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It’s that time of year again… Christmas time is coming.

It’s that time of the year again! After the  September 30th vs October 1st”  special memes, now it’s time for the “October 31st vs November 1st” memes,  where people post a Halloween-themed photo to represent “October 31st”
and a photo of the same person looking much more Christmas-themed to represent
“November 1st”. So, even though I’m a little late and knowing that most of us are still celebrating Halloween and waiting for the real beginning of November this Monday, I decided to make Johnny’s version to celebrate this funny moment of
the year.

Happy November everybody! 



Just for fun: I bet they  could snap Thanos out of existence and save the whole the universe.

I saw this funny thread on Twitter and Facebook, where people are picking random characters who could defeat Thanos in “Avengers”. So I decided to make one with Johnny’s characters… 

😂 😂 😂 

Captain Jack Sparrow and Grindelwald are my top 2. 😂  
Let’s get him!

Johnny as Wade “Cry-Baby” Walker, 29 years ago. 

What can we do? It happens…




WANDS READY! We are only ONE WEEK far from the “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” World Premiere!

Ps: This is a new small scene from a video released yesterday.

Three scenes of Johnny as Shirley in “Ed Wood”, 24 years ago:

Ed Wood dressed as woman revealing his alter-ego, he filming for his project “Glen and Glenda” and the funny striptease dance in a party.
Hope you enjoy, and if possible, watch this great movie! xoxo

“This story’s gonna grab people. It’s about this guy, he’s crazy about this girl, but he likes to wear dresses. Should he tell her? Should he not tell her? He’s torn, Georgie. This is drama.” – Johnny as Ed Wood.

Let the truth be told! 


Johnny Depp: The man of multiples characters and multiples fashion styles…  

I hope you get spooked tonight! (Just like Capt. Jack) Happy Halloween 👻 🎃

I hope you get spooked tonight! (Just like Capt. Jack) Happy Halloween 👻 🎃

Deciding if I should study or not

I didn’t do it ?