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that movie [Platoon] was a lot of hard work, but it
rewarding,” he says. “It wasn’t just
like, ‘Get on the set
and shoot.’ We went through basic training, just like the
soldiers, and ate rations and slept in trenches. It was tough. But
having done that, I feel I can do just about anything.”‏ 

A few teasers of @jk_rowling visiting the set of “@FantasticBeasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” during filming, and chatting with Johnny Depp (in costume) and director David Yates, as featured in the DVD/Blu-ray out on March 12 (and digital now). Order now:

Greg Kinnear, Michelle Rodriguez, Lily-Rose Depp Join ‘Dreamland’: undefined

(February 28): Donnie Brasco (1997).
22nd Anniversary!
The film was a box office success, earning $124.9 million against a $35 million budget, and receiving critical acclaim.


Happy Birthday, Elizabeth Taylor! Liz would have turned 87 this year.

Divine wanted to be Elizabeth Taylor. He was obsessed by Elizabeth Taylor. He went on a date with his girlfriend [at the time], and showed up at her parents’ house DRESSED as Elizabeth Taylor!” —John Waters


“He’s very polite, a very gentle person in all sorts of ways. But I also think he has a devil in him. Underneath this wistfulness, you feel a sanction of violence. so there’s this terric mental energy going into keeping these two mutually antagonic things in balance. That’s what keeps you coming back” – Mike Newell, director of “Donnie Brasco”

Today, we’ll remember “Donnie Brasco” which was released 22 years ago.


Those smiles are so adorable.



No words…♥️

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