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New never seen photo of Johnny, Penelope Cruz, Stella McCartney and Javier Bardem!

The photo, posted on her Instagram Stories as a celebration to some of her special moments in 2019, seems to have been taken sometime between June/July 2019 during Johnny’s free time in London…


Johnny Depp’s magic in 2019. What an amazing year it has been. The success of the Hollywood Vampires & Rise, his breathtaking performance in The Professor, the very successful press tour, the incredible concerts, winning awards for his great art…

Congratulations Johnny Depp for all the great things you have done this year and thank you for sharing your gift with us, thank you for all you give us. Wishing you a perfect 2020!


Johnny Depp in 2019


Johnny Depp has starred in 27 films that were released this decade:

  • Alice in Wonderland 2010
  • The Tourist
  • Rango 
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 
  • The Rum Diary 
  • Jack and Jill 
  • 21 Jump Street
  • Dark Shadows 
  • The Lone Ranger 
  • Lucky Them 
  • Transcendence  
  • Tusk Guy  
  • Into the Woods   
  • Mortdecai  
  • Black Mass   
  • Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie Donald Trump   
  • Alice Through the Looking Glass 
  • Yoga Hosers
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • The Black Ghiandola
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 
  • Murder on the Orient Express 
  • Sherlock Gnomes   
  • London Fields 
  • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald 
  • City of Lies 
  • The Professor 

He has also produced ‘Hugo’ and filmed ‘Waiting for the Barbarians’ and ‘Minamata’, both will be released in 2020. City of Lies is expected to get a wider release.

Thank you for yet another amazing decade with incredible films, thank you for sharing your talent with the world Johnny Depp. We love and respect you always!


Johnny Depp throughout the decade


New scene and new behind the scenes photo of Johnny and Jim Sturgess as Chick Purchase and Keith Talent during the
filming of “London Fields” in 2013.

* The trouble behind “London Fields” and its NEW 2019 version…

Considered one of the “Worst Films of 2018”, “London Fields” was recorded
between September and October 2013, screened one time for press and industry at
2015 Toronto International Film Festival, it was cancelled on the festival due a
legal dispute between the director and producer for fraud, failing to pay him,
and taking away the final cut. Later a second lawsuit was filed by the
producers suing Ms. Heard for $10 million claiming that she and the director
Mathew Cullen made unauthorized changes to the film’s script and failed to
finish the work. Later again, she counter-sued claiming the producers violated a
nudity clause in her contract, and finally in September 2018, the producers
reached a settlement with her.
But meanwhile the damage was done: They lost
time, money and almost lost the whole movie.
Due to this mess, it took 4 YEARS to the movie be finally screened for the
first time, last year, in Russia. And to make things worse, it suffered A LOT with
the negative critics. The movie was later re-edited and screened in 613 theaters
around the USA in the middle of Johnny and Ms. Heard court battle, which again
contributed for the movie being a flop and considered “the second worst US box
office opening for a wide release film of all time”.

passed by, and this year (2019) the movie was RE-RE-EDITED and RE-RE-RELEASED, being
now screened in selected theaters in Europe. Named “London Fields: The Director’s
, the movie is slightly longer with 12 minutes, has a new cut edition, new
colorization, new soundtrack, and new and alternate scenes.
Johnny’s scenes on the “Director’s Cut” seems to be fewer than on its previous version
(The Producer’s Cut). One of them is his character introduction: While Chick Purchase
on the “Producer’s Cut” is introduced right on the 7th minute, on
the “Director’s Cut” he takes almost 40 minutes to be introduced.

The new scene above is from the “Director’s Cut” version and meanwhile, you can check all the Johnny’s scenes on the “Producers/Theatrical Version” on my two previously posts:

> Johnny Depp’s scenes as Chick Purchase in London Fields (Part 1)

Johnny Depp’s scenes as Chick Purchase in London Fields (Part 2)

Ps. Don’t worry. I cut Ms. Heard from all the scenes 🙂

“It never got weird enough for me”

Finally after 9 years, one of Johnny’s
tattoos can be admired in a better photo. This one,


on Johnny’s left
calf, is a tribute to his late friend Hunter S. Thompson. It has one of
Hunter’s quotes


in a typewriter font, the gonzo fist and blade logo, along with Hunter’s birth and
death years (1937 – 20005) and his initials: H.S.T.

The tattoo could be first seen in June 20,
2010, Father’s Day in the USA. Johnny was with his children Jack and Lily-Rose
boarding on a helicopter in Hawaii to celebrate the day. During that time there
was only the logo


with no lettering, which was added sometime later.
The final design, as seen today, could be “better” seen in August 17, 2011,
when Johnny was photographed during a trip with Vanessa Paradis and their
children on their yacht in France,

Tattoo photos taken last September 22 by Ryan Hall on Instagram

Some things never change… 👓

Johnny’s unique glasses position.

> September 1989: Photoshoot by William Laxton.
> September 2019: Photoshoot at Deauville American Film Festival.

Behind the scenes: Johnny filming for the upcoming Dior Sauvage Parfum short movie. 


Keep rocking Johnny!

Johnny Depp: Dior Sauvage Parfum (2019)

“This particular short film is truly a love letter. There
is a search for what is real. Everything has some symbolic reference.” – Johnny Depp.

* If the sneak peak is already great, I can’t even wait for the whole short movie…