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why does he like mics so much? and the covers …

why does he like mics so much? and the covers that go on them? d-does he hoard them? does he put em in a huge pile and sleep in it??



I realize this might an uncomfortable question…

I realize this might an uncomfortable question, so feel free to ignore it, I'm just curious, do you ever doubt, or worry what if JD's not innocent?

I had my moments, in the beginning. I’ve never hidden that fact. I don’t know him, and I don’t pretend to. I also always adhere to ‘believe women’, and I still do to this day, because I know that false accusations are very, very small compared to real ones. And I’ve always urged this fandom not to fall into a trap of not believing women when they come forward, because a very small minority of women are raging heartless psychopaths compared to genuine experiences, and women sharing their stories should not be tainted by this one dumb bottom feeder. 

I still wonder what they are doing to Johnny&#…

I still wonder what they are doing to Johnny's under the belt part of the body in that Marilyn Manson kill 4 me


So like… do you think we, as the Johnny Depp fandom, should probably warn the Harry Potter/FB fandom about John’s, uh… peculiar press tour activities?

Like these poor Potter fans are going in so excited with no warnings and they’re gonna be hit with masturbation jokes and microphone shenanigans, and a language they’ve never heard before called ‘Uh… Yeah… You Know… Yeah.’

I think I’m gonna make them a press tour guide, poor dears.

becauseitisjohnnydepp: Fantastic Beasts: Th…


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – “The Adventure Continues”

becauseitisjohnnydepp: “The executives (fro…


“The executives (from the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie) made some comments at film tests for hair make-up and wardrobe when I presented the character. They were like, “What’s he doing?” Then I got phone calls: “You’ve got to lose the dangly things and what’s that sore on your face?” “What’s going on? Is he mentally just gone, left the building a long time ago, or is he just incredibly drunk or is he gay?” So my response was, “Sorry, don’t you know that all my characters are gay?”Johnny Depp



Johnny Depp’s characters Tumblr+ style



The old ways serve us no longer



If your best friend ever does something to piss you off always remember that Hunter S. Thompson once prank called The Viper Room and made a bomb threat and Johnny Depp had to scramble to tell the alarmed staff and patrons not to evacuate the building when he found out


Is there a compilation of all the times Johnny…

Is there a compilation of all the times Johnny has talked about Hunter Thompson?

Not to my knowledge to be honest, but you can browse through my HST tag and that might help!