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Johnny Depp: Discoverer of the Fountain of Youth. ♥ ♥

* At the SAG Awards (February 5, 2005) = 42 years old.
* At his house (August 11, 2019) = 56 years old.

14 YEARS have passed by…
Few white hair appeared on his beard…
But he is definitely the same f*cking handsome guy as always. 

Time passes differently for Johnny.

Some things never change…

Some Things Never Change… 

Handsome as always!

Name another actor who looks this good in his mid 50’s 😍

Mr. Depp

Musician 🎸

Sunday Sweetness 💕

Sweetheart ❤️

Get yourself a captain who can play guitar ☠️🎸

Just gorgeous 😍

“Yo ho yo ho, a pirates life for me” ☠️