Following this blog is both good and bad. I re…

Following this blog is both good and bad. I really like jd and alice in wonderland came out on my 12th birthday. I used it as a coping mechanism my whole life. The sequel was the only thing that stopped me from committing suicide. Seeing this blog still brings me joy but at the same time I feel guilty for it bc of all that has happened. And its incredibly hard for me. Everyone I know hates him now. Im expected tk as well. But I can't villify him. I just cant. Can anyone relate to this feeling?

Hi sweet. Firstly i wanna say that i hope you are doing ok now. never give up xoxoxoxox I think it’s awesome that Johnny and his work gave you so much. 

The people that hate him are wrong, he has done nothing wrong. it’s kind of fucked up that people who know you think you should villify johnny when he was the one that got you through so much. but i can understand that that must be hard and i’m sure that there are people who can relate to what you are feeling right now. but you are not the wrong one here, you can’t be blamed for anything. you shouldn’t feel guilty, there is nothing to feel guilty about. if your love for Johnny and the love for the people who are around you can’t be combined than don’t. keep him away from those people, don’t mention him. love him in your own time. that way you can protect yourself. 

but again, there is nothing to feel guilty about, keep in your heart what he has done for you and use it as fuel xoxoxox