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Johnny’s “Epiphone Les Paul Special” guitar is going to be auctioned for charity!

The item,  owned and signed by Johnny, is available at Dublin Lunch

online auction with proceeds going to Hope Foundation, a

charity foundation who works to free children and poor families from lives of pain, abuse, poverty and darkness.

> More information HERE.

Behind the scenes: “The Black Ghiandola

Johnny having fun while making some wheelies on a wheelchair during the filming of the short movie.
He’s always surprising us with his abilities. 😂 😂


Jacob Aceto:  “ – You gonna do that high tech stuff to me?” 
Nuclear Med Tech: “- You bet your bippy* I am.” 
Ps: (For non-english speakers, *Bippy is a slang for butt/arse)

Two Years ago, today (April 22) “The Black Ghiandola” premiered at the Academy of
Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, and was
screened at Oceanside International Film Festival in California and presented at
Cannes Film Festival in France, being released officially released in DVD and
Digitally in 2017. The 17 minutes short horror/thriller movie was a project undertaken by
the Make a Film Foundation to realize the idea of Anthony Conti, a 16-year-old
facing stage four adrenal cortical cancer. In this movie, Johnny is a Nuclear
Medicine Technician in a university hospital.  

> Synopsis:
The movie tell the
story of a young man risking his life to save a young girl he has grown to
love, after his family has been killed in the Apocalyptic world of Zombies. 

> Curiosities: 

* Anthony Conti stars as 

Jacob Aceto

in the project
along with Johnny Depp, J.K. Simmons, Laura Dern, David Lynch, Chad L. Coleman,
Richard Chamberlain, Penelope Ann Miller, Keith Allan, Jade Pettyjohn and
Pritesh Shah. The film was directed by Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight), Theodore
Melfi (Hidden Figures) and Sam Raimi (Spiderman Trilogy), all of them for free.


It took one month to Anthony Conti’s
idea goes from conception to completion. The short movie was filmed in November
2016 in five days at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank with a help of a 60 volunteer’s


Even though Johnny appears for less than 2 minutes, in a scene their filmed in a one single-take, he spent hours on set;
much longer than anyone was expecting, and was even seen doing a wheelchair wheelie.


This is the first and only movie with a zombie/apocalyptic plot, which Johnny took part. Also this first and only doctor character he played.


Even though Johnny is named “Nuclear
Med Tech” on credits, his badge says he’s a “Technician”, named Geo. (probably George)


Johnny’s photo on his ID Badge is 2007
when he attended the Venice Film Festival with Tim Burton.


In the end credits, is shown Johnny and Anthony filming an alternate funny improvised version with different lines and jokes.

* Unfortunately Anthony Conti, passed away peacefully two months after filming the movie, in January 29, 2017. He was 16 year old.

“- Kids make me happy. I feel blessed if I can bring a smile on their pretty faces” ~Johnny Depp.

Last week, March 28, while in Doha, Qatar, Johnny was invited to meet a group of children with special needs at the Galeries Lafayette. He surprised them, and cuddled each and every child, interacting with them individually; spreading love and happiness in a way that only he can make.

How can someone hate his man? 
This is so lovely! This REALLY should be an example for everyone to follow: Spread love.
So proud of being his fan!

* Read the full article HERE

“ –  Johnny Depp!? In our village!? Johnny ‘please-use-your-scissorhands-to-snip-my-pants-off-immediately’ Depp?!”  – 


20 years ago, today (March 12), the
episode “Celebrity Party” from the British sitcom, “The Vicar of Dibley” was aired on the “BBC One” show in UK. The 14 minutes episode is a short
special episode to celebrate the “Red Nose Day” and Johnny makes a small cameo
playing himself.

> Synopsis:
A film crew writes to the local Council to
ask if they can film some of their latest movie in the village, but after the
last production filmed there, blew the electrics, David, the Head of the
Council wants to decline the request. However, when it’s revealed that Johnny
Depp is the star, the rest of the council cannot vote ‘yes’ fast enough! As a
fan of Johnny, Geraldine decides to invite him
personally with a letter to a party at her house for a chat and meeting with some of
the villagers. Johnny accepts the invitation, but also
asks if he could bring some friends with whom he was planning on going out with that
evening. Geraldine agrees, but not everything goes well. As soon as the party
started the power goes out and they have to enjoy the party and meet Johnny’s
friends (such as Sean Connery, Madonna, the Duchess of York and Robin Cook) in
the dark.

> Curiosities:

* Johnny’s scenes were
filmed on a set in London, sometime while he was filming “Sleepy Hollow”. 

Johnny appears only for a little bit more than a minute. Later on the party we can only hear his voice.

* The full episode can be watched on Youtube! Click HERE.

A message from Johnny Depp (SPEAKING IN FRENCH!!!)

> Translation: 
“Throughout the month of March, take the research forward. Buy a daffodil and make a donation against cancer.”


The video was made  when Johnny surprised patients, while visiting, fully dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, the Institut Curie, a French foundation for cancer research, last December 27. 

A beautiful soul throughout the years (credit)

Johnny as Captain Jack Sparrow, today, during his visit at Institut Curie, a French foundation for cancer research, in Paris.

Guess who’s back! Captain Jack Sparrow!!!


spend more than 3 hours

surprising patients, while visiting, fully dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, the Institut Curie, a French foundation for cancer research, in Paris some hours ago!

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