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Johnny’s thanks video!The new Dior Sauvage Par…

Johnny’s thanks video!

The new Dior Sauvage Parfum is being promoted for the first time in a special event named the “New Moon Festival” with “artistic performances, magical beats and fiery
productions, a wide variety of artists and performers create an evening with
unforgettable moments.” Yesterday the event happened in London at

Victoria and Albert Museum  and Johnny
appeared in a video with new behind the scenes, talking about the perfume and thanking for making the
Sauvage a success.
Today the event is set to happen in 12 cities
around the world matching the closest new moon supermoon of the year.

Video by Tom Lloyd on Instagram Stories.

Another day, another festival!Waiting for the …

Another day, another festival!
Waiting for the Barbarians will be screened in London!

Johnny’s latest movie directed by Ciro Guerra, featuring Mark Rylance and
Robert Pattinson, and based on the novel of the same name by J. M. Coetzee, is
set to be screened at the 63rd BFI London Film Festival!

The festival will happen from October 2 to October
13, but Waiting for the Barbarians will only have a screening and is not in a

1° session: October 6 (Sunday) at 20:40h at BFI Southbank.
2° session: October 7 (Monday) at 12:30h at ODEON Tottenham Court Road.
3° session: October 9 (Wednesday) at 18:10h at Empire Haymarket.

PS: Tickets for the screenings will be
available in September 12 at 10:00 AM!  
Click HERE for prices and more information.

This will be the fourth official screening
of the movie, after the Venice Film Festival in September 6 in Italy, the Deauville
American Film Festival
in France, between September 6 to September 15 and the
San Sebastian Film Festival, between September 20 to September 28, in Spain.

As usual it’s unknown if cast will attend
this festival, but let’s stay tuned.


Jacopo Quadri, editor of the “Waiting for the Barbarians” shared a photo of the
editing session of the movie. This version is the one which will be screened at
the festivals, but it doesn’t mean that will be the same version screened on
theaters and/or the DVD/Blu-ray or On-demand. Some movies after the festivals,
based on the critics and audience opinions, are re-edited with more, less or alternate scenes. 

“With friends like these life can still get ro…

“With friends like these life can still get rough and times can feel hard and you still feel knackered and know you should get some sleep but somehow despite everything there is the joy of love and that makes everything better.” – Victoria Clark (July 20/2019)

Two recent photos of Johnny from what it
seems to have been taken yesterday (July 19). The first is from Maxim Cassir
tagged in London. Maxim is a

wine and other drinks

educator for the WSET and said
that Johnny was simple and kind when they met and that he loves Moscow Mule (a cocktail made
with vodka, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice, garnished with a slice or wedge
of lime)

The second photo was posted by Victoria Clarke with Johnny and Brendan
Fitzpatrick (who provides transport for Shane and bands throughout Europe) on
her Instagram where she wrote the quote above.

unknown if Johnny is in Ireland or London right now preparing for something new or just enjoying some vacations, but up until now he have been in London for at least 27 days. 

“He was a really lovely guy, the nices…

“He was a really lovely guy, the nicest guy in the world and just like any other guests really laughing and joking, they didn’t demand any special attention.” – Told Jeffrey Ali, proprietor of the restaurant Le Raj, about Johnny.

Last July 10/11, Johnny had a dinner with Ian Hunter at the Le Raj Restaurant

a Indian restaurant in Epson, a city located one hour by car on the south-west of London.

It was revealed by Surrey Comet online that the staff at the restaurant were only made aware of his visit moments before his arrival.  The Le Raj’s Proprietor Jeffrey Ali told: “It was a bit of a surprise!" 

"They made sure the security and everything was ‘hunky-dory’* and then when they told me it was Johnny Depp I thought I’d misheard”

“Hunky-dory” is a


for quite satisfactory, fine, very good, all right.

Jeffrey also revealed the menu and about their surprise in having Johnny in their restaurant

“We had some onion Bhajis and extra bits and pieces prepared for them so they could take it on their plane*. I think the onion Bhajis were their favourites of everything we did.“ 

"We’re quite chuffed to be honest with someone who doesn’t live anywhere near us especially. Honestly he’s the nicest chap*, really respectful to everyone and he went in the kitchen, saying hi to the staff and going out of his way to say thank you to everyone.”

> “Chap” is a expression for “man, guy, gentleman”. 

This is our Johnny. No matter who you are, where you came from, your status, he will always treat you kindly. 

Such a gentleman! 

Ps. Jeffrey says they prepared some food for them to “take it on their plane”, so is Johnny back to California?

“Last night Le Raj Restaurant Epsom Surrey was…

“Last night Le Raj Restaurant Epsom Surrey was host Johnny Depp  and he said “The best Indian Cuisine I’ve ever had!”  As said by the gracious Hollywood movie star.Wrote Enan Ali, Founder of Le Raj. 

PS. The photo was taken two days ago, last July 10 in a Indian restaurant in Epson, a city located one hour by car on the

south-west of London.
This can be considered an important information because raise some questions… It’s unknown if Johnny is in London for work, maybe getting ready for some new movie (maybe even the upcoming movie scheduled to January 2020), or just enjoying his free time in a vacation. He was first seen in London, last June 23, so if he is still there today, it completes at least 20 days he is in England…
Well, whatever comes next, we are pretty curious…

London nights with friends…

London nights with friends…

Johnny through the lens of Sarah M. Lee last week.

Johnny was yesterday (June 26) with Jeff Beck,…

Johnny was yesterday (June 26) with Jeff Beck, Slim Jim Phantom, Jennie Vee and friends at the Eventim Apollo in London for the

Brian Setzer’s Stray Cats: 40th Anniversary gig.

Johnny last afternoon and night enjoying some …


Johnny last afternoon and night enjoying some cocktails by Bettle Juice in London. 
Yesterday was also Jeff Beck’s birthday, so maybe it was his party…

Photos by Bettle Juice LTD on Instagram Stories.

Behind the Scenes: Johnny, Dawn French and Emm…

Behind the Scenes: Johnny, Dawn French and Emma Chambers during the filming of the special episode “Celebrity Party” for the

British sitcom “The Vicar of Dibley", 20 years ago, today March 12.

“ –  Johnny Depp!? In our village!? Johnny ‘pl…

“ –  Johnny Depp!? In our village!? Johnny ‘please-use-your-scissorhands-to-snip-my-pants-off-immediately’ Depp?!”  – 


20 years ago, today (March 12), the
episode “Celebrity Party” from the British sitcom, “The Vicar of Dibley” was aired on the “BBC One” show in UK. The 14 minutes episode is a short
special episode to celebrate the “Red Nose Day” and Johnny makes a small cameo
playing himself.

> Synopsis:
A film crew writes to the local Council to
ask if they can film some of their latest movie in the village, but after the
last production filmed there, blew the electrics, David, the Head of the
Council wants to decline the request. However, when it’s revealed that Johnny
Depp is the star, the rest of the council cannot vote ‘yes’ fast enough! As a
fan of Johnny, Geraldine decides to invite him
personally with a letter to a party at her house for a chat and meeting with some of
the villagers. Johnny accepts the invitation, but also
asks if he could bring some friends with whom he was planning on going out with that
evening. Geraldine agrees, but not everything goes well. As soon as the party
started the power goes out and they have to enjoy the party and meet Johnny’s
friends (such as Sean Connery, Madonna, the Duchess of York and Robin Cook) in
the dark.

> Curiosities:

* Johnny’s scenes were
filmed on a set in London, sometime while he was filming “Sleepy Hollow”. 

Johnny appears only for a little bit more than a minute. Later on the party we can only hear his voice.

* The full episode can be watched on Youtube! Click HERE.