Elisa Credentino 🖤🤘💀 on Instagram: “FINALLY…

Elisa Credentino 🖤🤘💀 on Instagram: “FINALLY! AFTER 12 YEARS I REALIZED THE BIGGEST DREAM OF MY LIFE: #JohnnyDepp looked me in the eyes, took me by the hand and hugged and…”:

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#JohnnyDepp looked me in the eyes, took me by the hand and hugged and kissed me several times ❤️
I will never forget the expression he did when I entered into the room: he opened his eyes and mouth, jumped and said: “wooow” and opened his arms to hug me and then he kissed me ❤️ … and I was smiling like a fool and I opened my eyes 😂
After the hug I told him that I was waiting for this moment for 12 years and he stared into my eyes and held my hands in his … after that he signed my arm and he also designed a heart ❤ I didn’t sleep for 2 days because I was afraid to cancel the autograph😂 But i got it tattooed so now it will remain on my skin forever❤ (thank you very much to my talented tattoo artist Emanuele Corsi who made all my tattoos ❤)
Johnny was amazed by my tattoo of Edward Scissorhands and wanted to take a picture of it, the same happened for my Jack Sparrow tattoo. He grabbed my arm next to his, showing that we have the same tattoo! ❤️
Before leaving he hugged and kissed me again ❤️
After the concert I was lucky enough to meet him again … I forgot to tell him that I left my necklace and a letter to his staff … while he listened to me he took my hand and didn’t leave it… he kept signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans and he always held my hand to me ❤
There are no words to describe Johnny … he is a rare person … a wonderful person … you can see his goodness just looking him in the eyes … he is a very shy person, humble, delicate, unselfish … puts you at ease … I am very shy and that day during the meeting I was calm because Johnny transmits tranquility to the others … I managed to even look him in the eyes while I spoke to him and I can’t do it with  almost anyone … it was like talking to a person I really knew for 12 years … as you’re talking with one of your relatives ❤
Thanks for everything Johnny and thank you for existing ❤
See you next time! ❤
Thank you so much for the beautiful photos by the talented @cerealkyler ❤️
~ Lucca Summer Festival • 07/07/2018 • ❤