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hairosmith ⚡️tribal braids with leather, sil…

hairosmith ⚡️tribal braids with leather, silver and bronze beads⚡️ Hair•Make-Up• Styling by @sixx17 and @stefanie_nightfever
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Hollywood Vampires (ft. Alice Cooper, Joe Perr…

Hollywood Vampires (ft. Alice Cooper, Joe Perry & Johnny Depp) @ Casino Rama (Orillia, ON) on May 18, 2018 [Photos & Show Review]: undefined


In the past week there have been so many beautiful stories of Johnny meeting fans and I’m so touched by how much he cares and loves. he is so sweet and patient and genuine! :’)



beautiful story of a fan who met Johnny



inkdgrl33 So the other night I was fortunate…

inkdgrl33 So the other night I was fortunate enough to get some time with our friend Alice, meet the one and only Joe Perry, and have a couple of conversations with Johnny Depp; both heartfelt and funny. If you ever have the chance to catch Mr. Depp off guard, and then make him laugh, I highly recommend it, he’s very smart, very quick and very funny. Hell of a nice guy too.

more pics in the link

mikepont This guy… #depp#hollywoodvampi…

mikepont This guy… #depp
#whyistherumgone – thank you @disvicious1

modelmicheleterry #johnnydepp

modelmicheleterry #johnnydepp