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Alice Cooper Provides a Solid Rock for Teens During the COVID-19 Crisis:

A second Teen Center, in nearby Mesa, is still scheduled for a December opening date. They hope that the golf tournament can be rescheduled for this fall. And, the Coopers say, their daughter Calico (a member of famed improv group The Groundlings) is creating a theater program at the Center – and Johnny Depp (Alice’s longtime friend and Hollywood Vampires bandmate) has volunteered to teach an acting workshop.

Calling all my fellow Vampires and Depp Heads!
Let’s be healthy! Let’s wash our hands properly!

everybody, how are y’all doing?
So, this post is dedicated to all the people out there scared about the
COVID-19, the Coronavirus, spreading across the world.
We know that there’s no cure or medication known to beat this virus, but we can
reduce our chances of being infected or spreading it by taking some simple
precautions and one of them is basic hygiene, like cleaning our hands.

PLEASE, regularly and thoroughly the day, clean
your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water,
because it kills viruses that may be on your hands. Do it for at least 20

To help you
remember, I made these two special posters below explaining about how to clean your hands properly. These past days a lot of these posters with different lyrics were made everywhere, so these are my alternate version of the original hand-washing lyrics generator,
where you just input the song title and artist of your choosing into a template
for the National Health Service’s guide to cleaning your hands, and the site
will auto-generate your own hand-washing poster. I tried some but it didn’t
worked perfectly so I modified everything to make a Hollywood Vampires version
featuring their great song “We Gotta Rise”, because literally we gonna and gotta rise
above this situation..

You can
make your own version (in a white poster) on the “Wash your Lyrics” site. HERE

If you freaking out about this crazy situation, you are not alone, I am too,
BUT let’s stay calm, let’s respect some rules and we will cross through this
Avoid any place with a huge amount of people. Go outside only for pharmacies or grocery stores when needed, but
please, respect the amount of items. Try to think in how many people will be
affected if you stock tons of food, masks, alcohol gel or toilet paper. Don’t
be selfish.

I know in some places it’s pretty hard, because people have to work and
some bosses do not care about it. It’s tough, but please, You and YOUR FAMILY
If you are in quarantine or chose to stay at home, stay calm, be healthy, help
your family, and try not to worry so much. Go study, go read a book, keep
supporting Johnny spreading the truth, and go watch the entire Johnny’s movies
and listen to the Hollywood Vampires albums and shows if needed.

Talking about shows, up until now, scheduled shows from
various artists around the world between late March and late April are almost
100% canceled. Alice Cooper, for example, had to stop two of his tours: The
“Rock Meets Classic” in Germany where all the next 7 shows were canceled and
will not be rescheduled and his “Ol’ Black Eyes Is Back” Tour, which also
had 15 shows previously scheduled to happen in the USA and Canada from March 31
through April 22, canceled. These dates will be rescheduled for Fall 2020,
before the Hollywood Vampires Tour, and the new schedule will be announced as
soon as possible. 

Talking about the Vampires’ Tour the
dates are still confirmed, but we all have to stay tuned for further news. Although
scheduled to start in August, we’ll have to wait to see how the situation will
be on next months.

Talking about Vampires, all of the
Vampires members are currently on their homes (most of them in the USA) spending
time working on their side projects. With a lot of places closing its airports,
Tommy Henriksen thankfully could return to his son, wife and home in a private
plane to Switzerland after leaving Germany where he was playing with Alice
Cooper. Johnny is currently in his house in France, where due to COVID-19 travelling was prohibited. Also the trial in London had to postponed. Rehearsals
and filming for movies, series and any other project are also canceled
everywhere, including the “Fantastic Beasts 3”. So don’t worry if we don’t have new information or photos of Johnny during the next weeks/months.

Anyway… It’s
pretty scary after what we are seeing on TV, but it’s important to know, that EVERYBODY
MUST be protected in order to not spread to other people. Some of them who have
severe underlying chronic medical conditions, the ones over the age of 60 and people
who smoke are at a likely higher risk of developing a severe case of COVID-19.  
So PLEASE, wherever you are be safe inside your home.

Follow the rules, follow your local news for information and be positive.
We’ll get
through this! Let’s beat the virus!


It was
announced yesterday (March 2), that the upcoming Hollywood Vampires’ 2020 Tour,
added a new show. For the first time, the Vampires will play at Armeets Arena
Hall, in Sofia, Bulgaria, next September 11

VIP Merchandise Package and

Ultimate Meet and Greet Package Tickets for the show is currently available
since 10 AM (Sofia Hour). General public on Sale will be available, this
Thursday (March 5) also at 10 AM (Sofia Hour). 

Up until
now, 19 dates in Europe were announced.

We all know about the Coronavirus spreading everywhere, and how some places,
and even some bands, are avoiding gathering a large amount of people. The
Hollywood Vampires will play in some of these countries in Europe, and it’s unknown if it
will be affected somehow.
Either way, depending on how the things will be on the
next months until August, let’s stay tuned for further information.
Be safe.

NEW SHOW!!! Sept 11th, 2020 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Armeets Arena! 

 VIP On Sale and Fan Club Pre Sale Starts: Tuesday March 3rd @ 10AM Eastern European Time


On Sale: Thursday March 5th @ 10AM Eastern European Time 

Ticket Link:

Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper with a Concert in Bulgaria – – Sofia News Agency:

The event will take place in the Arena Armeec Hall in Sofia

Hollywood star Johnny Depp, rock singer Alice Cooper and co-founder of Aerosmith Joe Perry will arrive in Bulgaria in September. They will perform at a big concert with Hollywood Vampires band at the Arena Armeec on September 11th.


Sept 13th, 2020 – Istanbul, Turkey – Lifepark Open Air Venue 

Get your tickets here:

New show! Hollywood Vampires in Turkey!

The Hollywood Vampires will play for the first time in Turkey, in 7 months, next September 13 at 21h. This will be their 18th show in 2020.
Tickets for the show set to happen at Life Park in Istanbul will be open for sale this Sunday (February 17) on


Hollywood Vampires announced on their official pages,

along with Joe Perry and Alice Cooper’s pages as well, that due to logistical difficulties of transporting their personal equipment
through Europe, the upcoming show in
Milan previously set to happen in September 10 was moved to September 9,

still on the same place and hour.

Also, although still not confirmed, a new show will probably be added on their European Tour. The show #18 is planned to happen in September
 at the Life Park in Istanbul,
This will be their first show in the country.
Let’s stay tuned.

De eerste 55 bevestigingen voor Lowlands 2020 zijn bekend!

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