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“…Johnny Depp who doesn’t get any credit
he really deserve for being a musician and outstanding f*cking human being he
is…” –
Tommy Henriksen.

Tommy thanks all the people who
made the new Hollywood Vampires’ album “Rise” a success.

Tommy really deserves a HUGE thank you for
producing this masterpiece!

Also, I’d like to wish good luck for Alice
Cooper, Tommy, Glen Sobel and Kyler Clark (CerealKyler) who are starting today the Alice
Cooper’s new tour “Ol’ Black Eyes is Back” with a show in Connecticut.
Up until now,
all the Vampires are on their musical projects:
Chris Wyse, the bassist, has a show on The Viper Room (the nightclub once owned by Johnny during the 90’s) in
two weeks.
Joe Perry and the keyboardist Buck Johnson are playing along the
Aerosmith on their Las Vegas concert residency at Park Theater.
Johnny is the only one a little far from his music life, but was/is in
London with his friends enjoying some music. I have my doubts about what he
may be really doing there, and I would be surprised if it’s something related to the
upcoming movie in January…

Meanwhile, let’s keep playing Rise everywhere!



What a lovely surprise the crowd made to Johnny yesterday during the Jimmy Kimmel mini-concert filming! And his reaction is priceless!
And the stage assistant saying that the gave the best birthday ever…


He really deserved to have this love.

Thank you for this!
And congratulations for yours 275 years Johnny! 



Amazing and lovely moment filmed by captnjackiesparrow on Instagram.

Marilyn Manson is the most excited person today 


H A P P Y B I R D DAY. JOHNNY DEPP. (you get the childish pun). This is your year brother. – Manson on Instagram.

Happy Birthday JD! To a wizard so crude and genius he had to starve himself to create a new type of magic. With all my love brother. Forever.

– Manson on Instagram.

Happy Birthday JD.  I’ll love you until I can no longer spell that word. Your best year just began today.– Manson on twitter.

Happy birthday.  No fucking reason.  Love you until I can’t spell JD anymore. – Manson on twitter.

Marilyn Manson shared his love for Johnny twice on Instagram and twitter today.

Happy Birthday, Tommy Henriksen!!
I wish you lots of success, love and wisdom.
Thank you for always being with Johnny, thanks for everything ♥