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“WOOOAHHH!… HA-HA-HA… IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!!” – We, Johnny’s fans, every time a new photo is posted on internet 



In order to
celebrate Johnny’s 35 years of career, which we celebrated yesterday (November 9)I edited and made this funny video taken
from the “The Amazing World of Gumball” with Gumball representing all of us,
Johnny fans, during the past, present and future years of the internet era;
searching or accessing our social medias to find new and old photos and stories about our
beloved Johnny Depp.

Congratulations Johnny Depp! Keep Rocking! 🎉

Ps. The video was supposed to be posted yesterday, but it
was pretty hard to edit all the flashing photos just like in the original
video. If you pause, you will find Johnny’s photos from the past, present,
movies posters, Hollywood Vampires’ ads for “Rise” and the upcoming tour and even some quotes.

Well, hope you like it! Next special post will be to
celebrate the first anniversary of “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”!

Have a lovely Sunday! xoxo




On this day, November 9, we celebrate the beginning of Johnny Depp’s career as actor
with the release of “A Nightmare On Elm Street”, his first movie, released 35
years ago!
Johnny never wanted to be an actor. He just wanted to follow his music dream, have a family, some money and live his life, but look at him now! 56 years old, 35 of career, with his dreams came true, and day after day keep rocking
our world!
I bet neither he believes how far he has come, how many lives he has changed,
how many people he brought (and still brings) a lot happiness. How many people
he influenced for the better, teaching to share love, compassion, the good, to keep on trying and to not give up even in the
darkest hours…

Thank you
so much Johnny, for being this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G human being, for being strong, for
keep fighting, acting, singing and doing all these amazing things!
I wish you all the best things of the world; a lot of health, comfort, love, blesses,
happiness and strength to keep making a lot of movies, commercials, interviews
and music throughout your life.
Can’t wait for what coming next!

You are and



Johnny Depp: Best Actor Ever and our Avenger.

I’m not much into Marvel, but for all of you who’s going to watch “Avengers: Endgame” I wish you all a good session, enjoy and don’t spread spoilers yet! 

Meanwhile, I think: Johnny has already performed a lot of different characters in his career so, would he accept to perform a superhero role in the future?…
What if?

Just for fun: I bet they  could snap Thanos out of existence and save the whole the universe.

I saw this funny thread on Twitter and Facebook, where people are picking random characters who could defeat Thanos in “Avengers”. So I decided to make one with Johnny’s characters… 

😂 😂 😂 

Captain Jack Sparrow and Grindelwald are my top 2. 😂  
Let’s get him!

“Depp’s avoided one kind of stereotyping, but he faces the opposite danger: Will he still be playing ‘kooks’ when he’s 40?” ~

Dan Yakir, from “Sky Magazine” (1994)

25 years ago, sometime in April 1994, Sky Magazine” published an interview where Johnny was interviewed by Dan Yakir, while “Gilbert Grape” was being screening in the USA. On the introduction for the interview, Dan wrote his thoughts about if Johnny would still playing “kooks” roles, and on the end of the interview he asked him:

“You’ve been called the ‘King of Quirky’. Will Johnny Depp ever play a normal person?”

And Johnny answered:
“I’ve been real lucky. People have mentioned that I like doing offbeat roles in some strange movies, but I’ve been lucky in the sense that I haven’t been typecast. It’s important to keep changing. There’s a lot of stuff that I just don’t buy into, like being an actor who takes himself so seriously that he pretends to be this tortured artist… I think that everybody has pain and an actor doesn’t necessarily have more of it than others.”

Thankfully he kept faithful to his words! Johnny turned 40 playing the eccentric character, “Captain Jack Sparrow”, and from time to time, keep playing the best and the most eccentric characters ever.

And we can’t wait for what comes next!
Stay weird Johnny!  

Ps: On the photos, Johnny’s age were placed according to the release date of the movies.

Pepe representing all Johnny Depp fans  ❤ We love you Johnny!

Ps. Pepe stole the poster from the theaters, and broke the Sauvage’s outdoor street poster to put in his wall. hahaha xoxo