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Amber Heard: “Johnny Depp is refusing to cooperate in discovery!!!”
Also Amber Heard: *refuses to sign HIPAA waiver, turn over medical docs, have her depo taken, allow her “witnesses” to have their depo taken, turn over other docs (drafts, communications), produces docs deliberately too late, breaks up texts message exchanges so that each single text message is produced as a stand alone doc to make her submitted docs seem much more*
Meanwhile Johnny Depp: has signed a HIPAA waiver and turned over medical docs, emails, texts, photos & other docs
Idiots: omg Johnny Depp is hiding something and deliberately delaying things!!!!

Johnny Depp was threatened to be shot by Amber Heard’s father, reveals insider: undefined

Amber Heard’s dad ‘made shooting threat’ towards Johnny Depp: undefined

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AH is disgusting

Amber Heard’s father threatened to shoot Johnny Depp | Wirewag: undefined

Amber Heard’s father accused of ‘threatening’ to shoot Johnny Depp during couple’s nasty divorce battle: undefined

Amber Heard ‘abusive’ to Johnny Depp; Did her father threaten to kill actor?: undefined

Girls Sharing Sexy Selfies | Psychology Today:

Actress Amber Heard — best known for her roles in Aquaman, Justice League, and The Playboy Club, among many other credits — knows all about having your private photos posted online. In 2014, she was one of the celebrities whose private photos were stolen in the famous “celebrity hack.” Her intimate photos were posted online, then copied and reposted on other web sites. She writes: “To this day, my private photos remain online and my tormentors remain unpunished.”

Heard believes that current state laws are insufficient and insists that a federal law is needed. The problem with many state laws, in her view, is that they focus on the intent of the person posting the photos. The prosecution must demonstrate that the person who posted the photos intended to harass the victim. “What matters [or should matter] is not why the perpetrator disclosed the images; it is that the victim did not consent to the disclosure,” she recently wrote in the New York Times. She endorses a federal law, now under consideration, which would criminalize any posting of personal photos or videos of a person without that person’s consent, regardless of the intent of the person posting.

If the law were to be applied retroactively, one of the first people who might be prosecuted is Heard herself. In 2016, she used her phone to record video her then-husband, actor Johnny Depp, when he was in a drunken rage. The video, made without his consent, was subsequently posted online and dissected on TMZ. Heard does not explain why Depp is not entitled to privacy, but she is.

Amber Heard’s father ‘threatened to SHOOT Johnny Depp’:

Her and her family are crazy and dangerous!!!

Amber Heard’s Father Accused of Threatening to Shoot Johnny Depp (Report):

“Mr. Killackey’s chilling first-hand experience with Amber Heard and her family exposes the motive behind Amber Heard’s abuse hoax – money. Money is why Amber Heard moved her sister and four other co-conspirators into Johnny Depp’s multimillion-dollar penthouses rent-free. Money is why Amber Heard chopped Mr. Depp’s finger off with a thrown vodka bottle the day his attorneys asked her to sign a post-nuptial agreement,” Johnny Depp‘s lawyer Adam Waldman said.