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Johnny rocking during the “I Want My Now” live video, on stage with the Hollywood Vampires and on Hansa Studios in Berlin, Germany…
Keep Rocking Johnny!




On this day, November 9, we celebrate the beginning of Johnny Depp’s career as actor
with the release of “A Nightmare On Elm Street”, his first movie, released 35
years ago!
Johnny never wanted to be an actor. He just wanted to follow his music dream, have a family, some money and live his life, but look at him now! 56 years old, 35 of career, with his dreams came true, and day after day keep rocking
our world!
I bet neither he believes how far he has come, how many lives he has changed,
how many people he brought (and still brings) a lot happiness. How many people
he influenced for the better, teaching to share love, compassion, the good, to keep on trying and to not give up even in the
darkest hours…

Thank you
so much Johnny, for being this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G human being, for being strong, for
keep fighting, acting, singing and doing all these amazing things!
I wish you all the best things of the world; a lot of health, comfort, love, blesses,
happiness and strength to keep making a lot of movies, commercials, interviews
and music throughout your life.
Can’t wait for what coming next!

You are and




Johnny and Steven Tyler, last night (October 8), on Aerosmith’s Deuces are Wild concert residency in Las Vegas.

Photo by Zack Whitford.



🤘 🎶

Today, October 1, is celebrated worldwide the  “International Music Day”, a day to celebrate the importance of music and musicians worldwide, andas well to promote its value in society by building peace and understanding through a common language.

Hollywood Vampires’ Rise is playing on repeat here!Enjoy this day with a lot of music!

Johnny and Jeff Beck having some fun last night (September 24) in Phoenix, Arizona.

Video by Kim Cerniglia on Instagram.

Johnny, last night, September 22 at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts  in San Antonio, Texas, on his fifth featuring as special guest on Jeff Beck’s 2019 Tour.

The next show is set to happen tomorrow in Phoenix, Arizona and maybe will be Johnny’s last show.

Johnny, rocking last night at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival, playing with Jeff Beck and his band.


Johnny rocking last night (September 18) playing Link Wray’s track and the Sauvage Parfum theme “Rumble”, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 🎸

Show #2!

Last night, September 18, Johnny joined Jeff Beck’s show as special guest at the Brady Theater, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Johnny played guitar and sang ZZ Top’s “Hey Mr. Millionaire”, John Lennon’s “Isolation”, repeated his song “This is a Song for Ms. Hedy Lamarr” and slayed playing Link Wray and the Sauvage theme “Rumble”.

Ps. It’s unknown if Johnny will continue playing with Jeff on the tour that still has  four shows set to happen: September 22 in Austin, Texas; September 23 in San Antonio, also in Texas; September 24 in Phoenix, Arizona and the last show in September 27 in Hollywood, California. It’s important to remember that “Waiting for the Barbarians” will premiere in Spain next September 27 too, and although it’s also unknown if he will attend, his presence is being highly expected for the public after his previous great premieres.

Johnny on the Jeff Beck Tour show, last Tuesday, September 17, in Kansas City.