So last night I saw Johnny with the Vampires. …

So last night I saw Johnny with the Vampires. And IT WAS AMAZING!!! I am extremely happy that I saw him, but I am so mad at myself. We arrived early and waited in the line, doors were supposed to be open at 4.p.m. and the first band was supposed to perform at 4:40. So at first they opened the doors just from one side and I was of course on the other side. We had to run to see the first band, cause they started earlier and we didnt get a good spot cause the others were already there.

follow up. And I made a bracelet for Johnny that I was going to throw on stage. So my first attempt ended up just 2 metres away from me and luckily some people gave it back to me. As they were performing schools out I decided to throw it again. My brother picked me up and I threw it and it ended up in the space between stage and people. I am so mad at myself that I couldnt do it better. My brother said that he saw it but Im not sure. Im not sure why Im writing this I just needed to tell someone

Oh darlin’, i’m sorry you are mad at yourself, you really shouldn’t be!! It’s very, very possibly that someone picked it up, don’t beat yourself up too much. and it’s a good lesson to try not to get so caught up in trying to get something to johnny that you miss out on watching him up there in his element, happy and playing, and be in awe of his and the band’s talents. I hope you did manage to have a good time even though that happened!