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keepcalmandrise: Johnny Depp of the Hollywoo…


Johnny Depp of the Hollywood Vampires, May 18 Fantasy Springs Casino – Indio, CA

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The Hollywood Vampires new album “Rise” is out June 21st, 2019 on CD, Double Vinyl and Digital.
First single “Who’s Laughing Now” available now!
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Listen now:
► Boogieman Surprise music Video:

“Rock stars. Can’t take anything seriously! …

“Rock stars. Can’t take anything seriously! If you’re feeling ill, or perhaps feeling down… May this series of extreme non seriousness and general tom foolery by Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry lift your spirits.”wrote CerealKyler on Instagram.

First I wanna thank, Kyler Clark (CerealKyler), Johnny, Alice and Joe for these photos. (I bet that it was Johnny’s idea to make it)

For some, it may be silly, but for millions out there these three words and photos can save somebody’s day or even somebody’s life.
Many of us are living pretty hard days while suffering for a lot of things. Some are just tired or feeling down, but it’s a fact that we all are currently worried with something, mentally tired or really sad.
Some times is hard to get some motivation or have someone to talk, but things like these may be a sign of hope – a breath of kindness, happiness and strength to keep fighting.
Wherever you are, be safe. You are loved, valued, important and your life REALLY matters. I know that sometimes it feels like no one cares, but remember you are loved, even when you think that you don’t love yourself.
Wherever you are, keep fighting and sharing love.
I’m here for you.

I’m also saving these photos, and if you need some motivation maybe would be good to print and put in some place to make your happy.

Well, I wish you all the best things in the world.
Have a great Sunday and a pleasant week.
And I’ll be here posting things to make the world better.




keepcalmandrise: Johnny Depp of the Hollywoo…


Johnny Depp of the Hollywood Vampires performs at the Talking Stick Casino in Scottsdale, Arizona – May 17 

 Credit photos to rightful owners

“Thank you fellow Vampires for coming out an…

“Thank you fellow Vampires for coming out and making this an amazing tour! We’ll be back… And don’t forget to #RISE!” – Hollywood Vampires on Instagram.

And that’s a wrap.
Last night (May 18), happened the last Hollywood Vampires’ show from their mini 2019 Spring Tour. Although they had said that they will be back, it’s unknown if it will really have new dates (as they also said before), but if they are really planning to announce new dates, they still have one month

until Mid-June with all the members with “free time” before returning to their schedules:
In June 19, Joe Perry and Buck Johnson returns to their “Deuces Are Wild”

residence with the “Aerosmith” in Las Vegas, which has shows until December.
Later in July 4, Tommy Henriksen and Glen Sobel may be joining Alice Cooper’s “Ol’ Black Eyes Is Back” tour in the USA. Alice will also 

co-headline the HALESTORM for a month between mid-July and mid-August, before return to his tour now in Europe, until October.
About Johnny we all know that his schedule is the busy and craziest, so it’s pretty hard to know. We know that for him, he’d go on tour forever, but maybe he will take some time to join with his lawyer to solve his case or sign a new movie (Fingers crossed to be Fantastic Beasts 3!!!).
The upcoming Hollywood Vampires’ album “Rise” will be released in 32 days and also has high chances of a new single to be released on the next weeks 

(Fingers crossed to be the anthem “We Gotta Rise”).

But as Johnny said on the video recorded by Tommy: “7 shows? Not enough”

Johnny rocking last night at the last Hollywoo…

Johnny rocking last night at the last Hollywood Vampires show at Fantasy Springs Resort, in Indio, California.

“Pirates’ Life!”It seems like yesterday (May 1…

“Pirates’ Life!”

It seems like yesterday (May 18), Johnny decided to wear all the jewelry he has won from fans around the world. 😂 





By Aaron Perry, May 18th

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The guitars did really well for


thanks to




and everyone who bid !

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They say don’t meet your heroes but I met 3 of mine last night 🎸 Finally got to thank and meet the man that made me do what I wanna do in life. Thanks for being so genuine and for all the advice Johnny.