Johnny Depp didn’t attack that crew member


A masterpost if you will about Johnny Depp’s innocence in the City of Lies matter. He got falsely accused of violence and then global roads used it as an excuse to postpone the film, while actually there was no violence and global road pushed the film because of financial problems and more. Johnny will defend his innocence in court about the ‘attack’ and global road is being sued for their bs

  • First articles with statements from people who were there, lawyers and people who worked on the project:

Film director Brad Furman has jumped to the defence of the star of his upcoming film, Johnny Depp, Brad has issued a statement insisting that claims from Page Six Johnny “attacked” a location manager, even attempting to throw a punch, are totally false.He insisted (via Metro): “Johnny Depp is a consummate professional, great collaborator and a supporter of other artists.“He always treats the crew and people around him with the utmost respect. Movies can be stressful, and non-events often become exaggerated.”The director concluded: “We all love stories — there isn’t one here.”

Crew members who were there insist it never escalated beyond a verbal confrontation and no punches were ever thrown.

They had a little moment, there weren’t punches, there wasn’t anything, just were in each others’ face for a second,” script supervisor Emma Danoff, who was sitting next to Depp when the alleged altercation began, told The Daily Beast. “We shot for maybe another hour-and-a-half after that, we went inside. We finished and the locations guy came up to Johnny and they hugged and it was all cute and that was it.”

Three other crew members who spoke to The Daily Beast support Danoff’s recollection.

Depp’s lawyer, Adam Waldman, issued the following statement to The Daily Beast: “Despite false media reports suggesting otherwise, Johnny Depp never touched the person suing him, as over a dozen witnesses present will attest. In a court filing we have generally denied all claims and we will fight these latest sham allegations.”

Yet, whatever did or did not happen between Depp and Brooks, City of Lies director Brad Furman sees the distinct possibility of darker forces at work to kill his movie.

The film’s release was officially shelved on July 19, according to industry data collected by RenTrak. Furman told The Daily Beast he didn’t learn of the decision until the beginning of August during a conference call with Global Road executives, who he says informed him that “they had spoken to Johnny Depp’s people at CAA and that his agents were in accord with this course of action and that a Johnny Depp movie at this time was not releasable.” But when Furman “started talking to people and doing my own due diligence, I realized that Johnny Depp’s team, including his point agent, including his sister who is his manager, none of them had heard anything about the push of the release.

Sullivan believes that these same political pressures may have contributed to the postponement of the release of City of Lies, adding, “I think Johnny is being made a scapegoat and frankly, it pisses me off.”

Script supervisor Emma Danoff on Monday submitted a declaration stating that she witnessed the altercation and it was nothing like what Brooks described in his lawsuit.

Danoff says they were shooting outside and Brooks berated an African-American homeless woman with “racial and derogatory slurs” because she was in his way. Depp was sitting next to her about 25 feet away when it happened.

“He immediately stood up from our shared seat on the edge of a planter bench and went over to Brooks to stand up for the woman,” Danoff says. “Mr. Depp said to Mr. Brooks, ‘You can’t talk to her like that. You think she is something less than you? Who do you think you are? How dare you?’”

Danoff says there were no punches thrown and no offer of $100,000 for Brooks to punch Depp — and she says she has 40 time-stamped photos that prove it.

“Mr. Brooks, and others who have abused Mr. Depp, are about to discover the consequences for making false accusations,” says Depp’s attorney Adam Waldman.

In the suit, the bank alleges that Global Road used Depp’s off-screen issues as an excuse for its own failure to release the film.

“Any such statement would have been false because the real reason Open Road would not release the Picture is because Open Road and Global Road are in financial distress and decided not to pay the $10,000,000 of marketing and distribution expenses Open Road committed to pay,” the suit alleges.

The man who sued Johnny Depp for allegedly punching him on a film set blew off a court hearing this week and now faces possible sanctions by the court.

On November 6, a scheduled court hearing went down in Los Angeles Court where both parties were supposed to appear. According to court documents, Depp’s lawyer was present for the hearing but Gregg “Rocky” Brooks and his lawyer failed to show up.

The judge set a hearing for next month to determine if he will punish Brooks for not showing up, meaning he could be hit with monetary sanctions or could risk having his entire case dismissed.

All of the claims made by the location manager are absurd. We will prove that as we fight this case.— What Johnny Depp’s attorney has to say about the allegations made by a local manager

The crew member who is suing Johnny Depp over an alleged film set beatdown has dropped the movie’s director from the legal battle.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the crew member, Gregg “Rocky” Brooks, is dismissing “City of Lies” director Brad Furman from the case, leaving Depp and his production company as the sole defendants.

He also dropped parts of his lawsuit against Depp but is still pursuing his claim of assault and battery against the actor.

  • secondly, the inconsistencies in the claims in the court doc

full doc is here: (note, these docs don’t present the current case anymore, because plaintiff dropped the case against all the defendants except Johnny, so only those claims need attention) 

“you have no right to tell me what to do” only he hadn’t told him anything yet. he didn’t even know he was going to talk to him. he says that before he said something to Johnny, Johnny started screaming at him…. for something he said to Johnny. I didn’t know Johnny was a mind reader. also he is apparently a crazy drunk who is selective in who he gets angry to. A massive set of people, but plaintiff is the only one who will get it.


Also he claims Johnny said who the fuck are you? Why are they suggesting johnny didn’t know him when they worked together on a previous project: The Brave, an amazing movie directed, cowritten and starring Johnny

Also this would have happened “on or about 13th april 2017″,(very weird how we are not getting a set day, as if one would forget, if this story was true, it would be very easy to find out to) but the stamp on the court doc says 6th of july 2018. Meaning he waited nearly a year to press charges (he also didn’t go to police, and the police was on set) the story did leak in the press a month before he pressed charges. For some reason he felt compelled to go to the media first. Extortion maybe?

  • Thirdly; some post from people who worked with Johnny on the film:

so for all those saying that this case “proofs” that he is “abusive”. No, it really doesn’t


Johnny Depp is being backed up by a female crew member who denies the actor drunkenly got into a fight with another crew member on a film set.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Depp is asking a Los Angeles Court judge to reclassify the case filed by Gregg “Rocky” Brooks as a “limited civil case”. He wants the case moved to a lower court, saying any damages awarded should be less than $25,000.

The actor says the allegations in Brooks’ complaint could not result in damages greater than $25,000.

Depp does not believe punitive damages are warranted in this case. He points out Brooks failed to claim any medical expenses, and the actor continues to deny the alleged assault ever occurred.

He also points out that a script supervisor, Emma Danoff, on the set of the film gave a declaration “attesting to the fact that no physical altercation occurred between Mr. Depp and Mr. Brooks that night, and that she took multiple contemporaneous photographs that confirm her testimony and Mr. Depp’s account.

In her declaration, Danoff wrote that on the night of the alleged assault Depp was “meeting with homeless individuals who were on the street where the City of Lies filming was taking place … He gave them money and gifts.”

She claims to have worked with Depp that night and denies Brooks claims he was drunk.

Danoff even accuses Brooks of having an incident with a black homeless woman, claiming he “loudly and aggressively berated the woman with racial and derogatory slurs for being in his presence and in his way.

She says Depp “immediately stood up … went over to Brooks to stand up for the woman. Mr. Depp said to Mr. Brooks, “you can’t talk to her like that. You think she is something less than you.” She said the actor and Brooks exchanged words and Depp then sat down. Danoff denies Depp ever touched Brooks or told him to punch him.

Depp is using the declaration in support of his attempt to move the case to the lower court.