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The FNAC Spectacles announced
on Twitter that the tenth show of the upcoming Hollywood Vampires’ 2020 Tour, is
set to happen at L’Olympia Hall in Paris, France, next August 31!
Up until now, 16 dates in Europe were announced.

Tickets for the show
will be available tomorrow (January 3) at 10 AM (Paris Hour). Click HERE to buy.

United Kingdom! The Vampires are coming!

The Hollywood Vampires announced 4 new dates for the upcoming European Leg of the Hollywood Vampires 2020
Tour. The shows are set to happen in the United Kingdom between September 2
and 6 and this time they will have the company of the rock band “Primal Scream” as special guest.
Up until now, there are 15 shows scheduled, and some more dates are expected to
be announced.

> September 2: First
Direct Arena – Leeds.

> September 3:
The SSE Hydro – Glasgow.

> September 5:
The O2 – London.

> September 6:
Birmingham Arena – Birmingham.


* VIP On-Sale begins TOMORROW (November
27) at 10AM of your local venue time.


General Public On-Sale begins  FRIDAY (Nov 29) at 10AM of your local venue time.


There are three options of tickets:
Simple, VIP and Merchandising tickets. Click HERE to buy and more information.


Meet & Greet and Merchandising.

The Hollywood Vampires General
Public On-Sale
 for the upcoming 11 shows from the European Leg
of the Hollywood Vampires 2020 Tour, started today, November 22, to be sold and
comes with some additional information:

> About the Meet & Greet:

The ticket is ONLY valid in combination WITH a valid
ticket to the concert and includes:

* A personal photo with Joe Perry, Johnny Depp and
Alice Cooper.

A Meet & Greet with Joe Perry, Johnny Depp and
Alice Cooper.

An autograph of the Hollywood Vampires in 8×10
format for each person participating.

An exclusive Hollywood Vampires VIP merchandise

A laminated passport memorabilia of the Hollywood
Vampire Meet & Greet. 

Ps. The Meet & Greet usually takes place 2 hours
before the band takes the stage. Also no personalized autographs and own photos
can be made. A photographer will take a picture of the Meet & Greets. 

> About the Merchandising:

The ticket is ONLY valid in combination WITH
a valid ticket for the concert and includes:


An earlier entry into the location, if possible.

An exclusive Hollywood Vampires VIP Merchandise
product (yet to be revealed)

A laminated VIP pass as a keepsake. 

> German EXCLUSIVE tickets:

The shows in GERMANY have a second
special ticket which comes with the Hollywood Vampires’ album “Rise”!!! (It’s
unknown if will be physical or digital)

Check the first 11 dates on the Hollywood Vampires site. Check HERE for the German shows CD+Ticket and let’s stay tuned for new dates!

The Hollywood Vampires getting ready to rock during one of their shows…

Their new live video “I Want My Now” is on youtube!
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Hollywood Vampires – I Want My Now (Official

Today, along
with the announcement of the first 11 days for the European Leg of the upcoming
“Hollywood Vampires 2020 Tour”, was also released the third official live
video, from the album “Rise”, after the videos for “Heroes” and “The Boogieman Surprise”. On
the video we can see footage of the group during the 2018 European Tour along some of
the clips previously released by Tommy Henriksen and Kyle Clark, and footage taken from the “Heroes”
video recorded and rehearsed in June 5, 2018 at the famous Hansa Studios in
Berlin, Germany.


> Written by: Johnny Depp, Alice
Cooper and Tommy Henriksen.
> Lead Vocals: Alice Cooper.
> Backing Vocals: Johnny Depp,
Tommy Henriksen, Buck Johnson.
> Additional Vocals: Sheryl Cooper.
> Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion:
Tommy Henriksen.
> Drums: Glen Sobel.
> Guitar: Joe Perry and Johnny
> Keyboards: Buck Johnson and Jamie
> Percussion: Chris Trujillo



> From the new album “Rise” (released
last June 21) this was the first song to be played live in May 17, 2018 at
Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona, New York during the 2018 Tour.

> This is the third version of
the song.
This is the shorter version of the song known. Although the video runs for 3
minutes and 40 seconds, the song only really starts 15 seconds later after the
conversation between the members during a flight, and ends 15 earlier too. You
can also hear in the beginning that the interlude “How the Glass
Fell” is playing. With few edits in the beginning and end, an “Album Edit” or “Radio
Edit” can be created and sent to radio stations to be played, due to most radios
prefer to play shorter versions.
The “Live Version” is a little bit longer and played during the tour or TV
performances. The song it’s the first to be played after the mash-up intro of “Bela
Lugosi’s Dead” + “The Last Vampire” and runs between 4 minutes and 40 seconds and 5 minutes.
The Album Version, included on the album “Rise”, is the longest track of the
album and their career. Although ending around 5 minutes, it keeps running for 7 minutes and 13
seconds. Alice Cooper was probably talking about this song in an interview for the “Ultimate Classic Rock”, last April 25, 2019: “..and if that means that the B section goes
too long, good, let it go too long. Normally, I would cut that in half, but I
said, ‘No, no, let’s let it go long.’ If I think that doesn’t make sense right
there, I kind of go: ‘Yeah, but that’s the personality of this song.”


Joe Perry also talked about the meaning of the song during an interview for the “Loudwire”, last

June 6, 2019: “It’s a commentary on the state of things. There’s that sense of people wanting things now. They don’t want it later, they don’t want it tomorrow, they want it now…That’s what’s driving it.”

>  For being partially written by Johnny and confirmed by Cooper that he is singing Johnny’s venom on the album, the first part can also be a hidden message about the actual hell he has been living.


(One, two, three, four!)

Dark inside the pain
Lost in the mundane
A lie for which I’m blamed
A hostage no one claims 

The fugitive’s way, I won’t obey
Your bullets just ricochet 

I’m going in madness; I’m going in
madness (2x)
I say… 

I want my now!
I need my now!
I want my now!
I need my now, RIGHT NOW!
I want my now!… 

I want my now… 

I live wherever I want
Too much time to think
Fire in the brain
Twisted and insane 

To runaway there’s just no way
Your bullets still ricochet 

I’m going in madness; I’m going in
madness (2x)
You’ll pay… 

I want my now!
I need my now!
I want my now!
I need my now, RIGHT NOW!
I want my now…

I want my now… 

I want a house, I want a car
I wanna be a movie star
I want some gold, I wanna a brick
I want a diamond selfie stick (Yeah)
I want a jet, I want to fly
I never wanna answer why
I want a crown, I want to reign
Wanna be a royal pain…

And I want it… NOW! 

I want my now, now, now 

I want my now!
I need my now!
I want my now!
I need my now, RIGHT NOW!
I want my now… 

Now, now, now…


The Hollywood Vampires announced today (November 18) the first 11 shows from the upcoming European Leg of the Hollywood Vampires 2020 Tour. The shows are scheduled to happen from middle August to early September 2020 and more dates will be revealed soon!

> August 15 – Summer In the City – Citadel Mainz, Germany (The show is scheduled to start at 20h)
> August 16 –
Stadtpark – Hamburg, Germany (The show is scheduled to start at 19h)
> August 18 –
Legends of Rock Festival – Charlotta Valley, Poland
> August 20 –
Citadel Music Festival – Berlin, Germany (The show is scheduled to start at 19h)
> August 23 –
Emsland Open Air – Lingen, Germany
> August 25 –
Konig-Pilsener Arena – Oberhausen, Germany
> August 27 –
Clam Castle – Klam, Austria
> August 28 –
Olympiahalle – Munich, Germany (The show is scheduled to start at 20h)
> August 29 –
Riverside Festival – Aarburg, Switzerland
> September 8 –
Rockhal – Luxembourg, Luxembourg
> September 10 –
Mediolanum Forum – Milan, Italy

>>> Click HERE to access the official site to buy your tickets!    


> Pre-Sale and VIP On-Sale will starts TOMORROW (November 19) at 10AM of your local venue time.


General Public On-Sale starts FRIDAY (Nov 22) at 10AM of your local venue time.


For those who subscribed on the Hollywood Vampires, an exclusive early access with a code is being given on your e-mail.


Tickets for the shows in GERMANY are already set for pre-sale and informing the scheduled hour for the show.

 VIP Packages are BACK!  It will be available tomorrow and Friday including a meet & greet and photo opportunity with the band, a ticket in the first 5 rows or a general admission ticket, and exclusive VIP merchandise.


GREAT CURIOSITY: For those who pay an additional charge of € 4.99 (plus fees) on the FIRST SHOW at the Citadel in Germany, it seems that will receive the new album “Rise”! It’s unknown if it will be a physical or a digital version, and if it also be available for the other venues. Let’s wait for some news and PLEASE, CHECK properly on the site.

GET READY! Something is coming!

What about to subscribe at the Hollywood Vampires

mailing list for the latest news, tour dates, and more? Click HERE and subscribe!

“I wish I was in the audience and could watch us destroy the stage.”Joe Perry. 



The first date from the upcoming Hollywood Vampires’ 2020
Tour was announced today (October 7) on the festival’s accounts on Instagram
and Facebook, and is set to happen in
August 29
at the “Riverside Open Air
” in Aarburg, Switzerland.
Tickets for the festival is already for sale HERE

> What is known about the 2020 tour:

* The upcoming tour is planned to start sometime in mid-2020, between May, July or
August and is expected to be “a real tour
worthy of the name"
Paul Geary, co-manager of Hollywood Vampires, already
that some places like USA (now including east coast), Europe (France,
Finland, Ukraine, Spain and United Kingdom), Asia (Russia and Japan) and South
America (Brazil and Argentina) are on their plans, but to make it happen, they ALL
have to adjust their busy schedule due to their own side projects:


As Joe Perry revealed, Johnny has a
movie scheduled to start in January (High
probability of being for the Fantastic Beasts 3)
and the important trial in
February 3. After that he will have some time to live his music dream due to
the upcoming releases of “Waiting for the Barbarians”, “Minamata” and “Kreka”.


Alice Cooper, Tommy Henriksen, Glen Sobel
and even Kyler Clark (Hollywood Vampires Photographer, also known as Cereal Kyler)
are currently touring on Cooper’s “Black Ol’ Eyes Is Back Tour” which will
continue until April 2020.


Chris Wyse also has his side band
named “Owl” playing in California and sometimes helps Alice Cooper too.


Joe Perry and Buck Johnson are currently playing on Aerosmith’s Las Vegas
Residence “Deuces Are Wild”, which will also continue in 2020 with 15 news shows
scheduled from late January, February, May and early June.


It’s unknown, but don’t forget that we may have the
first Hollywood Vampires performance sooner than the tour. With Johnny and Joe Perry
interview for the Grammy’s, and the release of “Rise”, maybe they will also perform
at the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards, which is set to happen in January 26, 2020.
(Fingers crossed for some nominations too).


Next and before the show in Switzerland, it’s been said that there’s a chance
for the Vampires may be performing at the “Download Festival”, a three days festival

which is set to happen from June 12 to June 14 at
the Donington Park in Leicestershire, United Kingdom. The full line-up is yet to be announced.

And there’s more to come! As Glen Sobel revealed some days ago: “There’s more
Hollywood Vamps shows in the planning for next year”…

So, let’s stay tuned!

Hollywood Vampires – I Want My Now [Full/TV Version]

This is the original version of the Hollywood Vampires performing “I Want My Now”, as aired on TV, last night (October 31) on the “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on CBS channel.
The performance is the same, but the YouTube Version cuts James Corden introducing the band.

PS. It’s unknown why, but the previous performance of “Heroes” is now private on the show’s channel and can’t be watched. So enjoy the performance on the Youtube and, if necessary, download and save it. 


The Hollywood Vampires performing “I Want My Now”, yesterday (October 31) at The Late Late Show with James Corden.




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