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Johnny and Tommy, making plans to dominate the world, while rehearsing and recording for the “Rise” album, at the Hansa Studios in Berlin, Germany, last June 5, 2018.

“Imagine the face of terror is the one you love…” 

Johnny as Commander Spencer Armacost in “The Astronaut’s Wife”, Johnny’s first sci-fi movie released on this day, 27 August, 20 years ago.



“First I’m gonna drink ya, then I’m gonna eat ya… ~

Commander Spencer Armacost”

19 Years ago, today (August 27), “The Astronaut’s Wife” premiered in the USA theaters. The movie received mixed reviews from critics: Some felt like Johnny performance was quite superficial, like his heart wasn’t in the project, different from the others movies he had done before. The movie also didn’t have any press or première session by New Line Cinema, making the press look at the project with cynicism. In this movie, Johnny plays the Commander Spencer Armacost an astronaut returning from a space mission after a mysterious event.  

> Synopsis: Johnny
Depp and Charlize Theron stars as courageous NASA astronaut Spencer Armacost
and his beautiful, schoolteacher wife Jillian – a seemingly perfect couple
whose lives are more momentarily shattered when Spencer’s mission mysteriously
loses contact with Earth for 2 minutes. But neither Spencer nor Jillian know
that those 120 seconds of terror will ultimately threaten their sanity, their
future and their lives in this heart stopping psychological thriller.

> Curiosities:

* The movie has different titles around the
world. Some of them giving a subtle spoiler: In Spain the movie is called “La
cara del terror” (The face of terror), In Venezuela and Mexico is “El Engendro”
(The Spawn), in Argentina is “La Cara Oculta” (The Hidden Face), in Brazil is “Enigma
do Espaço” (The Riddle of the Space) and in Hungary is called “The Austronaut”. In
France was released with other English title: “Intrusion”,

as well as in

Japan, which is known as “Noise”. In some Germany theaters the movie kept the
original English title and added a German second title, written “The evil has a
new face”.

* Busy agenda: Johnny was finishing “Fear and
Loathing in Las Vegas” when he accepted to make “The Astronaut’s Wife”. He started to film two months later, in
January 1998, in New York and California, for three months until April. Two
months later, in June, Johnny already had another movie and travelled to Europe
to film “The Ninth Gate” in Portugal, France and Spain. 

* In an interview, Johnny said that he liked
to play an astronaut, but he didn’t like his character behavior. “He’s got this
image of being an all-American guy, with bleached white teeth and sun-kissed
hair, but he’s an awful person. You want to like him, but slowly and surely, as
he reveals himself, you get to a point where that’s not possible. I definitely
didn’t like him, for sure.“

Happy 20th anniversary!!!
20 years ago, today, August 27,  “The Astronaut’s Wife” premiered in the USA!

The disguised alien Tommy shares his plans to dominate the world with Johnny, while rehearsing yesterday at Sandia Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 



Photos by Ross Halfin

Updates: Tommy’s surgery and Hollywood Vampires.

Today, Tommy Henriksen posted a photo that worried his fans a little bit, and updated with a message:

“Just wanted to let you all know… I’ve been off the grid… Had major eye surgery, working on my daddy day care skills, Vampires, Alice Cooper, and something else… I just wanted to say I’m all good. Dr. Peter took care of me here in Zurich.🤓 Much love and thank you all so much for the video’s and kind words!! I will get to the messages soon and hit you back! See you all real soon! Very excited about the new Hollywood Vampire Record🖤…and shows! XO”

That also explain why Tommy, who is always active on his personal Instagram, had kept quiet for almost a month. He was busy taking care of his health, family and working. Fortunately he’s good and really soon he’ll be ready to rock.

Dear Tommy, I’m sending good alien and human vibes, and I hope you get well soon. 


If you guys have some spare time, send him good vibes too on his Instagram. Tommy is always on Johnny’s side and making us happy with his updates. It’s time spread some love. ♥️
The whole gang will be together again next month, May 10, in Las Vegas, for the first Hollywood Vampires show this year.

Ps: Did you notice his and Johnny framed photo behind him? That’s what I call friendship.




Today, February 21, Tommy turns 55 years old!

I wanna thank Tommy for being this amazing human (and alien) which is always on Johnny’s side. We ALL should be very thankful to him, because he is the reason we know where and how Johnny


when he is on tour.  Since Johnny has any social media, Tommy always share something funny about him on his personal Instagram and keep us updated. 

Happy birthday and thank you for everything, Alien Vampire 👽