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“Well, Johnny Depp and I talked about Grindelwald, and with David Yates, the director, where we wanted to go… We used these charms that are kind of antique Charivari, which is their word for their magical charms that come from the woods and that sort of world of the forest. We wanted a wizarding looking silhouette with the big coat, so we used a coat that has a lot of play in it in the back. You see it in the trailer. And then when I went to fit Johnny, we’re watching an old Marilyn Manson thing, and Johnny goes, “Yeah, those pants are really great.” They were these tight leather, almost knee pants. And we’re like, “Okay, let’s go there with the pants.” So he was our inspiration for that. And then, the boots were sort of quasi military style from the period, that we went with. I layered him up. He has a dark shirt that he wears for the final ceremony, and a white scarf. He has a white shirt too that he wears in an earlier part, but for the finale, I thought it was great in the set with his white hair and stuff to have the dark shirt.” ~ Colleen Atwood (costume designer) interview for The Knockturnal