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Was Johnny ever a Queen/ Freddie Mercury fan?

I think so!!! I don’t know if I’ve ever heard him say anything about it BUT I remember waaaaaayyyy back in mid-2000s when my love for JD was blossoming, there was a rumour that HE was going to be playing Freddie in the biopic (this movie must have been in the works for a LONG long time). I remember because I literally went out and bought a biography of Freddie to prepare for the film LOL so he must have been a fan!

the song in which johnny sings "don't believe, can't believe in humans anymore" his voice does things to me


hi, I was wondering if you could explain something to me, in the third pirate film, Jack says pirates don't have good imagination when it comes to naming things and then goes on to describe one guy and says he called him Larry, and Gibbs makes this face like he's so done lol but I don't get the joke, how does the name Larry prove his point? or what he is saying with it

Hahah honestly fair! It’s a roundabout way of saying it. It comes right after they are about to enter ‘Shipwreck Cove.’ Gibbs explains (in his own way lol) that it’s called that because… there’s been a lot of shipwrecks there. So Jack’s like, honestly we suck at naming shit. 

The story he tells about ‘Larry’ is that he was this pirate who knew who lost both of his arms and part of his eye. Instead of calling him like… ‘half eye’ or ‘plank’ or some other kind of clever name to address this dude’s crazy physical appearance, they just called him Larry. 

It’s kinda funny because later in the film when they’re gathering the ‘Pieces of Eight,’ it’s like the opposite. Pintel was like… wait the famous ‘Nine Pieces of Eight’ are just random objects? And Gibbs is like ‘well it’s not very piratey to say ‘nine pieces of whatever we happen to have in our pocket at the time’ 

Hey! Sorry for being so random, but did you by any chance attend the Dickens vs Tolstoy thingy in England? I was watching the video and saw a girl that looked quite like you and got curious about it.

I did not actually! I’m back living in Canada now, haven’t been to England in a while 🙁 Sounds interesting though!!

Happy birthday laniiii! Hope you're having the greatest day!! All the best to you 💖💖💕✨💜💞💫

Oh you’re so sweet thank you angel!!! 🙂 

Have you noticed how much more relaxed Johnny seems this time on tour? He seemed so nervous for some of the tour last year, probably because it was his first time singing and his first time on the road since *the bullshit*, but he just seems to be in his element this time. Singing on multiple songs, having fun with the guys, smiling and laughing even more than last year. And, he looks AMAZING. It just really seems like he has his soul back.


Have you seen The Professor yet? Laughed out loud for the first while and then he slowly took my breath away. Beautiful piece of storytelling. And there's this one line… 😉

Gaahhhhh no I haven’t had the time to yet!! I’m excited, hearing lots a great stuff about it from you lot!!

I just heard the song "We Gotta Rise" and I am ecstatic, utterly over my head in the deepest respect for these guys doing a straight up political action song. Damn! The lyrics I got to write down, "We gotta rise, rise and mobilize. It's you and me, we gotta rise, let's rise above the lies" Wow, wow. Johnny Depp, you sweet man. Hunter Thompson must be dancing in heaven or wherever. Find the video.

Gahhhh I saw it but I decided not to listen because I felt this was a big song and I wanted to hear the album version first before a cell-phone recorded version!!! I’m excited tho!!!

Do you think that if we see a negative comment on JD (concerning the abuse claims) we should reach out to the OP and prove our point? Because I feel like that is the right thing to do, but I also get really upset when I participate in a conflict, especially on the Internet.

It does seem like a hard choice, but I urge you to not let it be. 

Your own mental health should always come first.

If I were John answering this question, he’d say the same thing. He would never want you to sacrifice your own well being for his. 

I will always, always be on the side of self care. Take care of yourself first, above all.

What if Johnny has thigh tattoos we don't know about…?