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A Throwback


Because I can’t get over it to this day. 

To when Johnny received the book I made for him. 

I had never really experienced the feeling of ‘surreal’ until the day that I got the text from Lani saying he got it, and subsequently saw the pictures. 

I honestly still struggle to believe that it happened. 


I remember sending that text to you thinking ‘this may… this may actually kill her?!’ And then sending the PHOTOS to you I was like ‘there’s no way she lives through this’

But you survived and I’m so happy!!!! 😂

A Book Project – For Johnny


To Captain Jack –

This is going to be a different sort of book than the one I made last time.

​I want it to be a sort of compilation journal of messages from fans, little short stories (fiction or non-fiction), quotes, poetry, song lyrics, pictures, or really anything we can think of to put in here.

I want it to be written in black ink calligraphy, and I want it to look well crafted.

​Ideally, I want to give this to him for Christmas 2019. I think that gives me plenty of time to collect submissions and get everything in the book.

​I am also going to include spaces where he can write/draw things, with prompts.

(You wake up and suddenly you realize you have reverted back to being 9 years old, write what happens.) – That kind of thing.

So if you have any funny prompts for writing or drawing, leave those as well!

The submission form can be found here:

I have also included samples of some stuff that I am including.

DEADLINE – June 1st.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me here, or on Twitter (@thyquaintwench), or you can email me at




Johnny Depp’s “SCAM” tattoo.




1) Right before Amber Heard filed for divorce she sent Johnny Depp an extortion letter where she demanded money,cars,house,etc. in exchange of her silence. Depp refused to agree to her terms.

adisneyheart: becauseitisjohnnydepp: Johnny…



Johnny Depp receives his Disney Legend Award at the D23 Expo [x]

I can’t handle this

MOVIES. De driehoeksverhouding van Keira Knigh…

MOVIES. De driehoeksverhouding van Keira Knightley: “Johnny Depp was mijn mentor” | Metro:


Keira Knightley calls Johnny Depp in Belgian interview her mentor:

“He literally created Captain jack. Nothing was written down on paper.”



I am here for Johnny! I hope that he is ok and I hope that he is feeling positive because of what’s happening because I am feeling positive for him. I love him so much and all I want to do is hug Him and just be there for him. All of my heart and soul is always by his side from where I am. 🤗😩♥️ I am so proud of Johnny and I want him to be happy and feel positive because everything is turning around and only good things ahead for him! I love You Sweetheart and I am here for you!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

‘City of Lies’ Script Supervisor Defends Johnn…

‘City of Lies’ Script Supervisor Defends Johnny Depp in Lawsuit Over Alleged On-Set Attack:


can everyone please keep on reposting (not rebloggin reposting) this until people will stop using this case as an example that he is abuse





I’m super proud of Johnny. He remained silent during 3 years because he didn’t want the people to see Amber Heard as an abuser but he had enough.

That’s how Johnny Depp is. He was going to continue taking the blame for something he didn’t do. And now, the truth is coming out and he’s gonna have justice. He’s gonna have his day in court and he’s gonna win because he has the truth.