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#tbt On the set of #crybaby w/ #johnnydepp . Such good times. Circa 1989

“TBT: On the set of Cry-Baby with Johnny Depp. Such good times. Circa 1989.” 

Never seen photo of Johnny and Ricki Lake during the filming of Cry-Baby in Baltimore, posted on Instagram.
Since early 90′s Johnny already loved to make this funny face.



Lovely duo. 


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Some things never change…
Johnny’s smirk while driving 



Cry-baby [1990] x Public Enemies [2009]

Behind the scenes photo taken by Ricki Lake, 30 years ago with Johnny and Traci Lords during the filming of Cry Baby.

Photo by Ricki Lane on Instagram.

Ricki Lake‏ on twitter

Candid #retro pic from set of #crybaby. 1989 w/ @thetracilords and #JohnnyDepp. #JohnWaters #classic #wewerebabies

John Waters on his new book, Brad Pitt, and why he hates MDMA:

You also talk about casting Johnny Depp in Cry Baby in 1989, when he was desperate to get away from his 21 Jump Street fame.
He hated being a teen idol. I always said to him, “Are you crazy? The point of being in show business is to become so famous that you can’t go out!” But Johnny at the time wanted to be taken more seriously, and he did it the right way. I think he’s lovely in it, and more people have probably seen that movie than any of my other ones, because he’s in it and it can play on television.

[Though] I think in a weird way that’s the reason it didn’t work, really — because the girls that were screaming for him suddenly realized that we were making fun of them. In a good way, because I make fun of things I love! But they always smell a rat, and that rat is me. [Laughs]

Is it true that Brad Pitt also came in and gave a great reading, but you didn’t cast him?
At that time I don’t think even Thelma and Louise had come out yet, and he walked in and it was just like, My God! Not only was he good, he just looked like such a movie star. He just couldn’t play the sidekick to Johnny Depp — he had to be quirky looking. But I like Brad, I think he’s smart and I’m a fan of his forever. He picks good projects and he handles being a celebrity well, too. He’s the type I think who drives around in an old rental car because no one will bother him. Don’t go out with 40 bodyguards, get a s—ty rental!

Cry-baby wishes you a Happy Donuts Day!

Cry-baby was walking on the big city and couldn’t resist a donuts shop. They looked so delicious he licked the window.

Today (June 7) is the first Friday of June and in the USA and in some other countries, is celebrated the “Donuts/Doughnut

Day”.So, now that some of us adopted the donuts as a symbol of 

support for Johnny, the time has come to celebrate this day.

Next: How to eat donuts with scissor hands?

Some things never change…  ♥ ♥
Johnny: the rock star and his funny leg position.
His dream came true.

Cry-Baby [1990] x Hollywood Vampires 2019 Tour [May 12]

The embarrassing moment when Johnny appears half naked in “Private Resort”, 32 years ago… 😳


After “A
Nightmare on Elm Street
”, Johnny saw that the movie industry really could give
him some money to bringing for his family and pay his rent. So, even though he was still held onto his dream of being a musician, he kept
studying to develop his acting, kept trying to make something new and with that he was able to play in a ten-minute student film named “Dummies”. After that Johnny was not waiting for any movie when he had the chance to play in “Private Resort” and even though he doesn’t even wanted, he accepted, and never regret it.

We all know that the movie is pretty bad, and Johnny also spoke a little about:

“I made some sh*tty movies when
I was first starting out, but I’m not embarrassed by them, especially as I
didn’t think I was going to be an actor. I was trying to make some money – I
was still a musician.”

“It was a stupid film. It was a teen kind of exploitation, tits and ass and basic filthiness. What the f*ck did I care? I had no aspirations”

 "Sure (Private Resort) sucks bad, but it was a job, and I was struck again by the fact that I was being paid well
to go to Florida and f*ck around for a couple of months. I certainly wasn’t
complaining at the time.“ 

Ps 1: I edited the photos with “Cry Baby” stickers to make it funnier and also avoid to be deleted.

THIS was my reaction watching Johnny half naked in a movie for the first time:



😂 😂

What are your thoughts about this movie?