welcometothenewtime: Dear John, What a beaut…


Dear John,

What a beautiful day. 55 years ago, the legend itself, the most handsome, were being born in Kentucky. Predestined to live all this. We will never thank Betty Sue enough for you. For the first time I’m speechless to demonstrate my feelings. “Pride” is the word, to define a long walk that gains another chapter.

In a humanity as old as time itself, we had the privilege of having you with us. You are a complete artist, a poet, a rocker, a dreamer. You may have no idea how big your influence is in the world, but it is real and positive in people’s lives. Happy Birthday, my love, I hope you can continue to live happily and doing what you love, and keep being surrounded by good people, absolving the best of life and its phases.

Everything is walking in the right way. You deserve the world. You have the world.

We love you, Johnny.