“The truth will come out in all of thi…

“The truth will come out in all of this and I will be standing on the other side of the roaring rapids. I hope other people will too” – Johnny Depp.

This week has been a week of thousands of news and I’m happy that the things
are changing. Many people are becoming aware of who the real abuser is, but still
have people with doubts. Yesterday during the Facebook/Instagram
problem, I took some time to check YouTube and see how people are reacting to
the situation, and it’s clearly visible that most of them now believe in Johnny.
Most of them are taking some time to check the facts and getting angry for
being fooled by Ms. Heard; although there are still people defending her with
the most nonsense defenses.
BUT, three videos reached my attention. I’m not used to watch long videos or YouTubers,
but I gave it a try and watched.. For my surprise, I felt like
I was watching a special episode of investigation. If you guys have some spare
time, PLEASE, it will be the best 1h and 32 minutes of evidences that will make
your jaw drop

> On the first video the focus is the “poop” story and how one of the Ms. Heard
witness, iO Tillett Wright, is LYING about watching the bruises (and the
bruises itself) on Ms. Heard face in December 2015.


The second video is the first part of two, and focuses mainly on the night of
May 21st, 2016, the day Ms, Heard claims Johnny throw the cellphone, and exposes
a lot of lies and inconsistencies on Ms. Heard and her witness statements, which
makes no sense
. The best part: An AMAZING work, showing a floor plan from the place
where everything happened. There are a lot of – literally drawn –
illustrations to help those who still can’t believe that there’s something
wrong with the


statements of Mrs. Heard and her friend, Rachel Pennington.  


The third, and second part video, has a great finale. The lies and
inconsistencies keep being revealed, showing how Ms. Heard could had influenced
her friend Raquel to lie, the time where they claims Johnny had beat her didn’t
the few photos of “Johnny’s rage” released by her, and two shocking

Ms. Heard and Raquel DIDN’T MENTIONED on their declarations that the police
went to the apartment when Johnny left
, and one of the greatest mystery: Why
Ms. Heard and her friend Raquel LIED when they said that the photo was taken after
Raquel had saw the “wound” on Ms. Heard face in a room, when in fact it was taken
in another room upstairs where it supposedly  happened?

The only truth here is: SHE HAS BEEN LYING ALL THE F*CKING TIME!

In 1h and 32 minutes you will be aware of a lot of lies

and inconsistencies

has been talking.
And all the videos were based in all the real statements given by them. And guess who, AGAIN, is lying?

If someone still have some doubts, the time has come to know the truth:

PLEASE, WATCH, SHARE and COMMENT on these videos:

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Abuse Claims (and the lies not talked about?)

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Abuse Claims: Questions you should be asking (Part 1)

>  Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Abuse Claims: Questions you should be asking (Part 2)

All the credits go to “Incredibly Average” channel on youtube, who made an AMAZING work of research to share the truth.
I am deeply deeply thankful for all of his hard work. (I tried to send a message on twitter, but I don’t know why it wasn’t possible)