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“It never got weird enough for me”

Finally after 9 years, one of Johnny’s
tattoos can be admired in a better photo. This one,


on Johnny’s left
calf, is a tribute to his late friend Hunter S. Thompson. It has one of
Hunter’s quotes


in a typewriter font, the gonzo fist and blade logo, along with Hunter’s birth and
death years (1937 – 20005) and his initials: H.S.T.

The tattoo could be first seen in June 20,
2010, Father’s Day in the USA. Johnny was with his children Jack and Lily-Rose
boarding on a helicopter in Hawaii to celebrate the day. During that time there
was only the logo


with no lettering, which was added sometime later.
The final design, as seen today, could be “better” seen in August 17, 2011,
when Johnny was photographed during a trip with Vanessa Paradis and their
children on their yacht in France,

Tattoo photos taken last September 22 by Ryan Hall on Instagram

Some things never change… 👓

Johnny’s unique glasses position.

> September 1989: Photoshoot by William Laxton.
> September 2019: Photoshoot at Deauville American Film Festival.

Behind the scenes: Johnny filming for the upcoming Dior Sauvage Parfum short movie. 


Keep rocking Johnny!

Johnny Depp: Dior Sauvage Parfum (2019)

“This particular short film is truly a love letter. There
is a search for what is real. Everything has some symbolic reference.” – Johnny Depp.

* If the sneak peak is already great, I can’t even wait for the whole short movie…

“The Professor” New DVD Cover!

5 months after its official release, Johnny’s latest movie “The Professor” will
be released

next October 2 under its original title “Richard Says Goodbye” in DVD/Blu-ray and on
demand by the Defiant Screen Entertainment, an independent distributor of movies
and television product in Australia and New Zealand!

Johnny Depp: Discoverer of the Fountain of Youth. ♥ ♥

* At the SAG Awards (February 5, 2005) = 42 years old.
* At his house (August 11, 2019) = 56 years old.

14 YEARS have passed by…
Few white hair appeared on his beard…
But he is definitely the same f*cking handsome guy as always. 

Time passes differently for Johnny.

Some things never change…


New Project!
Johnny and 

Miljen Klljaković Kreka during the filming of the documentary “Kreka”!

Johnny will be
featuring on the upcoming film “Kreka”, a documentary
about the Serbian production designer, known for being the best Serbian,
winner of dozen of awards, and one of the world’s best film designers of his generation, Miljen Klljaković Kreka.
Directed by Strahinja Savić, produced by Centar Film, and supported by the
Serbian Film Center, the documentary is currently under production. Its filming started
early this year in Belgrade and Budapest and will continue in the fall in some
place of Rome, Tehran and Los Angeles featuring a lot of actors, producers and
directors Among then is Emir Kusturika! Johnny, Kusturika and Kreka worked
together for the first time 28 years ago in “Arizona Dream” and later, Johnny and Kreka
worked together again, now in “The Brave”.

Johnny filmed
his part for the upcoming documentary while in Belgrade (and maybe Budapest) while in town filming for the also upcoming movie  “Minamata”,
sometime between last February and March.

with representatives of Centar Film, the documentary is set to be released next

> Synopsis:
“Kreka” is the story of a man, his journey and encounters with the world’s most
valuable accolades, friends . Behind these people and encounters are indelible
traces, film pieces that record pages of film history. The story of building a
passion, a scenic craft in the fingers and the beauty of a dream. An intimate
film portrait of our greatest set designer of all time: Miljen Klljaković Kreka.

Ps. Isn’t amazing how many people Johnny knows and how many people is still connected to him even after decades? These documentaries also shows how Johnny is always working. Blessed be this man! We are so proud of you!



For Chanel Beauty preparing for MET (2019)


Venice Film Festival Updates!

During a conference for the upcoming event, the chief, film critic
and director for the Venice Film Festival,

Alberto Barbera, revealed a list of actors who is
expected to attend this year. With the “Waiting for the Barbarians” world premiere, Johnny,
Mark Rylance and Robert Pattinson are on the list, as well Lily-Rose for the
movie “The King”.
Up until now, this list may be considered pre-official, once revealed for the director himself, and posted on the official Venice Film Festival account on twitter, although we have to keep in mind that it will also depend of their schedules.
Either way, fingers crossed!