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Johnny rocking through the years performing on the Imperial Ball.


Today will be Johnny’s 6th concert! 



This Saturday night, January 18, Johnny will be rocking at the Duesenberg

’s non-profit charity concert “The Imperial Ball 2020″ at  Anaheim Center for the Performing Arts in Anaheim, California!
The gates will be open at 7:00 PM and the event is scheduled to start at 8:00 PM and finish at 11:30 PM (California Hour)

TBT: Johnny and George Jung, last May 18 on the backstage of the last Hollywood Vampires’ show at Fantasy Springs Casino, in Indio, California.

Photo by 

Georgette Angelos.

New photo of Johnny through the lens of Oliver Halfin,   taken last October, at “Made Worn Studios” in West Hollywood, California.

Up until now, 14 photos from this photoshoot were released:
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New photo of Johnny through the lens of Ross

The photoshoot session by Ross Halfin, taken last October, was held at “Made Worn Studios” in West Hollywood, California, a 360-degree world experiential store, where creators and connoisseurs meet in the designer’s studio, cobbler’s workshop, art museum, and concert space. 
The brand “Made Worn” is a luxury lifestyle brand founded in 2013 by artist, craftsman,
fashion designer, and entrepreneur Blaine Halvorson, who creates fine
art, collectible fashion and heirloom products (apparel, footwear, accessories,
and beauty products) distinguished by excellence in design, rarity, and
craftsmanship in a completely handmade collection encompassing various rare and
iconic prints alike; an array of chain stitched and hand painted jackets, and a
glimpse into music’s rich history through decades of unique designs and  techniques.
For example, Johnny’s vintage leather jacket seems to be one of their pieces,
which can be found costing $4,100.00!

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Photo by 

Made Worn on Instagram.

Johnny will headline and be the Special Guest Speaker on the upcoming City Gala 2020!

“We are so
excited for the opportunity to collaborate for another iconic superstar and
philanthropist!” – said Ryan Long, the City Summit & Gala founder.

The event,

set to happen next February 7th through 9th at Burbank Marriott Convention Center, in Burbank, California, honors the most successful people in various industries, including science, entertainment, business, and philanthropy. The City Gala’s purpose is to support and raise awareness about solving the world’s global grand challenges. The Gala’s purpose is to work with startup non-profit charitable organizations.

details about the event will be announced soon.

“ I feel very blessed, I feel very lucky… Thank you all. Not sure if I can say anything else, I may pass out. Thanks, Thanks a lot.”

 20 years ago, on this day (November 16) Johnny received a star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” as well was proclaimed by Johnny Grant (honorary mayor of Hollywood), the “Johnny Depp Day” in Hollywood. Johnny gave a short speech and attended the ceremony with his family and friends.

Johnny’s star can be found at 7018 Hollywood Blvd, in Hollywood, California, so if you find, don’t forget to take a picture and keep it clean too!

OH LAWD, this photo… 



Johnny through the lens of Ross Halfin probable during the same photoshoot session realized last month.

> Curiosity:

Johnny is wearing a “rare” “1970s Fillmore West Middle Finger Staff Athletic Wear” by Mason, continuing his “hidden message” of wearing middle finger prints, and sometimes even doing the gesture. 
Details: The shirt is a purple crew jersey with yellow, white, and purple stripes on the collar and sleeves, probably cotton with a touch of poly. On the front, “Fillmore West” is in white letters, with a hand and the middle finger extended and a small “BG” for Bill Graham. Grahan was a German-American rock concert promoter who directed the 
Fillmore West, a historic rock and roll music venue in San Francisco, California, which became a famous place under his direction from 1968 to 1971. 


New photos of Johnny through the lens of Ross Halfin, on last October’s photoshoot session in Los Angeles. 

Ps3 photos from the same session were released yesterday (October 13) on Halfin’s site and a Polaroid version was released last October 29 by Halfin’ son, Oliver Halfin.

“I took Kirk Hammett to meet Johnny Depp. Johnny with Kirk’s ‘Greenie’ Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac’s Les Paul and Kirk with Johnny’s ’57 Strat.” – Ross Halfin

New photos from Kirk, Johnny and Ross Halfin dinner on Johnny’s house, last October, were released on Halfin’s site. Kirk had already shared three photos, last October 24 and 25