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Behind the Scenes: Johnny, Dawn French and Emma Chambers during the filming of the special episode “Celebrity Party” for the

British sitcom “The Vicar of Dibley", 20 years ago, today March 12.

“ –  Johnny Depp!? In our village!? Johnny ‘please-use-your-scissorhands-to-snip-my-pants-off-immediately’ Depp?!”  – 


20 years ago, today (March 12), the
episode “Celebrity Party” from the British sitcom, “The Vicar of Dibley” was aired on the “BBC One” show in UK. The 14 minutes episode is a short
special episode to celebrate the “Red Nose Day” and Johnny makes a small cameo
playing himself.

> Synopsis:
A film crew writes to the local Council to
ask if they can film some of their latest movie in the village, but after the
last production filmed there, blew the electrics, David, the Head of the
Council wants to decline the request. However, when it’s revealed that Johnny
Depp is the star, the rest of the council cannot vote ‘yes’ fast enough! As a
fan of Johnny, Geraldine decides to invite him
personally with a letter to a party at her house for a chat and meeting with some of
the villagers. Johnny accepts the invitation, but also
asks if he could bring some friends with whom he was planning on going out with that
evening. Geraldine agrees, but not everything goes well. As soon as the party
started the power goes out and they have to enjoy the party and meet Johnny’s
friends (such as Sean Connery, Madonna, the Duchess of York and Robin Cook) in
the dark.

> Curiosities:

* Johnny’s scenes were
filmed on a set in London, sometime while he was filming “Sleepy Hollow”. 

Johnny appears only for a little bit more than a minute. Later on the party we can only hear his voice.

* The full episode can be watched on Youtube! Click HERE.