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early concept of Antonio

The making of Antonio

How did you design and animate the little creature of Grindelwald?
We had an initial concept from the client as a starting point, but in the end we changed it quite a bit. For example the Chupacabra was initially orange. Through the process of adding our own details and developing the overall look it changed to dark blue/purple with red/white stripes.

It was a fun challenge, as he needed to have spikes all over his body. When he got upset those spikes would come out from under the skin and so we had to figure out how to get them to do that and not intersect with everything.

The creature has six legs. We based the animation on a Kimono Dragon’s movement and then added our own take on how it would move with six legs to bring life to it.

He was an entertaining creature to animate and add life to because he has an attitude and personality to him. The client really liked him and how he brought life to the shots with Johnny Depp. It was a fun interaction between the both of them. The Chupacabra adores Grindelwald.

The client liked him so much that they ended up adding more shots to the movie so that they could have more of him. One of those shots was the shot in the cells where he is muzzled, which is a pretty cool detail.


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