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lmao ok I’m sorry but isn’t it a b…

lmao ok I’m sorry but isn’t it a bit suspicious that this guy is all of a sudden claiming everything was a hoax years later just when he gets dropped from pirates??? Like come on.

No. Because he told me the same thing a YEAR ago. 

Well, he used the word ‘fraudulent,’ instead of ‘hoax’, but same basic message. 

And he also denied it THREE FUCKING YEARS AGO SO……..

I genuinely do not understand how people think the ‘timing’ is weird. You’ve got these same people preaching (rightly!) that abuse victims don’t want to press charges or expose or leave their abusers for various reasons (fear, they love them still, control, manipulation, etc etc), and then you have the SAME PEOPLE saying it’s fishy that after years of abuse this person didn’t immediately allow the entire fucking world to see his injuries?! After he said ‘he never wanted to show her as an aggressor’? years fucking later, after the HELL she’s put him through he’s still protecting her and you shitheads have the fucking gall to say ‘wElL tHaT’s sOmE sUsPiCiOuS sHiT riGhT tHeRe’

examine your fuckin skulls.

Hi!!! I just wanna say thank you SO MUCH for a…

Hi!!! I just wanna say thank you SO MUCH for all the time you spend telling the truth for Johnny Depp. It’s really people like you who kept on spreading the truth makes the world a better place. Thank you for all your hard work, for making me absolutely believing him and being able to explain to other people why I had so much faith in him. Thank you and I really hope you are having a wonderful day, because I definitely am, seeing people finally understanding the truth 🌟

I have been having a great couple of days seeing this!! (And i’m going to Cuba tomorrow so it’s gonna get even BETTER)

but you are very sweet and I appreciate the kind words <3 could never have made it through without this whole entire goddamn beautiful bitch of a fandom though!!!!!!

The JD situation has brought so much open male…

The JD situation has brought so much open male hate among my friends that I feel horrible. I am enby been wondering if I'm trans for a few years yet I'm terrified of telling them now. They act like they see men as inherent demons who deserve no compassion anymore so I'm sitting in the background like wow I guess I'm secretly a monster too then. I feel like if they knew I'd have to be a perfect cute unicorn or they'd stop trusting or liking me as a person

Fuck, anon. That’s rough and I won’t pretend for a moment that I know what you’re going through because I don’t. But I am here for you, because I truly believe it DOES get better.

I think all I can say to you is generally it’s better to be truly who you are and who you are most comfortable being than be someone you’re not, and always have to hide yourself to make others comfortable. If there’s one thing I think John has taught ALL of us, it’s that.

You seem like a smart, level headed, aware, and kind person, just from this small message you sent. Seems to me that those qualities would translate the same in real life, regardless of your gender. So they’d know you as that as a woman and if you transition, they’ll see your personality and traits are the same and that you’re a smart, level headed, aware and kind man. Maybe it would even help THEM overcome their prejudices, maybe YOUR journey can help them? It’s not something you owe them or what it sounds like they even deserve, but you being you as you believe you are meant to be could be a growing experience for everyone.



There is NOTHING else I could have asked for more than that these last three years!!!

I just wanted to say thank you for posting/reb…

I just wanted to say thank you for posting/reblogging all the information about what's going on with John. I really appreciate being able to stay up to date with everything, and I'm sure others feel the same way too. Your blog is wonderful.

Thank you so much for the kind words!

I do want to point you to other JD blogs as well though; who are definitely more up to date than I am, and also have been much, much stronger than I have been these past 3 years. You should give them a follow as well if you don’t already 😀

@becauseitisjohnnydepp, @supportjohnnydepp, @proudtobeadepphead, @deppoholic, @only-johnny-depp to start with but there’s definitely more, my brain is just a garbage pit right now

I know you don't read any Johnny related …

I know you don't read any Johnny related stuff on Twitter but I just wanted to tell you that the tide is turning!Today there were thousands of tweets supporting him, from people that used to believe Heard. It's happening.

Thank you for the update! I haven’t checked still because I don’t want to see anything else I don’t want to see, but I’m glad to hear the tide is turning 🙂 

Do u think it&rsquo;s possible she goes to jai…

Do u think it’s possible she goes to jail?

No, I don’t to be honest. Especially as he’s not pressing any kind of charges, just suing her for defamation. 

When do you think everything will be resolved …

When do you think everything will be resolved by?

I’ve genuinely got no clue, I can’t imagine it will be for a while but if people start dropping her, if she gets fired from shit, then it’ll go faster

I was in an abusive relationship a couple year…

I was in an abusive relationship a couple years ago and all this shit happening is heartbreaking. I won’t lie I dropped him in the beginning because of my history facing DV but now seeing everything come out… Fuck man it’s awful. What makes it sad is I think he had every intention of hiding her abuse towards him and only stepped forward because he HAD to defend himself. She’s really taken a massive shit on all of us DV survivors. I wish him the best- recovery isn’t sunshine and roses it’s hard

We genuinely all (I know I can speak for all of us on this) appreciate your honesty and your amazing humbleness to admit something like that. And your strength to, as well. This whole thing has obviously been hardest on those who have suffered domestic abuse, and I would never, ever hold anything against anyone who sided/sides with AH if they’ve experienced it at the hands of a man. It’s only natural. But your courage to see another side, and to talk about it, is awe-inspiring and I thank you for sharing <3 

Heard's make up artist who has been suppo…

Heard's make up artist who has been supporting her for years stopped following her on IG.