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s 😍 Happy week 😍
Johnny holding the Depp Fans Fundraising Certificate.



“ – I can’t move against
Grindelwald. It has to be you.” – Dumbledore.
“ – You want me to hunt him down? To kill him?” – Newt.
“ – Mr. Scamander! Do you think Dumbledore will mourn for you? – Grindelwald.

To celebrate the 24 DAYS to the world release, I
made a new special poster. This time Grindelwald, Dumbledore and Newt are with
their wands ready to fight and change the future.
The poster is a transformation from two different posters released, and I edited them to make one with the main trio (Sorry Credence… I had to cut you out…).

not a “photoshop wizard”, but I have a really fun time editing them. The other three posters released with Johnny as Grindelwald were already edited and cleaned for a future release on my
countdown posts. One of them I’ll be posting the final result when I watch the movie.

Ps: Stay tuned! Next week I’ll be posting the next special post and the only thing I can tell is that Grindelwald will be on the headlines… xoxo


Johnny Depp-Produced ‘Muscle Shoals’ Drama From Global Road Entertainment Set At ABC: undefined

does anybody know if Lisa-Marie Presely was at Manson’s birthday party? i think i saw her in one of the videos. does anybody know please?

Mr. Depp

Musician 🎸

Joe Perry Preps All-Star Solo Album ‘Sweetzerland Manifesto’:


Johnny Depp serves as executive producer on LP that features guest vocals like Robin Zander, David Johansen, Terry Reid

No caption needed 🤭

No caption needed 🤭