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Johnny being funny after the Hollywood Vampires’ show at Tollwood Summer Festival in Munich, Germany, last year in June 27

I’ve lost the count of how many times I repeated this part on the “Heroes” video. 


Hollywood Vampires (Feat. Johnny Depp)- “Heroes”!

“Though nothing, nothing will keep us together
We can beat them… Forever and ever
Oh, we can be heroes,
Just for one day.

I will be king.
And you…
You will be queen.

Though nothing, nothing will drive them away.
We can be heroes, just for one day,
We can be us!
Just for one day.”

The third and final single from the Hollywood Vampires’s upcoming album “Rise”
is Johnny’s version of David Bowie’s “Heroes”. The single was first released 24
hours ago in Japan at midnight from June 6 to 7. This is one of the two songs sung entirely by Johnny on the new album, and
although had shown his vocal abilities on the 2007 movie “Sweeney Todd”, this can be considered his
debut single as singer.
Johnny started singing “Heroes” during the Hollywood Vampires Tour and surprised
a lot of people with his powerful voice.

Today, the second official live video was released today, showing clips of the group on the 2018 European Tour. Some of the clips were teased last year by Tommy HenriksenMarian KuchBuck Johnson and Glen Sobel. Just like the song, the video was recorded in June 5, 2018 at the same studio where David Bowie recorded the original version, in Berlin. 

I think we really should consider this release as a birthday gift to Johnny and also as his and the Hollywood Vampires gift for us.
The song is officially available everywhere, so listen, repeat, buy, share and play it loud.

Johnny Depp is our Hero!

Countdown to the Hollywood Vampires “Rise”: 14 DAYS

“EPIC Hollywood Vampires Tour 2018 – Behind The Scenes!”

Check out all of the behind the scenes action from the 2018 Hollywood Vampires tour with Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry, on a compilation of photos and videos taken by the band members, with live footage from some of their shows, behind-the-scenes clips and meeting fans and fellow rock stars including Guns N’ Roses’ Duff McKagan and Black Sabbath legend Tony Iommi.

Johnny and Thomas Kutschera, editor from “Schweizer Illustrierte” after an exclusive interview in Montreux, last July 7 in Switzerland.

Check the interview in german here.
I’ll be posting the translation in a few minutes! xo

[Part Final]

“The man of a thousand faces! The
man of a thousand voices! The man with an excessively large record breaking pepperoni…

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)…  JOHNNY DEEEEEEEEP!” 


This is the fourth and final part of the compilation of all the funny times
Johnny hides himself, and Alice Cooper introduces him to the crowd, from show
N°25, in July 3, in Switzerland, to the last Show N°28, in July 8, in Italy. 
Have fun! I hope you liked! xoxo

Watch too: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

I hope you liked! xoxo

[Part 3]

“And there’s another guy… Where is
he? The man of a thousand faces, the bright elusive butterfly of love, everybody say hello to JOHNNY

This is the third part of a compilation of all the funny times Johnny
hides himself, and Alice Cooper introduces him to the crowd, now from show N°19, in
June 20 in England, to Show N°24, in June 30 in Austria.
Have fun!

Watch too: Part 1 and Part 2.
Soon, final part. xoxo

[PART 2]

“All right, where is he? The man of
a thousand faces, the bright elusive butterfly of love,

the lovely and talented, JOHNNY DEEEEEEEEP!” 


This is the second part of a compilation of all the funny times Johnny
hides himself, and Alice Cooper introduces him to the crowd, from Show N°11 in Jun
8 in Denmark, to Show N°18, in June 19, in Scotland. 

Have fun!
You can watch the Part 1 here.
Soon, Part 3 and 4.
Ps: If someone have a good “School’s Out” video from Montreux Jazz Festival 2018 in July 5, please send me! The one I have isn’t that good… xoxo

Johnny, yesterday at

Auditorium Parco della Musica, in Rome, Italy.

“And that’s a wrap.. Thank you for another successful Hollywood Vampires tour!”  ~ Hollywood Vampires on Instagram.

The 2018 Tour has come to an end yesterday with the last show in Rome, Italy, after 28 shows in USA and Europe. Now the band will rest a little bit… But the tabloids don’t… Today the hunt started again… Tommy posted a video thanking his friends and the fans’ support, but before thanking Johnny, he said: “Don’t believe everything you read and the press.”. Yes, today Johnny is being victim

again from TMZ, now spreading gossip news about he being allegedly sued for attacking a crew member

on the set of

“City of Lies” in 2017… Really TMZ? Spreading gossip again…

Anyway, while the next album is being finished, the next Hollywood Vampires show already has a date. Along with Joe Perry and Alice Cooper, the Johnny Depp Special Event”, sponsored by Japanese beer, Asahi, is scheduled to happen in September 15, in

Tokyo, Japan. The only way to get a chance to win a pair of tickets was purchasing Asahi’s participating beers, collect special stickers attached to the beer cans and send them to Asahi Executive Office. The winners was determined by lottery and already started to receive the tickets this past days. 

So good to see him happy in every show… In this photo I wonder what was so funny…
I bet some of his band mates did something funny… 


JD, we love you *-*