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“Photos you can hear…” 




Johnny, Gina Deuters and Tim Burton having a lot of fun, last January 8, in Notting Hill, London.

I don’t know what happened, but I laughed too 😂

Johnny was also spotted last January 8 in Notting Hill, London, enjoying the night with Tim Burton, Berenice Percival, Gina Deuters and Stephen Deuters. 


On the same day, Gina had previously posted a small video on Instagram Stories having fun with Tim Burton. 


New never seen photo of Johnny, Penelope Cruz, Stella McCartney and Javier Bardem!

The photo, posted on her Instagram Stories as a celebration to some of her special moments in 2019, seems to have been taken sometime between June/July 2019 during Johnny’s free time in London…

New photos of Johnny leaving Paris, last Friday (December 27)!

Dailymail posted some new photos of Johnny, taken last Friday (December 27) as he leaves Paris along some people. The only ones I recognized was Gina and Stephen Deuters.

But the site made some mistakes…
reality, the photos were taken when he was leaving Paris, instead of “arriving”, also they said that they were at the “airport”, but in reality he was at the Paris Gare du Nord station, ready to take the Eurostar train… 

Also, according to the site, Johnny spent Christmas Eve evening at Vanessa
Paradis’ home to celebrate Christmas with Jack and Lily-Rose. A fan who met him
also said the same thing, taking that he was there to visit his children. On Christmas Day
the hotel where Johnny stayed in Paris, L’Hotel, organized a party in his honor.
It was also said that he should have left Paris, last December 26, but left
the city on the day after by train to London.
Johnny also appeared to offer assistance to a woman with her two children and their
luggage. Such a gentleman…

Two things that caught attention:

1) Johnny’s left hand was bandaged up… 


We can see it also on Gina’s photo

2) Johnny was holding a HUGE arch file and some other documents with him.  😲


Are they some upcoming project(s)!!! 



“Don’t tell him I took this.” 



A focused Johnny, writing/drawing something on his notebook, was caught through the lens of Gina Deuters during their travel some days ago. 


Ps. I may be wrong, but it seems that the photo was taken this past days (maybe last Friday) and it also seems that they were on the Eurostar from Paris to London… 


TBT: Mark Williams, Johnny, and Paul Whitehouse,  during the “Suit You, Sir” sketch, from the Christmas three-part special episode “The Last Fast Show Ever”, aired on this day (December 26) in the UK.

Happy Birthday, Zöe Kravitz!!!

Today, December 1, Zöe Kravitz, who played Leta Lestrange in “Fantastic Beasts:
The Crimes of Grindelwald” turns 31 years old!

To celebrate this day,
here is a behind the scenes of Johnny and Zoë, as Grindelwald and Leta at the
underground amphitheater sequence, revealing one of the scenes which was
filmed, or rehearsed, in several different ways before the final version shown
in the movie.

> Curiosities:

In an interview for the L.A. times, Zöe revealed being a fan of Johnny and
that she was “stoked” for filming with him.

* It’s unknown if the news about Zöe returning on the
upcoming third movie is true, but was confirmed by David Yates,

that the relationship between Leta and Newt, which seems to be more than friendship, less than full romance, will definitely be explored in the next(s) Fantastic Beasts installment(s).

Talking about next movies, there’s a huge probability of Leta being
somehow related to Bellatrix Lestrange, who was played by the amazing
Helena Bonham Carter in the Harry Potter franchise.
Just as the surname suggests, there are some great details
sustaining this theory:

During an interview, for the “The Independent
in 2017, Zöe probable leaked a huge spoiler while talking about her character:
“I play Helena Bonham Carter’s
great-great aunt. She’s an icon of mine so it’s a real pinch-me feeling to even
be associated with her. I think her performance in ‘Fight Club’ is one of the
best by a woman in a film.”
s. Keep in mind that the only people who knows the back story of the character
is J.K. Rowling and those who are going to play the characters.

2) During the “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” London Premiere, last year, everybody was caught by
surprise when Helena Bonham Carter attended the blue carpet. Some people
thought that it was just coincidence, but for me and some other fans, this could have been a confirmation that another Harry Potter character may be joining the Fantastic

photos of Johnny and Jeff Beck in London!

Two never seen photos were shared by the Debonnaire on Instagram,
showing Johnny and Jeff Beck in what is said to be a “House of Fun”  in what
seems to be a new collection of the London-based boutique specialized in luxurious handmade jewelry, clothes and gifts, founded by
Debonnaire von Bismarck.

The photos were
taken by Sascha von Bismarck, and it was confirmed that it happenned in London. Although a precise date was not revealed, it’s confirmed that the photoshoot is
not as recent as we think… Searching a little bit, I find that the closest date was revealed by the hair stylist Stephen Beaver who posted a low
quality full edit (last photo on this post), dated from two weeks ago, last November 14.
Although there’s a probability of Johnny and
Jeff were/are in London again early this month, which is less probable because someone would probably see them, there’s a high probability of this photo had been originally taken sometime during June 21 and Late July
this year
when Johnny and Jeff Beck were together in London…
Either way, let’s stay tuned
for more information and photos.

Behind the Scenes: Johnny while filming the Grindelwald’s Escape.

(November 16), we celebrated the first anniversary of the release of “Fantastic
Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald”
, so let’s keep talking about one of the breathtaking scenes: “The
Grindelwald’s Escape and the Thestral Chase”
These scenes are considered one of the most
challenging sequences on “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” because, as the SFX Supervisor, Christian Manz, says, the sequence happens at night
between lighting, rain, wind and a lot of action between the actors and those who help to move the actors on the brooms.
It took 5 months for the sequences to be finished, since the development of
ideas, storyboard and later, weeks of filming in a Chroma key green studio with the
visit of J.K. Rowling, David Yates and the producers. 
Johnny did all of his scenes fantastically, although being pelted by water and wind, while attached to
suspended wires to film his scenes as well protect him from falling.

Tomorrow, is the third anniversary of the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, so let’s keep talking about Grindelwald too.

Ps. The scenes
above were taken from my Blu-ray Edition of the movie and the book “Lights, Camera, Magic!:
The Making of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”, which I already posted some photos, but I’ll re-post them.

Johnny’s thanks video!

The new Dior Sauvage Parfum is being promoted for the first time in a special event named the “New Moon Festival” with “artistic performances, magical beats and fiery
productions, a wide variety of artists and performers create an evening with
unforgettable moments.” Yesterday the event happened in London at

Victoria and Albert Museum  and Johnny
appeared in a video with new behind the scenes, talking about the perfume and thanking for making the
Sauvage a success.
Today the event is set to happen in 12 cities
around the world matching the closest new moon supermoon of the year.

Video by Tom Lloyd on Instagram Stories.