Happy Birthdays

So yesterday (for me, right now is 1 am on the 10th of June) was Mister Darling Angel Johnny Depp’s birthday and everybody (every Depphead at least) has been celebrating it, sending wishes on Twitter and Tumblr and Instagram. But today, today is sort of special and ironic for me because well, it really is funny, cute, sad…..

You see, today is my Mom’s birthday and she died, sadly, three years ago in 2015 due to a very rare heart disease five days before my birthday. That’s the sad part. What’s funny is that, well, she LOVES Johnny Depp (I have no doubt she has seen most of his films, and this is justified by my father also mentioning it) and my father also mentioned that the fact that her birthday was a day after his was a factor.

Now, my mother was a VERY eccentric lady. Sure, strict out of hard years of life and a lawyer’s job but still, the woman has the largest fictional novel collection out of any person this side of the country (I live in a not so well known country, you’d probably know it if you’ve been to Bali). She had all of J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books and it’s because of her that I got into the series in the first place. (I’m serious, this woman once came home with a pair of glasses that looked like Harry’s and asked “Hey honey, do I look like Harry Potter yet?”)

My point is, today and yesterday weren’t just good days for Deppheads, but also good days for me. My mom would’ve been 50 today if she hadn’t died, so in honor of her and her passions….

🌹Happy Birthday Mom🌹🌹💔💕


🎉Happy Birthday Johnny Depp🎊💓💟

May God rest My Queen and bless Our King.