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Johnny, Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart and his daughter Ruby, through the lens of Ross Halfin, last Friday (September 27) at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California.

A different black and white and maybe unedited photo of the same moment on the first photo was released last Sunday


Backstage moments:
Johnny, Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart, last Friday (September 27) at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California.

Johnny: The dog lover 


Last night (September 27) Johnny spent the night with friends on the Rod Stewart’s show which featured Jeff Beck as special guest in a landmark reunion gig at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood.
This was also Jeff Beck last show on his tour, but Johnny didn’t perform. Instead, he was there to support his friends and play with dogs on the backstage. (This is my kind of party too… Good music and dogs



Credits to Marion Jones on Instagram.

Johnny and Jeff Beck having some fun last night (September 24) in Phoenix, Arizona.

Video by Kim Cerniglia on Instagram.

Johnny, last night, September 22 at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts  in San Antonio, Texas, on his fifth featuring as special guest on Jeff Beck’s 2019 Tour.

The next show is set to happen tomorrow in Phoenix, Arizona and maybe will be Johnny’s last show.

Johnny, rocking last night at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival, playing with Jeff Beck and his band.


Johnny Depp: Isolation (John Lennon Cover) [Full Live]

Johnny keeps living his rock-star dream and rocked last night (September 20) at the Eric
Clapton’s “Crossroads Guitar Festival” in Dallas, Texas. He continued his collaboration with his
friend Jeff Beck as special guest playing and singing on his tour.

> About Johnny’s performance on Jeff Beck’s 2019 Tour:

Johnny do not appears on stage on the beginning of the shows.
He joins the stage in the middle of the concert while Jeff Beck plays Link Wray’s
track and the 2019 Sauvage Parfum theme “Rumble” which serves as an introduction to
Johnny and a surprise for the audience. After that, he sings John Lennon’s “Isolation”, his brand new song “This
is a Song for Ms. Hedy Lamar
r”, stays on stage playing guitar and closes Beck’s show singing ZZ Top’s “Hey Mr. Millionaire”. As expected the audience loved!

> About the 2019 Crossroads Guitar Festival:

The whole festival had a online pay-per-view live stream yesterday and will also happen today. It’s unknown if the show was

was recorded to be released for free
later, but some of the past festivals were released as DVD and CD.

> Will Johnny continue on tour?

Pretty possible. Jeff Beck’s 2019 Tour continues today in Austin, Texas and Johnny is expected to perform again. Maybe he will keep performing on the next shows until September 24. The last  show of Beck’s Tour is set to happen in September 27 and will feature Rod Steward, possible on Johnny’s place who will possible return to his acting life, now attending the “Waiting for the Barbarians” premiere at San Sebastian Festival, which happens on the same day, in Spain.

Credits for the video go to Yuki Sakakibara on Youtube.

Such a powerful vocal!
Johnny on stage last night (September 19) in Dallas ,Texas, rehearsing John Lennon’s song “Isolation” with Jeff Beck.

Johnny will be on stage tonight at the

American Airlines Center, in Dallas, Texas

for the “Crossroads Guitar Festival”, a two day festival founded by Eric Clapton. The concerts will reunite a variety of

the world’s most legendary guitar players which are selected by Eric Clapton personally. As he declared a long time ago, each performer was one of the very best, and had earned his personal respect.

Johnny will be playing along Jeff Beck and his band as a continuation of his collaboration on Jeff’s tour.

Johnny and Jeff Beck’s Band through the lens of Phil Clarkin, last night (September 18) in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Johnny rocking last night (September 18) playing Link Wray’s track and the Sauvage Parfum theme “Rumble”, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 🎸