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New never seen and incredible photos of Johnny as Whitey Bulger!

These photos were taken during the long make-up process for the filming of “Black Mass”, between May and July 2014.
This can be considered one of Johnny’s most extreme makeover Johnny has ever done.

> Curiosities:

Johnny wanted to look exactly like Whitey Bulger so he worn prosthesis that were done based from old photographs to even FBI footage. In the movie, there were about 45 forehead pieces that needed to be done for the filming, not including all the earlier tests to find the perfect density of silicone to make Johnny be able to make facial expressions through the pieces. To finish the look, Johnny also wore contacts, to turn his brown eyes in an incandescent light blue, and wore fake teeth to better evoke the Bulger’s rotting incisor.
The final result was so perfect that Johnny was even a little worried about his safety. No one wasn’t sure about how was going to be the people’s reaction as soon they start seeing Whitey Bulger walking again around Boston. Although not being the original Bulger his fame isn’t that good until today, so the risks of confusing somebody’s mind with such well done make-up art could even make some traumatized person try to harm Johnny, like shooting or knifing him as soon as he left the make-up trailer. 
Luckily, even with security guards everywhere, people accepted really well Johnny’s performance and image. Some were scared of him, some even got chills thinking that he was some kind of Bulger’s ghost, some almost didn’t see Johnny with no make-up due to the long process of applying the pieces, but in the end everybody praised his performance and everything was filmed safely.

I gotta say these photos are scary AF!