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Funny Moments: Tim Burton laughing at Johnny during the filming of “Sleepy Hollow”, 20 years ago. 



Although being a dark, Gothic supernatural horror movie, behind the scenes there were a lot of fun. Johnny, Christina Ricci and Ian McDiarmid talks about Tim Burton clearly having the time of his life while filming and as he watches Johnny being splattered with fake blood during a test for the Tree of the Dead sequence.

“I stand up for sense and justice!” – Ichabod Crane  🔫


Johnny ready to defeat

The Headless Horseman with his water pressure gun “Super Soaker CPS 2000″

during the filming of “Sleepy Hollow”, released 20 years ago, on this day (November 19).

Silly boy 


The Alien Duo



Johnny and Tommy, making plans to dominate the world, while rehearsing and recording for the “Rise” album, at the Hansa Studios in Berlin, Germany, last June 5, 2018.

Behind the Scenes: Johnny while filming the Grindelwald’s Escape.

(November 16), we celebrated the first anniversary of the release of “Fantastic
Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald”
, so let’s keep talking about one of the breathtaking scenes: “The
Grindelwald’s Escape and the Thestral Chase”
These scenes are considered one of the most
challenging sequences on “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” because, as the SFX Supervisor, Christian Manz, says, the sequence happens at night
between lighting, rain, wind and a lot of action between the actors and those who help to move the actors on the brooms.
It took 5 months for the sequences to be finished, since the development of
ideas, storyboard and later, weeks of filming in a Chroma key green studio with the
visit of J.K. Rowling, David Yates and the producers. 
Johnny did all of his scenes fantastically, although being pelted by water and wind, while attached to
suspended wires to film his scenes as well protect him from falling.

Tomorrow, is the third anniversary of the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, so let’s keep talking about Grindelwald too.

Ps. The scenes
above were taken from my Blu-ray Edition of the movie and the book “Lights, Camera, Magic!:
The Making of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”, which I already posted some photos, but I’ll re-post them.


“Talking Teles* with Johnny and Brad” 


New behind the scenes photo of Johnny and Brad Whitford, taken by his son and photographer for the Aerosmith,  Zack Whitford, last October 8 before joining the stage on the Aerosmith’s “Deuces are Wild” concert residency in Las Vegas.

*The word “tele” stands for “Fender Telecaster” known for being the “world’s first commercially successful solid-body electric guitar” and, obviously, one of the guitars present on Johnny’s personal collection.

“Interview with my favorite Vampire”

New behind the scenes footage was shared by Paisley Zerr, who directed the interview with Johnny for the Grammy Academy Awards, which was recorded in Johnny’s house, at night, last June 18 in Hollywood Hills.

Ps. It seems that the full length of the video interview is 6 minutes long!!!

Jam. This was a night to remember”

Johnny, Joe Perry and the singer Bonn E Maiy rehearsing The Doors’ song “Roadhouse
Blues”, last Thursday (October 24), before the Seminole Hard Rock Guitar Hotel
grand opening in Hollywood, Florida.
Ps: It seems that the their performance was
recorded and will be released soon.

Behind the Scenes:
Johnny’s photoshoot session by

Bastien Colin

at Deauville Film Festival, last September 8.

New (extended) behind the scenes!

The third behind the scenes video shows Johnny being photographed by Bastien Colin during the Deauville American Film Festival, last September 8.
A shorter and slightly slow version was previously shown during the closing ceremony of the same festival last September 14 and an alternate edit released yesterday by Olivier Vigeire.

New behind the scenes video:

Johnny being photographed by Olivier Vigerie, during the Deauville American Film Festival, last September 8, in France.

Credits to Olivier Vigerie.