Words can’t even come close to describe how much i love and respect johnny and what he means to me. I would be lost without his amazing art. I’ve rewatched all of his movies so many times and still every time i’m amazed by his great talent and what it does to me.I don’t know what I would do without him. He is my fuel and I’m so grateful for all he gives his fans <3

You are sooo right!! Same here. He gives me so much strengh when I feel sad and helpes me through my life when I have no idea to carry on. And he makes me so unbelievably happy when I think I can’t get happier. Seeing new movies with him, also a new pic or video makes my life complete. I couldn’t imagine how it would be without him and without always checking if there are news about him. He is such a big part of my life; of our all lives and it just feels like a friend; like home. I don’t want to miss it. ❤❤