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Johnny, on the Italian TV show “´C’è Posta Per Te”, taped last September 2019 and aired last Saturday (January 11) in Italy.

God bless this man  🙏

You can watch the show (in Italian) HERE.

Marilyn Manson is the most excited person today 


H A P P Y B I R D DAY. JOHNNY DEPP. (you get the childish pun). This is your year brother. – Manson on Instagram.

Happy Birthday JD! To a wizard so crude and genius he had to starve himself to create a new type of magic. With all my love brother. Forever.

– Manson on Instagram.

Happy Birthday JD.  I’ll love you until I can no longer spell that word. Your best year just began today.– Manson on twitter.

Happy birthday.  No fucking reason.  Love you until I can’t spell JD anymore. – Manson on twitter.

Marilyn Manson shared his love for Johnny twice on Instagram and twitter today.


Johnny Depp last week at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London.❤️

“Richard Says Goodbye” is dedicated to his mother, Betty Sue ❤


Hollywood Vampires by Ross Halfin!!


Johnny Depp, behind the scenes of Rango

Pepe representing all Johnny Depp fans  ❤ We love you Johnny!

Ps. Pepe stole the poster from the theaters, and broke the Sauvage’s outdoor street poster to put in his wall. hahaha xoxo

“Tommy Henriksen: Heey, Johnny Depp!
Alice Cooper: Always thinking about you…”

Alice, Tommy and their photographer Cereal Kyler is on Tour in USA  in support of Cooper’s 27th studio album
“Paranormal”, while Johnny seems to be, busy as always, in UK… Even so, he is always on their minds…
Enigmatic as always, Tommy says “we’ll see him soon”

About their “act of love”, they already had done this

in Switzerland with a photo of

Kurt Cobain.

THIS is what I call friendship!

Hello, haters 😝



55 years of talent and achievements
being made every day since 1963! 
The dedication you put into each
project, the love you share to everyone around you, and the way you overcome the
obstacles that may appear, is incredible and makes me admire you even more.

May you have an incredible day and receive all the affection and love of the world!

I really wish you all the best
things, health, comfort, love, blesses, many movies, commercials,
interviews, music and lots of rock and roll in your life.
You are my inspiration, and I’m always
with you.
With all my love and pride, T.