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Have you seen The Professor yet? Laughed out l…

Have you seen The Professor yet? Laughed out loud for the first while and then he slowly took my breath away. Beautiful piece of storytelling. And there's this one line… 😉

Gaahhhhh no I haven’t had the time to yet!! I’m excited, hearing lots a great stuff about it from you lot!!




Was the anniversary of this.

I am still so so SO grateful to the people that helped get this book in his hands.

@bybyeblackbird, all the people that submitted material, everyone at the meet and greet that were so lovely about it, and of course Johnny.

This book is seriously one of the best things that ever happened to me, and I hope he remembers it too.

Thank you Johnny for fighting, and thank you for giving us a reason to fight. We survive through your strength and survival.

only-johnny-depp: “Rock stars. Can’t take a…


“Rock stars. Can’t take anything seriously! If you’re feeling ill, or perhaps feeling down… May this series of extreme non seriousness and general tom foolery by Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry lift your spirits.”wrote CerealKyler on Instagram.

First I wanna thank, Kyler Clark (CerealKyler), Johnny, Alice and Joe for these photos. (I bet that it was Johnny’s idea to make it)

For some, it may be silly, but for millions out there these three words and photos can save somebody’s day or even somebody’s life.
Many of us are living pretty hard days while suffering for a lot of things. Some are just tired or feeling down, but it’s a fact that we all are currently worried with something, mentally tired or really sad.
Some times is hard to get some motivation or have someone to talk, but things like these may be a sign of hope – a breath of kindness, happiness and strength to keep fighting.
Wherever you are, be safe. You are loved, valued, important and your life REALLY matters. I know that sometimes it feels like no one cares, but remember you are loved, even when you think that you don’t love yourself.
Wherever you are, keep fighting and sharing love.
I’m here for you.

I’m also saving these photos, and if you need some motivation maybe would be good to print and put in some place to make your happy.

Well, I wish you all the best things in the world.
Have a great Sunday and a pleasant week.
And I’ll be here posting things to make the world better.




only-johnny-depp: Just monkeying around! …


Just monkeying around!




Photo by Ross Halfin.

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❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ adore you angel!!

morton-vald: Johnny Depp being an actual cat …


Johnny Depp being an actual cat for his boyfriend.

only-johnny-depp: Cannes First Look: Johnn…


Cannes First Look: Johnny as  W. Eugene Smith in “Minamata”

The redemptive thriller sees Eugene Smith (Johnny Depp) take on a powerful corporation responsible for poisoning the people of Minamata, Japan, in 1971. With the glory days of World War II far behind him, Smith has become a recluse, disconnected from society and his career. But an old friend and a commission from a Life magazine editor (Bill Nighy) convince him to journey back to Japan to expose a big story: the devastating annihilation of a coastal community.

> Read the full article HERE

I just heard the song "We Gotta Rise&quot…

I just heard the song "We Gotta Rise" and I am ecstatic, utterly over my head in the deepest respect for these guys doing a straight up political action song. Damn! The lyrics I got to write down, "We gotta rise, rise and mobilize. It's you and me, we gotta rise, let's rise above the lies" Wow, wow. Johnny Depp, you sweet man. Hunter Thompson must be dancing in heaven or wherever. Find the video.

Gahhhh I saw it but I decided not to listen because I felt this was a big song and I wanted to hear the album version first before a cell-phone recorded version!!! I’m excited tho!!!

Do you think that if we see a negative comment…

Do you think that if we see a negative comment on JD (concerning the abuse claims) we should reach out to the OP and prove our point? Because I feel like that is the right thing to do, but I also get really upset when I participate in a conflict, especially on the Internet.

It does seem like a hard choice, but I urge you to not let it be. 

Your own mental health should always come first.

If I were John answering this question, he’d say the same thing. He would never want you to sacrifice your own well being for his. 

I will always, always be on the side of self care. Take care of yourself first, above all.

What if Johnny has thigh tattoos we don't…

What if Johnny has thigh tattoos we don't know about…?