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I just heard the song "We Gotta Rise" and I am ecstatic, utterly over my head in the deepest respect for these guys doing a straight up political action song. Damn! The lyrics I got to write down, "We gotta rise, rise and mobilize. It's you and me, we gotta rise, let's rise above the lies" Wow, wow. Johnny Depp, you sweet man. Hunter Thompson must be dancing in heaven or wherever. Find the video.

Gahhhh I saw it but I decided not to listen because I felt this was a big song and I wanted to hear the album version first before a cell-phone recorded version!!! I’m excited tho!!!

Thank you for that interview. That last line — I can't stop giggling. But, what I want to say is that we (Depp community ) should forthwith BAN all bad reviews from any Depp site. We should exist, like secret colony of mushrooms, on the rare juice of a Depp interview. Yeah, years would go by. We're mushrooms, it's ok. But, we would never for second lose sight of what this artist is doing. No need for the crap delivered by the ignorant, you know? Pure Depp filter.

I get that, and I never ever post actual links to reviews here, because of my feelings of reviews. I just brought them up in order to explain my larger point. But if we end up existing ‘like a secret colony of mushrooms’ (LOL AMAZING), then I’m fine with that 🙂 

My thoughts with regard to Johnny making choices. So often, and more often than not, the roles Johnny picks do not make critics happy in the short term. There are films that we love, iconic Depp films, that didn't go over big. Having a reviewer hack approve of one's choices isn't exactly following your instincts, your gut. But then there are roles in which agree the man is a master, and I would like him to continue in the industry to make these characters come alive. Play a bit of ball JD 🙂

I would love nothing more than that, firefly 🙂 

The worry is that if he doesn’t try to conform a bit more to the playing field, there will be less and less chances studios will hire him. 

But, if it ends up being just us Deppheads going to see him in low budget films, and most importantly if he is okay with that, then I’m good with that 🙂 A lot of it might hinge on how TCOG and future FB films do, and how he’s received in them. Time will tell, I suppose.

That is one hell of a read! Laughing and crying and just leaning in to him. The best of it is that he is writing, which definitely makes me cry. For years this wish that he would write, and finally to learn that he is. The guy is still raw bloody in pain. He is also brave of mounting a terrible struggle. Fearful of losing what he has been. Fearless in facing his dragons. This interviewer has given him a pure gift. It's a light the way piece. Rain down benediction on this sweet man.

So beautifully, wonderfully said as always, firefly <3

You and Johnny should write a book together after his first one comes out, I think I would die of happiness

IS there ANY Depp film not worth seeing? This is only an opinion, but no, I don't believe there is. Why do I say that? It isn't so much the plot of the movie, it's the characters he gives us. Johnny's characters are sort of like eating a bag of unknown candies in the dark. Some, you slurp down crazy and others well —- Others. You don't reflect on the flavor until afterwards. Sometimes long afterwards. And nothing is regretted. So, see them all. They will remain with you. Always.

Well said!! It’s definitely the characters he gives us. I don’t regret watching a single one of his films even if the plot or direction didn’t agree with me.

What a fantastic concert. Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you kind people who brought this here. I bow to your generosity and camaraderie.

It was AMAZINGGGGG i’m so happy we got a filmed concert like that finally!!!!

I started to read the RS piece (via the IFOD link), but damn, I can't read that. Too down on the man, too deliberately finding the negative in every element. The law of the celebrity — either they glow and do no wrong, or they aren't fit to be invited in. Superficial crap. Being fans we've always had to bat this stuff off, and this is nothing different. There is one story line for stars in the US — they shine and then they fall. Walk away Johnny. Get out of town.

Yes. yes yes yes yes. the single greatest quote i’ve still heard about johnny came from sarah jessica parker. ‘He doesn’t belong in Hollywood. He belongs somewhere better.’

I want only what’s best for him, and I think he needs to kick Hollywood to the curb and live off the grid, or just become a permanent guitarist in Alice’s band or something idk. he just needs to be happy.

Guys. The reference to Travis Bickle is the HAIR. Look at the pix!!

Yep you’re right!!

Thank you to the Depphead who posted the Public Enemies photos. That movie always gets me, makes my heart pound and my head go dizzy. He is magnificent, and the passion just explodes. I'd give anything to vanish into Billie for just one scene, hear that voice in my ear, the power of his arm around as he walks me down the street. Now I am buzzing.

I am SO with you, firefly. That movie is very special to me (obviously! as you can tell by my url… ;))

I don't think this is a question just a comment. I can't stop looking at the picture of him standing behind a group of people experiencing David Blaine's magic. There is such gentleness in his face. He is clearly happy, but it's the gentleness that gets to me, the feeling that I am seeing into his center, him at peace, at repose. No awareness of the camera, no need to be the center of attention. Oh man, I wish this man was a good friend of mine. Keep moving forward, Johnny, we are with you.

That’s a beautiful sentiment, firefly!! and so true! he looks very peaceful 🙂