you’ll like it as much as i did and don’t forget to tell me your opinions. Also trailers for the movies i’m reviewing are on my blog.