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Johnny Depp – 2002, May 17 – Cannes Film Festival

Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis – 2002, November 4 – Rolling Stones Concert

All Amber Heard has to do was say she was abused and she was instantly believed. Johnny Depp lost parts,was mocked and harassed for years. He had to share every single detail about what happened & even than some people don’t believe him. This is sick & wrong

Amber heard abused Johnny Depp and than she mocked and blamed him for it

How dare you say this was mutual abuse or self defense?!

Johnny Depp got fired, mocked and shamed just because amber said she was abused. Johnny has got a truckload of legit evidence he was abused and amber has faced zero consequences and than people wonder why men are afraid to come out about being abused, raped, suicidal, etc.


Johnny Depp is a legend and deserves all the support in the world!

Johnny Depp is such an inspiration. He is so strong and brave. He didn’t let all of this make him bitter, he remained his sweet caring self and look at him now; a winner, a hero.
Dear Johnny you deserves all the happiness in the world!

Let’s not forget Amber Heard’s other victims; Johnny Depp’s children

Johnny Depp and his family deserve peace and respect!