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Hollywood Vampires – “Heroes” [Full/TV Version…

Hollywood Vampires – “Heroes” [Full/TV

This is the original version from the Hollywood Vampires performing “Heroes”, as aired on
TV for the “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on CBS channel, last July 30.
performance is the same, but the YouTube Version cuts

James Corden

introducing the
band and talking a little bit with Johnny, Joe and Alice when the performance ends.

The Hollywood Vampires at the “The Late Late S…

The Hollywood Vampires at the “The Late Late Show with James Corden", last July 30.

Photos by 

Ella DeGea for the “Just Jared”

The Hollywood Vampires performing “Heroes”, ye…

The Hollywood Vampires performing “Heroes”, yesterday (July 30) at

The Late Late Show with James Corden. 👑

Wherever you are, share and leave a comment on youtube to support the Hollywood Vampires! 

Ps. I know we all love their performances, but I think it’s about damn time for the Vampires have a good interview on TV… 

Who in the Vamps is gonna do Car Pool Karaoke?…

Who in the Vamps is gonna do Car Pool Karaoke?

Ross Halfin shared some new fotos taken last May 7
in Los Angeles, during the photoshoot for the Hollywood Vampires Tour, to remind about today’s show at The
Late Late Show with James Corden!!!

And there’s some new updates too!
Alice Cooper, Glen Sobel and Tommy Henriksen were in Austin, Texas playing on the ninth show of Cooper’s “Ol’ Black Eyes is Back Tour” and joined Joe Perry on stage. The four
vampires and the “ninth member”, the photographer Kyler Clark traveled to
California on a late flight to arrive in Los Angeles the
earlier possible and rest a bit and met with Buck Johnson and Chris Wyse (Who were in Los
Angeles; Buck was recording in

Tennessee some days ago) and Johnny (who was in London).
Tommy commented that they were going
to the show around 10 AM (Los Angeles hour, which was one hour ago) Glen Sobel told that they are going to tape the show and also let a mysterious question wondering “who
in the Vamps is gonna do Car Pool Karaoke”.

STAY TUNED!!! In ONE WEEK the Hollywood Vampir…

In ONE WEEK the Hollywood Vampires will be on “The Late Late Show with James Corden”!!!

Ps. Is unknown if will be a live or a taped performance or interview. Checking their schedules, Joe Perry, Buck Johnson and Chris Wyse are free with no shows. Johnny is completing one month today he is in London, but Alice Cooper, Tommy Henriksen and Glen Sobel are currently performing at the “

Ol’ Black Eyes is Back Tour” in the USA. July 30 is the only day on their schedule with no shows, but in July 29 and July 31 they have shows in Texas and the James Corden show is in Los Angeles…
Either way, let’s wait and stay tuned!

“We’ve never had an argument. We have never …

“We’ve never had an argument. We have never had one argument. I’ve never heard anybody’s voice raise at anybody else. I’ve never had anybody ever stomp out of a rehearsal or recording session. It’s been nothing but laughs. When everything’s working and everybody respects everybody, you just don’t get that ego thing. It’s great.”Alice Cooper talks about the Hollywood Vampires’ members in a interview for the “Revolver”, last July 12.

“…Johnny Depp who doesn’t get any credi…

“…Johnny Depp who doesn’t get any credit
he really deserve for being a musician and outstanding f*cking human being he
is…” –
Tommy Henriksen.

Tommy thanks all the people who
made the new Hollywood Vampires’ album “Rise” a success.

Tommy really deserves a HUGE thank you for
producing this masterpiece!

Also, I’d like to wish good luck for Alice
Cooper, Tommy, Glen Sobel and Kyler Clark (CerealKyler) who are starting today the Alice
Cooper’s new tour “Ol’ Black Eyes is Back” with a show in Connecticut.
Up until now,
all the Vampires are on their musical projects:
Chris Wyse, the bassist, has a show on The Viper Room (the nightclub once owned by Johnny during the 90’s) in
two weeks.
Joe Perry and the keyboardist Buck Johnson are playing along the
Aerosmith on their Las Vegas concert residency at Park Theater.
Johnny is the only one a little far from his music life, but was/is in
London with his friends enjoying some music. I have my doubts about what he
may be really doing there, and I would be surprised if it’s something related to the
upcoming movie in January…

Meanwhile, let’s keep playing Rise everywhere!

Rise iTunes charts around the world!CONGRATULA…

Rise iTunes charts around the world!

Let’s keep sharing this masterpiece!

Details of the new Hollywood Vampires’ album “…

Details of the new Hollywood Vampires’ album “Rise” around the world.

Most countries released the album in physical versions in CD, Vinyl (Black or in different colors) and Bundle (CD+Vinyl and T-shirt).
In all of them, comes a booklet with lyrics, photos and further information like who played which instrument or where it was recorded. Both also has gold foil on the front image, but the orange in the vinyl is brighter and neon while the Digi-pack is matte.
The CDs were also released in two versions. The original Digi-pack in cardboard and in some countries was released in jewel case.
The Japanese Limited Edition comes in jewel case with the three discs (Rise + 26 live songs in 2 discs), and up until now it’s the only place where it will be released.

RISE IS OUT NOW!Congratulations Hollywood Vamp…


Congratulations Hollywood Vampires and all the people who got together to make this AMAZING album!

Guys, let’s keep sharing and playing on repeat!
The album is available on Spotify, Deezer and will be uploaded soon on Youtube.

What’s your favorite track?