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New footage from the “I Want My Now” video, shows Johnny arriving at the Hansa Studios in Berlin, last June 5, 2018 for rehearse and record with his fellow Vampires, “Heroes”, “I Want My Now” and some other songs for the album “Rise”.

“#fbf (flashback Friday) – On Alcatraz Island when on tour with Hollywood Vampires, went to see Whitey Bulger’s cell that Johnny Depp played brilliantly in the film ‘Black Mass’.”  – wrote Matt Sorum ex-Hollywood Vampires drummer on Instagram.

Photo taken in July 21, 2016 by Cereal Kyler during the Hollywood Vampires’ Raise the Dead Tour in California.


Today, August 19, is celebrated worldwide the Photography Day, a day to celebrate the  art, craft, science and history of photography. Thankfully to this invention, we can register the most beautiful images of the world, and obviously Johnny is one of them. 




My special thanks today goes to Kyler Clark (Cereal Kyler) for registering Johnny’s photos while touring with the Hollywood Vampires, Ross Halfin with his breathtaking  black and white photos, Greg Williams for his editorial photos, Tommy Henriksen  for always updating, taking and recording the funniest videos with Johnny and all the people who contributes taking and sharing photos and videos of this work of art in human form known as Johnny Depp.
Without you, this blog would never exist.
Thank you all for your hard work! 

Happy birthday to the king of the rock ‘n roll black and white photos, Ross Halfin! 📷 📷

Yesterday, August 11, Ross Halfin turned 62 years old!
Thank you so much, Mr.

Halfin, for always bringing amazing photos and for taking care of Johnny while traveling around the world.
We all wish you all the best things!

Who in the Vamps is gonna do Car Pool Karaoke?

Ross Halfin shared some new fotos taken last May 7
in Los Angeles, during the photoshoot for the Hollywood Vampires Tour, to remind about today’s show at The
Late Late Show with James Corden!!!

And there’s some new updates too!
Alice Cooper, Glen Sobel and Tommy Henriksen were in Austin, Texas playing on the ninth show of Cooper’s “Ol’ Black Eyes is Back Tour” and joined Joe Perry on stage. The four
vampires and the “ninth member”, the photographer Kyler Clark traveled to
California on a late flight to arrive in Los Angeles the
earlier possible and rest a bit and met with Buck Johnson and Chris Wyse (Who were in Los
Angeles; Buck was recording in

Tennessee some days ago) and Johnny (who was in London).
Tommy commented that they were going
to the show around 10 AM (Los Angeles hour, which was one hour ago) Glen Sobel told that they are going to tape the show and also let a mysterious question wondering “who
in the Vamps is gonna do Car Pool Karaoke”.

“…Johnny Depp who doesn’t get any credit
he really deserve for being a musician and outstanding f*cking human being he
is…” –
Tommy Henriksen.

Tommy thanks all the people who
made the new Hollywood Vampires’ album “Rise” a success.

Tommy really deserves a HUGE thank you for
producing this masterpiece!

Also, I’d like to wish good luck for Alice
Cooper, Tommy, Glen Sobel and Kyler Clark (CerealKyler) who are starting today the Alice
Cooper’s new tour “Ol’ Black Eyes is Back” with a show in Connecticut.
Up until now,
all the Vampires are on their musical projects:
Chris Wyse, the bassist, has a show on The Viper Room (the nightclub once owned by Johnny during the 90’s) in
two weeks.
Joe Perry and the keyboardist Buck Johnson are playing along the
Aerosmith on their Las Vegas concert residency at Park Theater.
Johnny is the only one a little far from his music life, but was/is in
London with his friends enjoying some music. I have my doubts about what he
may be really doing there, and I would be surprised if it’s something related to the
upcoming movie in January…

Meanwhile, let’s keep playing Rise everywhere!

Curiosities from the behind the scenes of “Heroes”.

Tommy revealed a little bit more from how was the day when they recorded “Heroes”: First it was recorded live at Hansa Tonstudio (the same where David Bowie recorded the original version) in Berlin, Germany, on their day-off in a hot day and with no air conditioner. That’s why we see a sweat Johnny.
As thought, it was recorded by their photographer, Kyler Clark (Cereal Kyler) and directed and edited by Louis Marciano, known for making videos for Alice CooperTommy Henriksen, Bon Jovi, Marilyn MansonGuns N’ Roses and a lot more.

Some things never change…
Johnny, the photobomber. 



The Hollywood Vampires spent today’s afternoon recording in the famed Hansa Studios in Berlin, Germany. 

“Here’s a happy Johnny Depp looking out a window trying to figure out if it’s the same view David Bowie might have had during his time in the studio. –
Kyler Clark (cerealkyler)

One year ago, today (June 5), The Hollywood Vampires were recording and rehearsing some tracks from the upcoming album “Rise”.
On this day, Johnny probably recorded his cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes”.

Countdown to “Rise”: 16 DAYS!

Happy World Dracula Day!

Today, May 26, is celebrated worldwide the “Dracula Day”, a day to celebrate the date of the first publication of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

The Hollywood Vampires brings a lot of references of vampires and Dracula is one of them. The first track The Last Vampire

from their album debut, it’s composed by a passage from the chapter 21 from the 1897 book “Dracula”, and has the final lines written by Johnny, the album producer, Robert Ezrin and Christopher Lee which also narrates the passage in his final recording for a musical album, before his death in June 2015.

The photos were taken by Ross Halfin and Cereal Kyler, at Dracula’s Castle (Bran Castle), in Romania, few days prior to their gig in Bucharest on their 2016 Tour. Along with their support team, the Hollywood Vampires also had Tim Burton with them.

For the upcoming album “Rise”, they will bring the vampire theme again, and I’ll make a post about it in few days.

Official lyrics:

“He came up to the window in the mist,

As I’d seem him often before,

But he was solid then, not a ghost,

And his eyes where fierce like a man’s when angry.

He was laughing,

When he turned to look back over the belt of trees,

Glinting in the moonlight,

To where the dogs were barking.

Then he began promising me things,

Not in words, but by doing them.

Have you seen at awful din of hellish infamy?

Where the very moonlight alive with grizzly shapes,

And every speck of dust that whirls in the wind,

A devouring monster in embryo.

Listen to them…

The children of the night…

What music they make…”