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Johnny as J. M. Barrie in Finding Neverland …


Johnny as

J. M. Barrie in Finding Neverland (2004).





I’m a
little bit late to start posting (and answering) some things today, but first I’d
like to recommend this important video above.
You maybe didn’t know, but there’s a person on twitter that is being really
helpful in explaining everything about Johnny and Ms. Heard’s Hoax case. Brian McPherson
posted his latest 4th video, and again gives us an amazing analysis
about what Ms. Heard is hiding. Before everybody in media, he bring us NEW
EVIDENCES, NEW NEVER SEEN VIDEOS showing a Ms. Heard with no bruises on her
face and acting pretty normal and in some cases even weirdly.

Please, as half of the world is still on Sunday, if you have nothing to do or
watch on this worldly known “lazy day”, watch the video. It’s almost 45 minutes
of evidences, which once again, show that the Hoax is real and that the real
abuser is Amber Heard.

All the credits go to the amazing Mr. Brian McPherson.
I’d like to thank you so much Brian for your hard work on your videos (and don’t
worry about you audio quality! For me it’s perfect and even gives a touch of
FBI mystery aura haha).

Please I recommend to follow him to further information!
> Twitter:
> Youtube

Spread the truth!


(2016-2019) Ms. Heard, her legal team and supp…

(2016-2019) Ms. Heard, her legal
team and supporters: I’m/she will not be silenced.

(August 13, 2019) Ms. Heard and her legal team: Requests a Protection Order to keep
everything in private.

here we go again.
Now Ms. Heard and her legal team, after having more evidences
against her shown and after losing the attempt to move the defamation case from Virginia to
California, Ms. Heard and her team requested, yesterday, August 13, a protective
order. In other words, she requests to
turn all the new evidences and materials, such as new photos, videos,
testimonies, documents and everything related to the case, private not being released
to public.
Meanwhile she says she will submit “certain discovery responses” that led to this
This is something pretty interesting and pretty hard to understand, but it
seems that there’s something important, an evidence maybe, that she wants to be kept in private, because can make everything she tried to make circle the
drain. Remember that Johnny has important evidences held by his team, and she and her team may had become aware, because before a trial both lawyers of each team have to exchange legal information and known
facts of the case showing to each other which evidence(s) will be used.

What she is trying to do is wrong? No. And also, it seems that both Ms. Heard
and Johnny’s Teams are trying (or Ms. Heard Team are tried to convince Johnny’s
to make an agreement about this request to not affect the upcoming
trial in February 3, BUT we all know that this seems to be just another attempt to get
away from her punishments and keep the “victim” role on.

With this order request, she is silencing herself not proving her words or evidences, and also silencing Johnny who
has no fear of showing the truth. And as his lawyer said, more evidences were
ready to come, but with this request it will not be happening.
I don’t know if it will depend on the jury’s decision, if he will accept or not, but I do hope it’s not. If Johnny’s Team accept it may due to trial, but it’s pretty clear that she is trying to run away again and gain some time, because she knows how f*cked she is. She knows that EVERYTHING is against her, that her hoax got out of control due to herself and now she is shaking on her boots to face the facts, and get locked on prison for 10 years with a destroyed career. 

NEVER FORGET who SOLD the fake battered face and the Hoax story to media.
NEVER FORGET who made the defamation article to Washington Post.
NEVER FORGET who openly told and still tells lies.
NEVER FORGET who are currently faking being a victim.
NEVER FORGET who faked evidences.
NEVER FORGET who almost destroyed Johnny’s career and life.
NEVER FORGET who tried to move the defamation case from Virginia.
NEVER FORGET who is held in one evidence against more than 100 by Johnny.
NEVER FORGET who the real abuser is.

And this order is ridiculous!


Until there  Johnny Depp Will Not Be Silenced…

In exactly 6 months, Johnny and Ms. Heard’s trial starts.
Set for next February 3, 2020, it is expected to last at least 12 days.

Until there 

Johnny Depp Will Not Be Silenced.
KEEP FIGHTING JOHNNY! We are with you!


ONE MORE WITNESS!!! Tara Roberts, who has work…



Tara Roberts, who has worked for Johnny as his Estate Manager on his island in
the Bahamas since 2008, testifies UNDER OATH about being an eyewitness of a
series of Ms. Heard’s assaults towards Johnny.

Tara witnessed on December 29, 2015, that
Johnny tried to escape from Ms. Heard, but she followed him pleading to return
. He tried to drive away but she kept in front of his car screaming until
Johnny drives her back home.
Tara saw Ms. Heard repeatedly berated him with increasing ferocity, insulting
him, calling him names, and mentally abusing him saying things like “your
career is over”, “no one is going to hire you”, “you’re washed up”, “fat”, and
“you will die a lonely man”.

Johnny tried to leave her again, but Ms. Heard had hid his keys, and during all
the time, Tara saw Johnny only responding by saying “go away” and
“just leave me alone”,
while Ms. Heard was yelling, clawing, tugging
and aggressively pulling him.
Tara never saw him doing nothing towards her,
nothing was broken in the house, but as usual we can clearly see Ms. Heard’s manipulative
ways, hugging him, asking for apologies and then beating him again. While Johnny was never aggressive with no one, Ms. Heard kept being the abuser, abusing him verbally, mentally and physically like pulling his hair and throwing

Tara saw the bruise on the bridge of his nose, caused by Ms. Heard
after she had thrown a can of thinner (probably the one she already admitted
had done). She saw Johnny’s art supplies thrown around the house and she also
saw that Ms. Heard never had any marks on her body.

To make it worse, Ms. Heard’s abuses were done while Johnny’s children, Jack,
Lilly-Rose and a friend of hers, were in the island.
Maybe Johnny’s attempt of
running away from Ms. Heard was to avoid his kids to watch it, but I wouldn’t
be surprised if they saw something and is listed as one of his witnesses.
It’s sad to know that the outgoing, friendly and social Johnny, was replaced by
a man who would rather spend the days sleeping, and quiet, while Ms. Heard was
always around him, as if checking if he was suffering under her control, and manipulating
not only him but people around him, like throwing her ring away to be found.

We can clearly see how maniacal she is
playing mind games and acting violent as if wanting to be hit and have an “evidence”
of being a victim.
Once again, we see how Johnny suffered on her hands, and that indeed there are a lot of

Once again, more evidences keep showing the truth:
Amber Heard is an abuser.

* Thanks and credits goes to Brian McPherson for revealing these documents





This may be a shocking post. This was not the post I was planning for today, but the truth MUST be told.

It was revealed by the site “The Blast” more details about the day Ms. Heard injured
Johnny’s finger. It was not just that…

Johnny says in new documents (that, as
always, will be released soon)
, that their fight in Australia in March 2016 began after Ms. Heard had spoke with his attorneys about his “intention to enter into a post-nuptial
agreement”, and that was the reason behind her madness.

Johnny says that he was avoiding Ms. Heard
that day, but, ultimately, after not having a drink for over a year, he
“sought to avoid Ms. Heard by going to the downstairs bar in the house.
She followed him, screaming at him abusively.”

Johnny claims that “he poured himself
a vodka and drank it.”
That’s when he says she threw a bottle at him and
but after a second drink, she threw the second bottle, which resulted
in his finger injure.

But she wasn’t satisfied.
Johnny revealed
that Ms. Heard put a cigarette out on his right cheek!

The Blast obtained a photo of Johnny, taken
in an Australian hospital a few hours after the abuse. He is laying on a
hospital gurney, with his hand bandaged, and we can see the cigarette burn on
his cheek. The mark could still be seen 10 days later in April 20.

Johnny also admitted that he, indeed, wrote
on a mirror and walls in blood and oil paint
, due to the shock he had at the
time (something that most of us already know due to the ink in his fingers that
can be seen on the injure photo)
, and also denies urinating in the house or
being under influence of drugs.

> Johnny also told about the plane incident.

While Ms. Heard claims that during a flight, he kicked her to the ground, threw
his boot, screamed and she went into the plane bathroom where she passed out until
the end of the flight, Johnny said that she was the one who was harassing him. He tried to calm her stretching his leg out to playfully tap her on the bottom
with his foot, but he didn’t reach her. She became offended kept screaming and
he left her going to the plane’s bathroom, where he slept on the floor with a
pillow until the end of the flight.

> Johnny also told about Ms. Heard’s claim
about his live-in nurse and private doctor going to Bahamas to help him during on
his “manic episodes”.
revealed that he became depended on painkillers and that she was only there
because she insisted on going in place of his assistant. Johnny said that he
was required a 24 hour medical care and was frequently sedated because of the
physically painful process of withdrawal, but meanwhile Ms. Heard intervened
and withheld medicine from him which caused him to have spasms and withdrawals.

Johnny explained that the doctor went to Bahamas due to that and they returned
to Los Angeles sooner than planned. He also denied had been assaulted Ms. Heard
or kick a hole in a door, as was explained had been her who assaulted him
kicking a door on his head.

I don’t even know what to say… But this is what we know Johnny had suffered:

Johnny Depp was PUNCHED on his face for being late.
Johnny Depp had his belongings THROWN by the window of his penthouse.
Johnny Depp has his bed POOPED with feces as a
Johnny Depp had his head HIT with a PAINT THINNER.
Johnny Depp had his finger CUT after she THROWS BOTTLE OF VODKA.
Johnny Depp had to pass for 3 SURGERIES to re-attach
his finger.

Johnny Depp had his head HIT with the CORNER OF A DOOR.
Johnny Depp was PUNCHED on his jaw.
Johnny Depp had his head injured after being HIT WITH A CONTROL REMOTE.

*Johnny Depp HAD HIS


But as she said before:  “He was just
very dramatic about everything about it”

Every time I read news about the case, I got
surprised and horrified. Ms. Heard is not a victim of domestic abuse; she is a
perpetrator. She betrayed him, beat him, hurt him mentally and physically, has
been lying all the f*cking time, and she had a plan to destroy Johnny’s life


We can clearly see that she was acting like a maniac torturer, burning, causing him
damage as if she was waiting for him to fight back, to hit her and she finally
had a reason to show the world that he was an abuser. She was trying to take
advance of his actions. She was trying to make him punch her to sustain her
hoax, and the fact of her going to Bahamas seems like an act of having him
under her control withdrawing medicines to make him surfer and fight back, but
instead of it, she make him

refuge drinking again, being alone and depended on painkillers. He was really hopeless and she was
killing him step by step and no one was around.

I got shocked about the photo of Johnny at
the hospital, and I though a thousand times about posting it here or not.

Johnny DO NOT deserves to be seen like that, BUT I decided to post it to raise
attention to the cause:

Just keep it mind that




And still there’s people defending her.
I’m so, but so sorry Johnny…
Keep fighting.
Never Give up!

Keep sharing your thoughts, sharing the truth!!!

Ps. As usual, the representative for Ms. Heard was searched, but they didn’t say a word.

Ps2. I ‘ll take a deep breath and returns later with happier posts, This stuff is unbelievable…




Finally after weeks of expectations the result about the $50 million defamation

should or not be moved from Virginia to California, as Ms. Heard and her team was craving for, is out! and SHE LOST!

According to court documents obtained by the site “The Blast”, the Virginia judge who analysed the case, ruled on Thursday (July 23) that THE CASE WILL

judge AGREED WITH JOHNNY because the Washington Post op-ed by Ms. Heard was published in Virginia, so the case should remain

In other words, the Virginia Court is known for

taking its cases very seriously, and in her case she will/may be charged for perjury, defamation and have a HUGE risk of facing a fine from up to $2,500 +

$50 million

and/or a confinement in jail for up to 12 months to 10 freaking YEARS.

This can be also considered the first step for Johnny’s victory after the trial in February 3, 2020, which is estimated to last at least 12 days. It also puts in evidence that indeed Ms. Heard’s Hoax is real, the judges already knows who the real abuser is, and AGAIN, EVERYTHING IS GOING AGAINST HER!

Keep fighting Johnny!


SCAM: “You wanted it…you got it…”One year ago,…

SCAM: “You wanted it…you got it…”

One year ago, today (July 5),

Tommy Henriksen posted a now deleted photo of Johnny’s hand with a new reddish tattoo. That was the first time we could clearly


what really what was that reddish thing that some of us started to see since June 30 during the 2018 Hollywood Vampires’ Tour.

Now Johnny had a curious red circle-A which is known for being a symbol of anarchy, but

the place where it was tattooed gave us a totally different meaning…. As Johnny once said in 1993: “I consider all my tattoos as specific moments in my life. My body is a journal in a way.”  and this tattoo was indeed telling a hard chapter of his life.

The symbol was originally made in June 29 after the show in Frankfurt, Germany along the JD3 tattoo. It was inked on Johnny’s right knuckle above the middle finger (the same finger Ms. Heard almost cut off after throwing a bottle of vodka), altering again the previous tattoo with the nickname he gave to her. Previously written “SLIM”, after divorcing from Ms. Heard, Johnny altered the “I” to “U” and became “SCUM” (what fitted her well), but last year he altered


changing the “U” to “A” now being read as “SCAM” which fitted better representing the actual meaning of her hoax.

> SCAM: (Noun)
* A people who tricks or cheats someone else in order to get their possession.
* An illegal plan for making money, especially one that involves tricking people.
* A dishonest or illegal plan or activity, especially one for making money. 

This is not a simple tattoo.
It was a warning about Ms. Heard’s Hoax to destroy his life.
This was a warning for us to get ready for the ton of shocking evidences thrown on the following months.

Johnny Depp will not be silenced.


“Shoot me once, stab me twice, but kid take my…

“Shoot me once, stab me twice, but kid take my advice: Get
out before you lose your ass”
– Hollywood Vampires – The Boogieman Surprise.

On the last
24 hours, AGAIN, Johnny has been in the news, but now showing that indeed James
Franco was in his house on the next day
of the “battered” face allegation
Almost one month ago, Brian McPherson (the one on twitter who is bringing a ton
of evidences with fantastic well explaining details about Johnny X Ms. Heard
released a video (that was re-released again in a slightly better quality
yesterday, now by the site “The Blast”)
, showing Ms. Heard riding the
elevator down to the area where their guests would enter the building via the
parking area. She exits the elevator and then, a few seconds later, she and a man with a cap, later identified and now public confirmed as James
Franco appear and re-enter the elevator together and stayed pretty close to
each other acting lovey-dovey while avoiding the cameras. We’ve been talking
about this scene since the day it was revealed, but now after being released on
the site it spread worldwide.  
And it will have consequences: Johnny and his lawyer, Adam Waldman, are sending
a subpoena to James Franco, which now can be considered a “witness” to give
further explanations about the video. One of the questions to be answered under
penalty of perjury will be about what Ms. Heard might have said about the
incident and if he saw any mark(s) on her face on their “accidentally” meet just
24 hours after the fight that made her fear for her life. Along with James
Franco, her other “guest” Elon Musk is set to receive a subpoena.

“We are
interested in James Franco and Elon Musk as fact witnesses because we have
evidence they are men who saw Amber Heard’s face in the days and nights between
when she claimed Mr. Depp smashed her in the face on May 21 and when she went
to court with painted on ‘bruises’ to obtain a Temporary Restraining Order on
May 27.” – Adam Waldman (July 2)

In the other
hand, now that was confirmed that indeed was James Franco, her lawyer, Eric
George, replied saying:

“This bogus story is just another lame attempt by Johnny Depp and his team to
spread deliberately misleading information through the media so that he can
continue to attack and abuse his ex-wife. Amber Heard and James Franco once
lived in the same apartment complex and were simply taking an elevator at the
same time. Period. It’s pathetic.“

yes, it’s pathetic.


If James Franco lived in the same apartment complex why any of the
building employers or even Johnny didn’t see him before? 


IT’S IMPOSSIBLE to consider this just as a “coincidence”, because the
elevator is exclusive for the penthouse owners to use. A special key is even required!


Some of her fans are defending her talking that he was just meeting her
for a friendly chat… Really? At 22:56h, picking him up for her penthouse while she
was barefoot wearing a night gown and a sweater, like Mortdecai says: almost jumping
“like a bloody gazelle” just after being allegedly beaten 24 hour earlier and now was weirdly with no marks? Are you sure it was a coincidence meet?


Why are they avoiding the cameras? Wouldn’t this a perfect moment for her
to act the role of her life as a victim, crying the lungs out searching for help. Girl, you lose the moment…


If James Franco accepts to speak and reveal that indeed she had marks, why
almost five years later he was never on her witness list? Why she, her friends,
or even himself didn’t have speak about it? Is he one of her “unnamed witness”?
If they anytime had talk about it they now would be a good eyewitness, and the
game could even turn a little for her side, but after all this time nothing was
said. Neither her lawyer said that he saw the bruises and was her witness, but
why? Also if he avoids the court or say that he “can’t remember” or even reveal
that she didn’t have marks, he will be confessing that she was indeed lying all
these years. Can he lie to protect her? Yes. But he can’t forget that just like
Ms. Heard if he be caught later, the perjury in Virginia is nothing less than
10 years in jail…

James Franco beware! You got involved in this mess and now you have everything
to lose. Be smart and tell the truth, because up until now, AGAIN, EVERYTHING keeps going to Johnny’s side…

Keep spreading the truth guys!

And stay tuned! From now on let’s start a new countdown:

in 7 months, in February 3, 2020, the 12 days trial is set to begin to destroy
the Hoax of the century.


SAVE THE DATE!  Johnny and Ms. Heard are goin…


Johnny and Ms. Heard are going to Trial in February 3, 2020!

Today (June 27), a Virginia judge set a trial date for February 3, 2020 for her defamation lawsuit and it is estimated that the trial will last 12 days.
Johnny is suing her for defamation

over the Washington Post op-ed where she wrote about her experience with domestic abuse and is asking for damages in his career the amount of  $50 million – something that, as her friend said, she didn’t even have enough to pay…
Although the court date has been set, tomorrow Ms. Heard will have a hearing on her motion to dismiss the case, which in other words mean that she wants to closed the case with no finding of guilt and no conviction for the defendant in a criminal case… Why she wants to dismiss the case is she says she is innocent? Wasn’t she the one who was not going to be silenced?
The Boogieman gave an advice “Get out before you lose your ass”, now Mr. Spider is coming to eat your soul:

“My hunger drives me mad I can’t control…
If I had a heart and a soul
I might show you some mercy
But I’ll… Never let you go… No.

I’m gonna eat you, gonna eat you, eat you…

” – Hollywood Vampires – Mr. Spider.