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In just 20 days the upcoming Hollywood
Vampires’ new album “Rise” will be released, so meanwhile, I decide to make a post about the Vampirics images on front cover, the official back cover and a little more information and curiosities about the album:

1° Who’s the vampire on the front cover?


Some people think that the image
on the front cover is a picture of Count Orlok from “Nosferatu: A Symphony of
Horror” (1922)
, maybe due to his long teeth, but
in reality the one on the cover is the Spanish/Mexican actor Germán Robles, who
was known for starring in Mexican horror classic movies. One of the most
famous, directed by Fernando Méndez, in 1957 is “El Vampiro” (The Vampire)
which also has a sequel named “El ataúd del Vampiro” (The Vampire’s Coffin). In
both movies, Germán debuted as actor, playing the role of Conde Karol de Lavud,
who lives under the name of Duval, a Hungarian nobleman, which in reality is a

There’s also something more that
links this vampire to the Hollywood Vampires, specially to Johnny: Germán, was
also a popular Spanish language dubbing actor and guess what? He was the one
who provided the Spanish voice of Davy Jones for the “Pirates of the Caribbean:
Dead Man’s Chest” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”!

Unfortunately, Robles died of
complications from peritonitis and respiratory problems in 2015, with 86 years.
His performance influenced many people interested in horror movies that after
watching the movie started to incorporate long sharp teeth to their vampire
characters. Some of them, includes Christopher Lee, who used his vampire
characters as inspirations for his Dracula.

2° The Official Back Cover and who’s the vampire?


If you paid attention on the
“Who’s Laughing Now” lyrics video, you will see that there’s a sinister vampire/death-like
figure cloaked in brimstone fires, stands in the middle of a city in flames. The same image will also be featuring on the back cover of the album. 

Some people who were curious, thought it was (again) Count Orlok from
“Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror” (1922)
, or even Count Dracula from
“Nosferatu: The Vampyre” (1979)
or Stephen King’s vampire Kurt Barlow from the
1979 mini-series “Salem’s Lot”
, but in reality the image is from the
stained-glass artist and illustrator Harry Clarke, who first added the image as
a frontispiece in the book “Dublin of the future: the new town plan, being
the scheme awarded the first prize in the international competition”
by Sir
Patrick Abercrombie, released in 1922, after being delayed for 6 years due to a
civil war. Named “The Last Hour of the Night”, the image shows the ruins of
Dublin, Ireland, during the Easter 1916 Rising, War of Independence and Civil
War . On the left, important places like The General Post Office, Four Courts
and Custom House, all shown engulfed in flames, that also spread destroying
much of the city’s center, showed on the right, like the precariously
supported, crumbling, yet occupied, Georgian tenement building, among poverty,
urban decay, and diseases. On the book, the vampiric figure, reminiscent of
F.W. Murnau’s horror film character Count Orlok [which was released on the same
year (1922)], 
symbolizes the threatening nature of the city’s environment for
its citizens. While many talk about independence as heralding a new era for the
city and nation, Clarke showed that Dublin lay in ruins, and that the shocking
poverty of the city was unavoidable.

In the “Who’s Laughing Now” video, although the lyrics brings some politic
themes, the vampire figure may be just a furious vampire burning a city in
revenge, something pretty similar to the possible meaning behind “The Boogieman
.  The black and white figure was
also colorized to a reddish color and the left side was changed, placing the important
places for the buildings from the original right side, but inverted.

> Format:

The album will be released Digitally and physically in Digipak CD (a cardboard format. Up until know there’s no information about a jewel case format, that maybe will be on the Japanese Edition), and Double Vinyl. The double vinyl will be black, but there will be also two Limited Vinyl versions with different colors: One comes in two tons of orange (this seems to be have been out of stock on the earMUSIC site), while the other named “Glow in the Dark” comes in fluorescent white and green colors. There’s also two boxes set with CD or Black Vinyl with a t-shirt (On site it also seems out of stock) and a bundle Edition with CD+ Vinyl. As usual, who buy the Vinyl will also have a download code for the mp3 format.

In Japan, a Special Edition will be released with 3 CDs: One CD with the 13 songs and two CD’s with 21 live songs (one with 13 and other with 8 tracks). Although they already had said that a Live Album is set to be released worldwide, no information about it was said. So, maybe it will be released sometime later. Watching the tracklist about the live songs, some were sang during the 2016 Tour and some on the 2018 Tour, so maybe it will be a compilation.

> Writing:

On the back cover, revealed in some Amazon sites, is written the tracklist, and
also some credits: Tommy is credited as Executive Producer, and also producer,
along with Johnny, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry. They are all credited as
writers for all the songs, but searching a little bit, I could find that two tracks
brings more people:

“Welcome to Bushwackers”, also has
a 5th writer which is the Sweden guitarist Tommy Denander and has Jeff Beck and
John Waters as guests (credited on the tracklist).

Now the last track
“Congratulations” seems to be a “family track”, bringing 6 writers: Johnny and
Tommy joins Alice Cooper and his wife Sheryl Cooper and Joe Perry and his wife
Billie Perry.

“Good People Are Hard To Find”,
“How the Glass Fell”, “The Wrong Bandage” and “A Pitiful Beauty” seems to be
instrumental/interludes since there’s no credits for writers.

> Vocal:

Officially, “You Can’t Put Your
Arms Around a Memory”
 is a Johnny Thunders Cover and is sang by Joe Perry,
while “Heroes” is a David Bowie Cover sang by Johnny, who also sings his
rendition for the The Jim Carroll Band song “People Who Died”.
But during the last tour, Johnny
also shared the microphone with Alice Cooper singing the vocal and backing
vocal with Tommy Henriksen, Chris Wyse and Joe Perry in “We Gotta Rise”, and
also featured on the new song “Git From ‘round Me”, which was lead sang by
Tommy Henriksen. Johnny sang the intro and bridge and was also the backing vocal
with Chis, Joe and Alice Cooper, which also sang the hook.

crossed to hear more vocals of Johnny!

> Curiosities:

As Alice Cooper said “A lot of it (songs) is Johnny Depp’s
writing and there’s a lot of venom in his lyrics because of all the crap that
went on.”
  and indeed up until now all the songs released (or shortly
previewed) has lyrics that kinda supports it:

Who’s Laughing Now: “All the things you don’t say, The gift of
truth pushed me away. All the things you did say, Never mattered anyway…”, “Ha
ha ha ha, Who’s laughing now, man”

New Thread: “
Why won’t give to you, my new thread? Of you, and no one

We Gotta Rise: “We gotta rise! Let’s rise! We gotta rise,
let’s rise, above the lies! It’s you and I!
It’s ‘do or die’! We gotta rise, let’s rise, above the lies!”

The Boogieman Surprise: “You never will because I’m not one of them.
You see, your first mistake was a bad one to make, ‘cuz I ain’t got no heart
left to break. If any of this happened for real, Maybe now I’d be dead…” “You
got no balls, you got no mask, You ain’t nothing but a dead end task. Shoot me
once stab me twice, But kid take my advice: ‘Get out before you lose your ass’.
I hate to spoil your thrill, my demon blood don’t spill, You see, there’s far
too many of me to kill!”


For having only 20 days for being officially released, it’s unknown if one more single or previews will be
released, but let’s wait for something new until there!

“Rise” will be released next June 21 and you can buy and pre-save the album HERE.