only-johnny-depp: First of all: #IBelieveHim …


First of all: #IBelieveHim and #JohnnyDeppIsInnocent

Second, can you interviewers, PLEASE, talk about guitars, music and movies?
You guys have an AMAZING, some of you, maybe, a once in a lifetime chance, to stay in the same place with Johnny for some minutes (Or 3 F*CKING days IN HIS HOUSE) and instead of asking how is he feeling,

the special moments while on tour with the Hollywood Vampires, how does he feel singing in front of THOUSAND of people, what can we expect about movies, about music, about future, you interviewers keep wasting his time asking the same stupid questions in an attempt to elicit a mistake or a confession from something we all know he is innocent…
Come on! This guy has 2 MOVIES coming and AN ALBUM with Hollywood Vampires, which he IS SINGING, but all you keep asking is about how is his bank account going, why he spent money with wine or Amber accusations?  “Oh, this is their job”, So, DO A BETTER JOB! If you really work and do it, you are a scumbag! I NEVER would ask something stupid or heartbreaking to someone, in a rare interview, make him/her/zir uncomfortable and then leave with a great story, leaving a sad person behind.


We Johnny Depp’s fans are sick and tired of the same bullsh*tting interviews trying to belittle him. Johnny may not show, but when he tried to change the conversation, was a sign of how annoyed/pissed he is with all this conversation. I bet, that a good interview with no negativity hidden in the middle of a good conversation, will call more attention than digging up gossip to keep feeding tabloids.

interview with Jerry Wagner on the last German TV magazine (TV Movie)

was a good interview? Yes, but all of them could be better…

It’s not as hard as it looks to make a good interview!

Peace. Xoxo, only-johnny-depp/tumblr.