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We live in a world that does nothing but judge: what you do, what you don’t do, how you dress, with whom you go out, what you eat, what do you believe in, how do you choose to live… I’ve always admired you because you don’t give a damn about what people and mostly the media said and wrote about you. You live as you want, do what you like best without thinking of others but putting you first! You have always admitted that you have made mistakes in your life, but we all did them, and you had the courage to get up and go on your way. I am not ashamed and above all I do not regret being your fan and every year that passes that admiration and esteem, that were born towards you a long time ago, continue to be there and does not fade. Who asks me why I’m fan of Johnny Depp, I answer because he’s an incredible artist, undervalued or overvalued depending on the moment; he’s a remarkable musician; he’s one of the most versatile actors but especially he’s a simple man… Yes, Johnny is a simple man or better he’s simply a man. And today I wish happy birthday to this man and I always wish him the best! Thank you for everything!
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