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“I love elephants, certainly. I like the shape of elephants, the various shapes in terms of painting, a lot of different textures and things on elephants.” – Johnny Depp (April 11, 2014 at Ellen Degeneres Show) 

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Today, August 12 is celebrated worldwide the Elephant Daydedicated to the preservation and protection of the world’s elephants. As known, Johnny loves elephants and talked about during the Ellen Degeneres Show in April 11, 2014, while playing “True or False” with Ellen.
On the same show Ellen asked how many elephants he had painted by far and  he answered “about 11″, so Ellen asked one of his paintings for her. Laughing, he said he’d give her one on the next day, BUT this “next day” took 3 YEARS!  Only in May 18, 2017, Johnny finally gifted Ellen with a fresh and still wet portrait of an elephant which he had painted the night before. 

Recently, last March, the Japanese/English/Spanish interpreter for “Minamata” and the Hollywood Vampires, Emma Jeffery gifted Johnny with a painting, made by the Italian artist, Manuela Lecis, of an elephant during the filming of Minamata in Servia.

Just like elephants, Johnny is smart, kind and also has an amazing memory which now and then emerges when he talks about some experiences he had a long time ago in the minimum details. 🐘 ❤️