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“The Professor” New DVD Cover!

5 months after its official release, Johnny’s latest movie “The Professor” will
be released

next October 2 under its original title “Richard Says Goodbye” in DVD/Blu-ray and on
demand by the Defiant Screen Entertainment, an independent distributor of movies
and television product in Australia and New Zealand!

New behind the scenes: 
Johnny, Danny Huston and Wayne Roberts during the filming of “The Professor” in 2017.

On the blu-ray DVD bonus content, Danny Huston also talks about filming with Johnny:

“My experience
with Johnny was of love at first sight (laughs). I don’t really know if we
were playing to what was required for the characters of the piece or whether it
was truly heartfelt… But at the moment it feels absolutely real.”

“F*cking Life!” 



Today (July 9) Johnny’s latest movie, “The Professor”, was officially released in DVD, Blu-ray and Digital HD for Amazon Video and iTunes.
The movie will be


released in different dates

both physically and on theaters,

in some countries under different names, such as “Goodbye Professor”, “A Questionable Professor” and even “Richard Says Goodbye”.

Grab some tissues and let’s watch it today!

“ – He was a fun character. It’s really
been a fun character. Bring him to life is my favorite part.”
– Johnny Depp

16 years ago, today (July 9), “Pirates if
the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”
was released on the USA theaters. 5 months
later, In December, the DVD was released with a lot of extra content and one of
them was “Becoming Jack Sparrow”, an almost 8 minutes interview with Johnny and
cast talking about the character.

Man… He f*cking loved this character…

Johnny Depp is and always will be our Captain Jack Sparrow…

The Professor: New Canadian Poster

“The Professor” will be released next Tuesday (July 9) in DVD/Blu-ray and Digitally worldwide by Lionsgate Films, but it seems that in Canada there will be an alternate image cover for the DVD, which is set to be released in July 16 by two Canadian movie distributors: The Métropole Films and the Mongrel Media. This edition is set to be released in the USA in July 26.
The new poster is a combination of two

previously released posters, the theatrical poster and the USA DVD, but this is the first time we see Johnny as Richard Brown with no name over his image.
It was also revealed on ITunes that the Bonus Content Featurette, named “Death and How to Live It: Making The Professor” will have almost 16 minutes of behind the scenes.

“The Professor” – First DVD Covers and more details.  

Johnny’s latest movie “The Professor” premiered in selected theaters in the USA, last May 17, can be watch currently on demand, and is set to be released physically on the next months.
The first new image was released on the Dutch site “CeDe-Shop”, where the DVD is set to be released in June 24.
The second is the Lionsgate Films’ DVD and Blu-ray edition, which is set to be released along with Digital HD for Amazon Video and iTunes in July 9.

“The Professor” will be released with a behind the scenes as Bonus Content Featurette, named “Death and How to Live It: Making The Professor”

What a breathtaking sequence!

“- It was such a great experience. I’m like the
luckiest man in the world to have been chosen to play Grindelwald. – Johnny Depp on a interview on the blu-ray edition”  

Behind the Scenes: Johnny and 

Alison Sudol  as Gellert Grindelwald and  Queenie Goldstein during the filming of “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”

“- There’s real darkness to him, and yet, he
is soft spoken about it. There’s a real reserve that’s quite scary.”
– Alison Sudol talking about Grindelwald on a interview on the blu-ray edition.

Behind the scenes: Johnny as Gellert Grindelwald during an unreleased scene.

On the blu-ray edition of “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” it’s revealed that during the Grindelwald speech at the amphitheater, he has a small interaction with one of his followers on the audience which was not released on the movie:

– Why were we given this strange, strange gift? Why us? Why not them?

– Because they’re scum! 

While the other followers applaud, Grindelwald gestures at the crowd to settle, points to the follower who shouted and says:

– We do not use those words here, friend.

Also during an interview, the director David Yates, revealed that when the first exhibitions of the unfinished version was exhibited for a selected public, he was caught by surprise because instead of the people disapprove Grindelwald’s ideals, they identified with him and his speech, saying: “Yeah! I think he’s got a point.”

Behind the scenes: Johnny as Gellert Grindelwald filming scenes at the hideout and the Nurmengard Castle.  

“It would be very easy to just go in and play a guy
who’s… just play him evil. But one of the things that Jo (J.K. Rowling) and
David (David Yates) and I talked about was, no one, no matter who they are or
how horrible they are, how evil they are, they don’t wake up in the morning,
look in the mirror and say “Ahh, I’m gonna go out and do really bad things
today” No, he’s doing what he believes is right at whatever cost.” – Johnny Depp in a interview for the “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” blu-ray.