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> Grindelwald to Abernathy Transition:* The…

AMAZING CURIOSITIES behind the “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” Visual Effects!

> Grindelwald to Abernathy Transition:

* The digi doubles were created from an initial scan where the actors had their bodies and heads fully scanned for each character using a photogrammetry style rig with over 174

higher level cameras

to capture every spot. With each scan a bunch of photographic textures were added as a base for color texture reference to be built upon.


Realistic-looking and moving garments in the digital world were created to match the models, approaching clothing from the standpoint of a real life tailor or fashion designer resulting in clothes that looked and felt natural, and to blend seamlessly with ‘real’ shots.


Physical patterns used by the Costume Design Team to make the costumes worn by the actors, were requested, photographed, and recorded in their real world measurements. Also, a large number of photos of the clothes, from all angles and 3D digital scan of the actor fully dressed, were used to gives the right amount of detail.


All characters on the scene had simulations run on their hair, clothing and sometimes skin.


The transformation was created using a full-face rig using the FACS system making possible to film them talking and animated in any way needed, increasing the level of details added to the skin, hair and clothing. 


The hair was the hardest part. A program named “Houdini” was used to the complex blending of the roots of their hair, strands and clumping. Each had to be shifted through the transition, as well as two different simulations for each character were made. Each character also had different coloured hair so they had to blend between that too.

> The Grindelwald’s Escape:


All the characters were shot on green screen, and the carriage had 3 rigs to make its movement. 


Rain and wind machines, were added to make the stormy environment and help the clothing and hair movement. 


Primary rain, secondary rain, fog, lightning, running surface water, drips, mist, all were created in CGI, per shot and per character.

* In some shots, Johnny was attached to suspended wires to prevent him from falling.


“I know… Okay, I know, Antonio… So needy.”

 Poor Anthonio… The “needy” chupacabra:


On the initial concept of Grindelwald’s Chupacabra, the fantastic creature was supposed to be orange! But to match the darken movie, the CGI Team requested

J.K. Rowling

if they could change a bit her idea, adding other details and color, changing the bright color to a dark blue/purple with red/white stripes.


Spikes were added all over its body which has six legs, and were based on a Kimono Dragon’s movement. Then, the CGI Team added their own take on how it would move with six legs to bring life to it.


The clients (J.K. Rowling and 

David Yates) really liked the final concept of the Chupacabra and how was brought life, with a funny attitude and personality, that can be seen being in the shots with Johnny (Although, in real life Johnny was holding a green object). Also, they liked Antonio so much, that they ended up adding more shots to the movie so that they could have more of him. One of those shots was the shot in the cells where he is muzzled.

Ready the full article with other scenes HERE

Johnny as Gellert Grindelwald in a behind the …

Fantastic Behind the Scenes:

Johnny as Gellert Grindelwald in a behind the scenes comparison of “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”!

In the movie, Grindelwald walks through Paris, but in reality the scenes were filmed at Leavesden Studios in London, using green walls and computer graphics to expand and create new places.

The same technique may happen on the upcoming third movie that is supposed to have a new adventure happening in Brazil:

“Let’s just say I really ought to be able to spell Rio de Janeiro properly, given how many times I’ve written/typed it in the last few months.” – J.K. Rowling,Nov. 1, 2018, on Twitter

“Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”:…

“Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”: Deleted, Alternate and Cut scenes. [Part Final]

Some photos released in books or promos, shows some scenes that are not in the movie, like the one above and THIS one. Both with Johnny and Alison as Grindelwald and Queenie in a rehearsal or deleted scene.

The photo above happens when Queenie meets Grindelwald for the first time in his hideout. In the movie she kept pointing her wand in his direction, until he takes. In this scene, it seems that he is trying to be “friendly” towards her, who has a blanket to keep her warm after the rain.
In the other photo, Grindelwald leaves an astonished
Queenie in a garden, probably in Numengard. In the book, “Lights, Camera,
Magic! – The Making of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”
, the photo
is described as “Queenie is given plenty to think about by Grindelwald”


[Extended] Alison Sudol, who plays Queenie, revealed that her
entrance at the French Ministry of Magic, has a longer scene showing that she
having a hard time trying to walk on the sloped floor and she loses her steps,
slipping and turning her feet sometimes. A shot purely on her feet was shot and
Alison really missed when she watched the movie. 

[Extended] Dan Fogler revealed that there’s an extended version of
Jacob and Queenie quarrel in Paris. 

[Deleted/Unfinished] Claudia Kim (Nagini) and Ezra Miller (Credence) revealed a scene is
which Flamel give them croissants. The sad scene, where everyone was crying, was shot for less than an hour a
day during three weeks on the sunset. Callum Turner (Theseus) revealed that the scene was
shot in the reshoots, but after all the work the producers said that the scene
was too long and that “didn’t work”. Dan Fogler (Jacob) revealed that the scene was
supposed to be an alternative ending. This seems to be the most missed scene by the actors. 

[Deleted/Unfinished] Jude Law revealed that Dumbledore had a scene
with another professor, a certain female professor (McGonagall), which didn’t
make it, but he wish it had. 

Eddie Redmayne revealed a lot of deleted scenes:

[Deleted] After the first scene where Newt refuses to become an
Auror in the

French Ministry of Magic, he kinda storms out, and goes to a wizarding pub. His brother (Theseus) comes and they have a conversation, while Pickett
was busy getting drunk on a butterbeer. Eddie loved the scene, but he quite
understand why it was cut (maybe for Pickett being a loved character by children, and also to avoid an alcoholism theme, once the butterbeer may have a very slight alcoholic content). 

[Extended/Deleted] There’s an extended scene of when Leta’s history
is revealed. She has a break down, everyone in the room felt, and Newt ran over
to her to check if she was okay. 

[Deleted] There’s an extended scene of the baby Nifflers scenes. 

[Extended/Deleted] The scene in the Ministry is quite longer. When
Leta, Tina and Newt are being chased by the Matagot’s (the black cats). Newt
left his case fell  and while Tina let down to go and get it, she contra attacks all
of the cats. Meanwhile, Leta is being trounced on by these cats, and contra
attacks to save Newt, and then he has the idea that they should get into the

TOTAL: At least 38 scenes were deleted, alternate or cut, most of them remains unreleased.

Will we have the chance to see them? Who knows? We’ll have to wait 4 more months to know which scene(s) will be on the DVD…

> DELETED SCENES: Part 1 e Part 2.

“Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”:…

“Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”: Deleted, Alternate and Cut scenes. [Part 2]

And the list goes on…

[Slightly Cut] Grindelwald raising his right arm while watches Credence.

A different angle from Grindelwald’s acolytes carrying coffins.

[Deleted]  Abernathy, kinda scared, at Lestrange Family Tomb. 
[Deleted] Vinda Rosier spying someone.


Leta Lestrange ballroom scene. WHY THEY DELETE IT!

[Alternate] Different angle of Dumbledore watching the Erised Mirror. 
[Deleted] Grindelwald walking in his hideout in Paris or in Nurmengard. 

[Deleted] Yusef looking at the Lestrange family tree in his hideout and Tina walking up to the same place. 

[Deleted] Nagini walking on the rooftops of the house she and
Credence is hidden in Paris, sometime between the black fabrics and Grindelwald

[Deleted] Credence releasing his Obscurus in Paris and then it returning back, while Nagini is on his side on the rooftop of the house they are hidden.

[Unfinished, Deleted and Alternate] Grimmson, after his murder attempt, is seen using a protective chant. The bubble effect is not shown in the trailer. A deleted scene of Credence in human form attacking and an alternate take of his attack are also missing.  

[Deleted] A view, through a passage, of Grindelwald and Vinda Rosier in the center of the rally, probable after his “vision”.

[Unfinished] Grindelwald’s dragon chant is slightly
different: In the movie it has longer wings and longer, and curvy, horns. Also, its face is
not completely shown in the movie. 
[Slightly Cut]

Jacob surprised with the Dragon and being
protected by Tina while she attacks is slightly cut, being shown only she helping him to
stand up. 

[Unfinished] In the trailers, the scene where Credence is in Nurmengard, don’t shows the Phoenix. But the scene is shown in a the Russian Trailer.

DIFFERENCES: 17 scenes.
TOTAL: 28 scenes shown in the trailers were deleted, cut or alternate in the movie. And there’s more.
NEXT: Deleted scenes revealed by the cast.

Johnny and Alison as Grindelwald and Queenie i…

Johnny and Alison as Grindelwald and Queenie in a


or deleted scene from “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”.

Ps. This is one of the more than 30 deleted or alternative scenes unreleased in the movie.

Grindelwald had warned… No one can hold…

Grindelwald had warned… 
No one can hold him. 

Grindelwald’s Warning (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)
Grindelwald’s Escape (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald)

The Thestral Chase is one the best parts of the movie. 

“Johnny Depp and Ezra Miller sharing a joke at…

“Johnny Depp and Ezra Miller sharing a joke at last week’s premiere of Fantastic Beasts 2.“

Photo by 

David Dettmann Photography

“ – Do you think you can hold me?” – Gellert…


“ – Do you think you can hold me?” – Gellert Grindelwald

2 years
ago, today, (November 18), “Fantastic
Beasts and Where to Find Them”
, the first installment in the “Fantastic
Beasts” series, was released worldwide. The movie premiered in November 10 at Alice Tully Hall in New York and started to be screened one week later in
various countries around the world. In this movie, we have a glimpse of what
it’s now Johnny’s newest character: Gellert Grindelwald, the most dangerous
Dark Wizard of all the times.


* Johnny is the first character to appear in the movie, but we only have a view from his back, followed by newspapers alerting about his dangerousness. Later, a wanted poster is shown in a bar, but with his picture torn. In the end, it takes 1h 49 minutes to finally watch Johnny as Grindelwald. 

* Johnny only speaks 2 lines in this
movie (“Do you think you can hold me?” and
“Will we die just a little?”) and both is a hint for what happens in “Fantastic
Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” 

* This was the first time Johnny played
a wizard character in his career. 

* Johnny’s role was kept in secret even
from the cast. The only thing known at the time was that he would appear in the
movie, but his character was not said. Many people got surprised when he
appeared in the end, and the cast only knew in the post-production. 

* This is Johnny second movie with a
longer franchise after the five movies of “Pirates of the Caribbean”. And the
third with a sequel, after the two Alice’s movie and also Pirates of the
Caribbean. Fantastic Beasts was originally intended to be a trilogy, now is set
to be a franchise with 5 movies, but it’s unknown in how many of them will
Johnny be present. 

WHAT-A-MOVIE!!![May contain some spoilers]

[May contain some spoilers]

At this time, yesterday, I finally went to watch Johnny’s newest movie, and I was holding my breath and contain my emotions while Johnny appears on the big screen.

As we know from before, Johnny opens the movie being the first character to appear while is locked in a cell and prepared to be extradited to Europe, which lead us to his fantastic escape. Since the beginning it takes a little more than 6 minutes to Johnny speak his first line and more than nine minutes later to have a longer speech, but in both scenes we have a glimpse of how cold and devilish he will be throughout the movie. 

Johnny’s performance as Grindelwald is something you may have never seen in his past characters. It’s something new and I can’t compare him to any other. As the director David Yates said in an interview, Grindelwald is a “combination of poet, rock star, visionary, and sociopath, beguiling but lethal.” As Johnny, Grindelwald speaks in a low almost seducing voice with words that seems enchanted, but his character has a huge manipulative power above his victims, making you feel that he really is a dangerous wizard. 

Johnny made an incredible work in this movie, but makes you want more of him. As far as I remember, Johnny has 10 scenes throughout the movie, but in the beginning takes long minutes to appear. Johnny’s live speech at Comic-Con, this year, is slightly the same in the movie. And let me tell you – WHAT A SPEECH!

It’s a good movie? YES! A must watch! The actors are amazing, the soundtrack, special effects, the audio… Perfect! The movie does have a magical aura with plot twists and surprises that makes you think in a lot of theories, but kinda makes you feel that something is missing. The “Crimes of Grindelwald”, as the movie title says, isn’t fully shown, making the movie, so as the first, more like an introduction for what we may have in the future. Also as said, this movie is much darker than the previous one, with slightly changes in the characters behaviors. It’s serious, quiet dramatic with funny scenes happening here and there, but in the end makes you leave the theater with a mix of emotions: You feel happiness, sorrow, love, anxiety to know what will happen in the next movie, and even makes you wonder if you would ever pick Grindelwald side. (I was so mesmerized that I only could take one photo of the screen, while Grindelwald and Dumbledore faces showed on the credits)

As usual in trailers, almost 80% of the movie was shown in the trailers and TV Spots released… Even the ending scene! Also, A LOT OF SCENES was not shown in the movie. As the DVD was already set to be released next March, maybe we can watch some them.

If you haven’t seen the movie, GO FOR IT! I’d give a 8,5.
It’s a must watch!!!